Yeh Teri Galiyan 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Puchki flees from Sona Kachi

Yeh Teri Galiyan 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aru puts the gun on his head. Nevi holds him and cries. He faints. Nevi says what if he had shot. I can’t let this happen. She shots.

Beauty gets a massage by Rana. He says Thaku ma doesn’t even listen to you. You have no say in it all. I love you that’s why I saw all this. She says what should I do? He says kill your mom and takeover. We can change this whole bari. Thaku ma calls Beauty. Rana laughs and says this shouldn’t go in vain. Window opens.

Beauty and Thaku ma come somewhere. Thaku ma says a big client has called us.
its Ravindra. Beauty says what is happening here? Ravindra says you have to kidnap Chanda and Pucki. Before they defame me more They should go away from here. Chanda and Puchki should go away from Shan and Aru.

Plan somethin. You can ask me fr anything after the plan. Beauty says say yes.

Scene 2
Puchki comes to chanda and gives her food. Chanda says they will hit you. Puchki says I can’t see you hunry. Shan must have said all that because someone asked him. He will come and apoliguze you. Chanda hugs her. Puchki is asleep. Chanda sees Shan’s photo in his hand. She says you were dreaming about Shan? You can only see him in dreams now. You will live in this bari forever. Go get ready all girls are dancing today. Get ready. Puchki says no. First bring bari ma out. Beauty says shut up and get ready or your bari ma will go to your choti ma.

Beauty shows Puchki video of Chanda where Rana and Thaku ma are torturing her. Beauty says you have to dance to save her. Chanda says dont’ listen to them Puchki. Shan wakes up. He is worried for Chanda and Puchki. He says I can’t even call them.
Thaku ma hits Chanda. Puchki says I will dance. Beauty says well done.

Scene 2
The dance starts. Beauty brings Puchki. Puchki sees Arpita dont’ worry for bari. sHe will be more hurt if you dance here. Do what your heart says.
Beauty says our small packi Puchki is here. Puchki doesn’t dance. Beauty says are you dumb? Puchki says I can’t come. I have to go to loo. Clients laugh. Beauty says you can go after dance. SHe says I can’t control. Thaku ma says go take her. Puchki goes with beauty. Puchki runs from loo.
Precap-Puchki runs. Shan looks for her. She says San.. Rana stops and shoots Puchki.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. plz Manish ko waps lao hm sb fans Manish ko dekhna chte hai is show mai

  2. There is nothing worth commenting in this episode…the writers have already lost track by postponing the leap…To drag the show ,they are showing irrelevant things like Ravindran planning to kill Puchki and Chanda and hiring Thaku MA for this ….It is unbelievable to see Thaku MA using third degree methods to torture Chanda….A few days back the same woman was shown as having some sense of justice and treating all the inmates fairly like a motherly figure…Anyways ,it is getting boring day by day…..

  3. There is not even a single character whom we can call realistic!! Totally rubbish… now it has become even worse than the shows which are being dragged since ages!! I wonder what kind of people are watching this show on tv? I really dint expect this from cinevistaas atleast..

  4. Plz leap jaldi dekho manish&varushika ko jldi lao

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