Yeh Teri Galiyan 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Teri Galiyan 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shan holds Ridoy’s hand. He says don’t dare doing this again. Asmita laughs. Shan holds her. Nevi says asmia calm down. She says dont’ wanna go anywhere. Nevi takes her upstairs. ASmita says I know something about you. Nevi says what? Asmita says you are really bad. Nevi leaves her there.

Shan comes to sees ASmita. He says asmita what did you drink? She says why should I tell? He says aren’t you angry? SHe says very angry. Shan says how are you drunk? She says you gave me the drink. Asmita laughs. She says liar. Asmita hugs him. She says you gave me bhang. He says your heart is full of love for me. He says can’t we be one? ASmita says you murdered my mom. We can’t be one. Shan says she was my mom too. He takes her to bed. He says rest here. Asmita holds his hand. Asmita says I love you Shan. Shan kisses her forehead. He cries looking at Chanda’s photo. He says I wish I could bring her back so she could trust me.

Scene 2
Asmita comes downstairs. Bua gives her fruits. She says I am fasting. Bua says you will eat from shan’s hand? She says Ridoy. Bua says we saw yesterday who do you consider your husband. Shan says you are my wife. Nev says Shan what is your problem. Why do you keep saying it? Ravindra says where is ridoy? Nevi says he isn’t picking phone.

Ridoy is outside. He is angry. He says why does this happen. Asmita is mine and she always has to be. I am done with being nice Paro comes and says wat happened Ridoy? Asmita fainted. GIve her water from your hands. Ridoy fills the glass. He trips and glass falls from his hand. Shan holds it. Water splashes and goes in Asmita’s mouth. Moushmi says Ridoy had to do it but shan did it anyway. Ridoy is angry. He leaves in anger.
Nevi says every time Shan tries taking his love from him. shan do you have any shame?

Asmita says to Shan what is your problem? I am married to your brother. Shan says then why dont you become his wife completed? Show that you have accepted him. Go to honeymoon with him. Deep says I play with mind not eyes. Your plan can’t work.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. In today’s epi the beginning scenes of shan and asmita were worth watching ?that drunk asmita scene was too cute but again after watching precap I am frustrated… now will the makers send asmita and ridhoy on honeymoon too??god knows when this shit will end. At 1st avinash character was butchered now vrushika’s character asmita has become just crap.
    Both avinash and vrushika deserve a better show and storyline.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    I have just started to follow this show since 2-3 days as Since start of show I didn’t like the show so never watched show and thats why I don’t know much about show, can anyone tell me why ashmita hate Shaan?? And why she married ridoy?? And story in short

    Precap: Ashmita get ready to go on honeymoon with ridoy..

    1. Asmita has a misunderstanding that shan killed her badi maa ( chanda) so for taking revenge on shan she married ridoy. And this making shan jealous drama is going on ???pathetic track!!

  3. ?‍♀️?‍♀️god forgive these writers for they know not what they’re doing….i don’t even know where to start on today’s episode all i can say plzzzz don’t in the name of revenge let asmita do the honeymoon or be the least bit physical with ridhoy not even a pat on the shoulder….he’s no longer boarder line obsess or crazy he’s now full on pyschotic so plz don’t encourage him anymore

  4. This kinda reminds me of when rushni from jamai raja wanted to take revenge on sidhard (forgive me if I’ve spelled their names wrong) because she thought that he murdered her mom, but their storyline was much nicer than this bullcrap I’m tired of this game, the writers need to cut to the point they have really spoiled a good show they need a hit upside their head because I seriously don’t know what they are thinking when they are writing these precaps and storyline

  5. A million dollar question Shraddha….why Asmita hates Shan is really mind boggling…just imagine a girl who loved Shan with all her heart and soul goes and marries Ridoy coolly….even now she loves Shan which she confessed when she was drunk…then how could she go to the extent of taking ‘saath pheras’ with Ridoy…When in senses she becomes Ridoy’s wife…..when not ,she becomes the yesteryears Puchki ,hopelessly in love with Shan….May be she wants to teach a lesson to this insolent guy ,Shan Mazumdar who,in the beginning ,neglected her love in the name of sacrifice for his younger brother Ridoy who was /is still obsessed with her..Or does she have a hidden agenda to sort out Nevi and bring out Arindam…..what ever may be the reason , I feel it is real stupidity to go and get married to Ridoy if she loves Shan….surely there are other ways of getting back at Shan….Actually I too stopped watching this show a few episodes after the leap….I just read the updates now and then but Updates don’t say everything….If there is really a genuine reason for Asmita to do all this ,may I request the regular viewers to tell it in short …..

  6. Asmita is playing a dangerous game in marrying Ridoy without loving him. Now in the precap she agrees to go on honeymoon to show Shan her firmness. She doesn’t imagine if Ridoy will force on her on the honeymoon. May be then she will realise how mad his new husband is and will run away definitely from him. I think Nevi also won’t like the honeymoon. One of my beautiful tv shows is losing its appreciation.

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