Yeh Teri Galiyan 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puchki’s life in danger

Yeh Teri Galiyan 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arpita screams and so does shantanu. Puchki is badly injured. Arpita is crying. Beauty hides. Everyone gathers and rushes her to the hospital. Shantanu and Arpita are crying. Arpita says to nurse please treat her. Nurse says fill the form first. Arpita says she will die. Chanda says lets fill it first. There is a long queue. Arpita says please i can’t wait this long.
Shantanu says pucki please open your eyes. I wont ever leave you.

People let arpita go first. Nurse says you have to wait. Nurse checks the form and says why is not father’s name there. This is incomplete. Chanda says wont you treat her without a father’s name? Nurse says is she illegitimate? Chandda says we are from sona kachi. She doesn’t have a father. Arpita says I beg you please treat her. Doctor says fill the form first. Doctor says we can’t trust peopel like you. She says what you mean by people like us? Don’t you feel disgusted when you come to us. Doctor says fill the form and pay first.

Scene 2
Thakur says to beautyy go and check puchki. Beauty says I wont go there. SHe is so devil. Thakur says okay don’t go. I will.
Chanda calls on thakur’s number. She says thakur ma we need money for puchki’s treatment. Beauty says we aren’t your bank. Chanda says give her phone. Beauty says she doesn’t have time. Better check her face. She has to work here. Beauty hangs up.
Beauty says to thakur chanda called and said everything is fine. She said she will handle evrything. We don’t have to go.

Shantanu says please treat her. She is bleeding. Doctor says take them aside. They haven’t paid yet. They move her aside. Shantanu shouts please treat her. Leave me.
The man who is adopting shantaun come. Shantanu says dont’ give me anything. I beg you please help my friend Puchki. HE says God has sent me for you. Chanda says he will help us. Shantanu hugs him. HE says thank you.
Chanda says to Shantanu she will get better. He says I will be with ehr all the time. Chanda says you have to be with him. He says I wont go anywhere. I wont leave him alone. Chanda says he saved Puchki’s life. You have to go. Santanu says how will I live without you. SHantanu says I am scared. Chanda says the place you are in is scary Promise me you wont look back. This is your new life. Forget everyone. I will take care of puchki. Promise me you wont look back.
Precap-Arpita begs Shantanu’s new father to adopt puchki as well. Chanda hears.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Beauty’s mindset is exactly the opposite of her name…Seeing the distress on her face after Puchki’s fall ,I thought for a moment that she was Afterall human ,if not a woman…But no ,like a heartless devil ,she just stood there watching the little girl lying unconscious and bleeding profusely…the mother and daughter duo have been squeezing these women’s blood to live a comfortable life but during their hour of need,neither of them was seen…Thaku MA has some sense of justice but neither did she accompany Arpita to the hospital nor provide her with financial assistance for hospital expenses …and readily believed her daughter’s word that everything was fine with Puchki…It was pathetic to see the little girl on the stretcher ,waiting to be wheeled inside but sadly both her choti MA and Badi MA were helpless …thanks to that gentleman who came as an angel and did the needful and Shantanu could get to meet his future foster parent in the most unexpected manner….So,Shantanu is all set to leave his dearest friend and his very life itself but only after securing his mother’s promise that she would do her best to keep his Puchki untouched and unaffected in this hell of a place till he comes back for her….Naz,is n’t this interesting…but the question is how she is going to fight these blood thirsty sharks and fulfil her promise…

  2. Lakshmi, as I’m writing, I’m also watching the CPL….Caribbean Premier League and you won’t believe who’s here to view the game…SRK….yes you read that right, since he co owns the Trinbago Knight Riders ,he’s made the trip to show support i guess. I’m happy to see him so up close,knowing he’s on home soil and although he’s on the screen, at least I’m not watching him in a movie. Coming to the serial, as Shantanu is wise enough to ask his mother’s promise to take care of Puchki till he returns, I’m hoping that he understands her in the years to come and don’t castigate her because of her Illfortune to have grown up there,even he’s a victim of the same fate during childhood. I so wish that his love for her remains the same as before. I’m thinking, suppose Puchki is the one who’ll be misunderstanding Shantanu instead, suppose she doesn’t forgive him for leaving her while she was in unconscious state, but we know how much he’s imploring his mother to take care of Puchki for him till he returns but she doesn’t know that!!! As for Thakur ma and her horrible unfeeling daughter, they are both so stonehearted, Beauty thinks that she’ll remain beautiful forever, what a vain woman!!! For now, I’m absorbing all that I could of these two beautiful children who’s won my heart.

  3. Lucky You Naz,that you got the rare chance of seeing this charismatic star live on TV promoting CPL…His first love is ofcourse movies but he loves sports and he is an astute business man as well…In Indian Premier League ,he owns Calcutta Knight Riders and he makes it a point to be there in the stadiums during his team’s matches…A few years back ,he came to Bangalore to cheer his team but unlucky me ,I couldn’t go as I was caught up in a stupid case..Ofcourse Sid and Radhika were there in the stadium and were thoroughly impressed by his humble ,down to earth attitude…during the final overs ,can you imagine ,that he left the VIP enclosure and came to the stands to mix with the youngsters and cheer his team. ….coming to our little angel ,Puchki ,I think ,things won’t be that smooth for her in future..While promoting the serial ,they gave a hint that Shantanu won’t be the exact replica of Puchki’s Shantanu..if you remember this particular scene ,it shows Shantanu,all dressed up in a formal suit .alighting from a high end car …as he stands outside Pari Mahal ,an excited Puchki comes running down the meet him…and he says that a girl from this sort of place can never become the honour of a respectable family….I don’t know if he will really say this ,but if true ,Shantanu will be a changed man….at the same time I have read somewhere that Manish Goplani will have a real challenge in portraying this role as he has the responsibility of taking across the message of the show through this character….let us see whether it will be to our liking….As for Kaleerein ,even I stopped watching the serial …just reading the updates …With Meera’s father becoming the new antagonist .and Laali and silky back on the stage,the serial seems to have hit the rock bottom….I feel bad for Arjit Taneja….his talent and good looks have gone to waste….As for our darling boy Shantanu ,Ayaan Zubair Rahmani is essaying this character….and guess where did we see him….as young Saleem in Jodha Akbar….What a talented actor this boy is ..It seems he has already acted in many serials….as for our cutie pie Puchki,the artist is Ruchi Mahajan snd this is her first venture….really some children are god gifted …

    1. That’s why he looked so familiar, I knew I saw him on one of the serials, I should have simply asked you…?…he’s growing up nicely. So…TKR lost the game last night, unbelievable match, didn’t think that the Jamaican Tallawahs could have reached the target we set but they hit hard and furious and i was left disappointed. The superstar used the victory lap route close to the seats to acknowledge the fans and some of the young women were visibly crying just to see SRK in the flesh. Nafeesa shares the same birth date with him and she loves him endlessly and she tells me thanks for bringing her in this world on that day 2nd November…???…Lakshmi, I’m not anticipating seeing a changed Shantanu because that means a hard time for Puchki but coming back to Pari Mahal might trigger memories for him and as a grown up I think that he should understand the fate of Puchki and the women who are unfortunate to have been resigned to a life like this. I think that we are going to be miffed at Shantanu for his stoicism, his upbringing is surely going to make him aloof and critical of everything that he would see but if we really think about it, he’ll be an educated man but his wounds will be deeply inflicted into his psyche and has never been psychologically addressed or healed and his antagonistic criticism of Puchki’ s life would be his way of lashing out, it would be the only way to get his pain out. You remember how we had analyzed Vivaan’s anger and I know we were 100% correct, it’s the writers fault to not have understood his character and threw Vivaan in the bin, just imagine all Vivaan’s life he’s wanted his mother’s love,had been so wrong about her departure from his life and even before mother and son could heal their relationship, writers butchered her and here we have a Vivaan who hasn’t healed inside but writers have him now opposite of what he was first portrayed as…in real life, humans don’t move on in life like this, psychological help is needed not what we see him doing at the moment. So…when Shantanu comes calling at Pari Mahal, we need to have patience with him, he’ll be hurting inside and like most humans, we ask why oh why has so and so happened but we don’t realize destiny plans everything for us and that lifes’ experiences are what shapes our thoughts and ability to move through life, learning, having the conscious thought to forgive while we would never forget but making the effort to not repeat mistakes. Shantanu should be allowed to realize that…and have compassion for his childhood friend and love. I can almost feel and see in my minds’ eye that if writers don’t screw up this script by frivolous angles, we could be see a passionate love story with our two protagonists, very deep and passionate. Meeting the love of one’s life after many many years, I would have embraced this tightly, knowing he was on my mind for all those years of separation, I would have made the wait worth waiting for…I wish I could see something like this happening here….anyways, enjoy your weekend sis and I may post a few comments on the other forums as well, so I’ll see you on the other side and forgive me for not replying last night as I’ve said I’d do, that cricket match finished late and I was disappointed and I couldn’t concentrate properly and you know I need a clear mind to write but I will do though…????…

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