Yeh Teri Galiyan 21st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Asmita dies

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Yeh Teri Galiyan 21st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Asmita snatches the gun from Shekhawat and puts it on him. Asmita says let’s go Shan. They walk out. Shekhawat shoves a box on them and picks Krishi. He runs. Shan and Asmita run after Shekhawat. Krishi says mama, papa please save me. Asmita says he took Krishi there. They run after him. Shan stops Shekhawat. Krishi says mama please save me. Shekhawat says how will you stop me. Asmita says to think about Nirvan at least. Give me Krishi. Shekhawat says I don’t care for him. I adopted him. He isn’t my son. I only want you. If you can’t be mine, you won’t be Shan’s either. Shekhawat slaps Krishi and she falls on a stone. Shekhawat says I will kill this girl. Because of her, you went away from me. She has to die. Asmita and Shan run and come in front of Krishi.

Asmita shoves Shan. The bullet hits her. Asmita falls down. Shan screams Asmita.. Police come there and arrest Shekhawat. Nevi scream Asmita. Shan tries to go to Asmita. He holds her hand. Asmita is dying. Shan says I won’t let anything happen to you. He says to call the ambulance. Shan picks her. Shan screams and cries. Asmita says I don’t have time. Shan says don’t say that. Asmita says I have the last few moments, I want to live them with you. I am in your arms while dying and with my Krishi. Shan says nothing would happen to you. Asmita says I only loved you all my life. She recalls their childhood. Asmita says I have always loved you. Every moment of my life. Asmita says I will always love you even after death.

The song humari adhuri kahani. Shan recalls their moments together. Asmita says we didn’t spend a lot of time together. But those have been moments of my life. And Krishi is the proof of that. Your Puchki has to go. Please take care of Krishi. Give her all happiness in life. Shan holds her hand. Asmita sobs. Asmita says I really love you. Krishi loves us. She did so much to unite us. Promise me you won’t let her feel that we weren’t together. She has cried a lot of us. She shouldn’t know we couldn’t be together. She will shatter. Don’t let her know that we are parted. Don’t let me die in front of her. You will keep me alive in front of her. For that you will have to make Devika Asmita. Shan is shocked. Asmita says promise me. Shan says what are you saying. Asmita says you have to make her Asmita. God sent her for this moment. Shan says ambulance is coming. Don’t say that. Asmita says it’s too late. Asmita says I know it’s difficult. Asmita caresses his face and says you have to do it. For our baby. You have to make Devika Asmita. I have to live for her. Promise me. Krishi won’t ever know I am not with her. I am dead. Promise me you will give her the love of both parents that we couldn’t ever have. Asmita says to give her the best life. This is my life. Asmita says you will keep our story alive for our child.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Is Asmita really dead?? So freaking dumb why do you the writers always frig this up? Why did you not kill Devika instead what was the purpose of Asmita dying huh?? Stew.

  2. Leisa s morris

    F–king done

  3. Leisa s morris

    F–king done. These writers sole mission is to ruin all of their show. I dont need to c anymore.

  4. Leisa s morris

    Ok so ah cyah help mehself I need to ask these questions. We go through many tings in life and we come home to take in these shows with d view dat atleast there is some gd happening on these shows but no instead we are bombarded with crap after crap. There is no peace no love no happily ever after. I mean we found shan/asmitha relationship destructive but to kill off asmita and put in her look a like? Come on man. This woman hates kids so wat shes automatically gonna change. Plus shan loves asmitha how can devika be happy knowing its only d face and she as a person is not wanted or are dey gonna make shan fall in love with devika? Total crap,total nonsense. Wat is d moral of these stories,wat are d take away for d audience who watches these shows on a daily basis. There is no love conquers all. No good defeating evil. No justice prevailing. No god fearing praying soul getting their hearts desire. All we get are deaths, evil winning against gd. Judges,lawyers,police, doctors being easily bribe. The rich sailing through life causing wreck and mayhem on d lower class and NEVER paying for their crimes. That is wT I get from these serials. Gone are d days of choti bahu and d likes instead we are treated to this crap on a daily basis.

  5. Oh my beautiful show. I have sit for more than 20 months since April 2018 to watch that beautiful show be in when people are mad at Shaan or mad at Asmita. But we have never seen a happy ending. Asmita died with Shekawat Sindoor and Mangalsutra. What is the beautiful story of Shan and Asmita love? I think now I will may be stop seeing this show as even if it is another Vrushika but she is not Asmita. Luckily they have lived their wedding life for some 8 months even if it was not a legal wedding. Where are those characters in the show. Vanished. Dada, Bua, Ridhoy etc.

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