Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 5th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Meenakshi and Abir have a clash

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 5th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajshri asking Kunal to stop. She falls. Abir holds her and asks are you fine. She says yes, stop Kunal. Meenakshi says Mishti broke the relation, Kunal won’t stop now. She scolds Mishti for insulting Kunal. Mishti says I wanted to talk to Kunal alone. Abir asks why did you break this relation. Meenakshi says she was never serious about this relation. Abir says let Mishti answer. Mishti says maybe this courtship was a joke, I thought I can know Kunal, I felt we are alike and our likes and dislikes are same, but no, we are different, Kunal didn’t wish to try, I didn’t wish someone else to try. She sees Abir. He gets back. Mishti says many people got troubled because of me.

She apologizes to Meenakshi. She says Kunal isn’t a right life partner for me, my mum and dad were not right for each other, their marriage was a mistake. Meenakshi scolds her. She says Kunal always agreed to Mishti and even then she rejected her. Vishwamber says you regret that our daughter broke this relation, not your son, when marriage happens, groom’s family doesn’t lose anything, daughter’s family send their daughter, even groom’s family thinks they are doing a favor. Meenakshi says its the norms of the society. Vishwamber and Meenakshi argue. Meenakshi insults them. Abir says stop it. She says I m not done yet. He says your frustration and anger aren’t done, come. They leave. Mishti cries and hugs Kunal. Vishwamber says enough, nothing matters than your happiness. Abir sees Mishti and goes. Yeh rishte hai….plays….

Rajshri throws the decorations and get angry. She cries and says I couldn’t stop Naman. Abir says well done, your upbringing won and Kunal lost. Meenakshi says Kunal can’t lose for this cheap alliance. Abir says when a relation breaks, much breaks with it, Kunal has broken down. Parul says what’s her mistake in this. Nidhi says its Mishti’s mistake. Meenakshi says a girl can’t break the alliance. Abir asks why did we break Ketki’s relation, we will forgive Ved and fix relation again, are the rules not for Ketki. Meenakshi says she has broken Kunal’s heart. He asks why didn’t you stop Kunal if you cared for him, why did he judge Mishti, he should have trusted Mishti. She says she can’t be trusted. He says your attitude is wrong, you are the reason. Nanu says its not time to fight, I m worried for Kunal. Kunal is on the way and recalls Shweta’s words. He thinks I should have not spoken to Mishti this way, she doesn’t deserve me. He stops the car and gets down. Abir says I know where is Kunal, problem is in this house. Meenakshi asks him to vent out his poison today. Mishti says this relation broke as I knew Kunal isn’t right for me. Abir says you can’t hear it.

Meenakshi asks how can you get against me. He says you are a working woman, Kunal stopped Mishti when she wanted to do a job, you didn’t stop him, why isn’t the ideal woman rules different for you and Mishti, you didn’t stop him when he told about eye surgery. She says it was Kunal’s wish. He says a girl isn’t a property, wife is a support who matches your step and walks in life, Kunal wasn’t like this, you have made Kunal like this. Kunal comes home and shouts stop it, you are blaming us. Abir says it was mum’s mistake, not Mishti’s mistake. Kunal asks what’s this friendship that you are supporting us and blaming us. Abir says we guys are taught that we are never at fault, its always girls’ mistake, we believe that, try to see it from Mishti’s perception, you aren’t so self centered.

Kunal says it was Mishti’s demand to have courtship. Nanu says you should have not accepted the demand if you had the problem. Abir says if you think Mishti isn’t a right match, you would have not married her, your male ego is coming in between. Kunal says you are shouting on me because of a girl. They argue. Parul interrupts them. Kunal asks her not to talk in between. He says Abir is doing wrong to go against us for Mishti’s sake. Meenakshi says no, Kunal you have to convince Abir, I can’t see my two sons fighting like this, go and convince him. Kunal asks what can we do, Abir has no time for us. Lamhon ko…..plays… Abir and Kunal leave. Meenakshi looks on. Mishti asks for Rajshri. Jasmeet says she is in her room, why did you break this relation, Kunal was good. Mishti says Kunal was good, but not right for me. Jasmeet says you aren’t understanding, you broke a relation. Mishti says I didn’t wish to do this. Varsha says but you did this, we will bear the consequences. Parul cries and drops the pot. Meenakshi catches it. Parul says forgive me. Meenakshi consoles her.

She says I won’t lose even this time. Parul says Kunal and Abir are own brothers and…. Meenakshi says not a word more, we have always found some way, we will find a way again. Vishwamber goes to see Mishti. Kuhu says Mishti is fine. He asks and you. He says I m fine. He says you both have much love, when one gets hurt, other feels the pain, Mishti is hurt. She asks did Mishti do right. He says yes. She asks why do people feel this wrong. He says its tough to understand what’s right and what’s wrong, one shouldn’t follow anyone, but just the heart, our heart doesn’t lie. She hugs him. She doesn’t see Mishti on the bed. Mishti goes out.

Kunal drives the bike. Abir stops him and slaps. He asks him to forget it. Kunal says I won’t let Mishti come between us. Mishti comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s episode is so sad two brothers are fighting with each other just because of alliance. I know that Abeer’s point of view is right and Kunal’s point of view is not his own it is manipulated by Meenakshi. I can’t see this ?. And in precap Abeer slaped Kunal like WHY this is getting even worse and this is because of this Meenakshi for one alliance she created rift between two brothers ?? #selfishmeenakshi #evilnessoverloaded.

  2. finally mishti had shown how dumb she can get she did horrible mistake finally a girl will be the reason to break their bond these type gals always a bad omen in any house # bond breaker mishti you succeded what you plan for but never mind don’t forget kuhu is there she will give you a check and mate soon she will unite the brothers and will become mrs kuhu abeer rajvanshi # mishti type gals are shame to society

    1. For God sake stop spreading negativity.
      Plz. It’s just disgusting to read your comments…. misty did right thing..I hope everyone supports her..
      Waiting to watch abishti & kunal kuhu love story..

      1. kuheer will be marrying each other and misti will get kunal’s pity on her # i told the truth i know you know every word of it is true

      2. Amrita


  3. mishti name is there but her behaviour is as evil as villan just came among the two loving brothers i knew it from the begining inside that specs a chudail is there whose main motive to break bro bonds she is a home breaker thats why she never got her fathers love

    1. Amrita

      U know what, people like you are a shame to our society who only sees everyone’s outside and not what’s there in their heart, why don’t u do one thing go to Mumbai, find out Rajan Shahi ‘s address and ask him make YRHPK into a Glamorous, Gorgeous, 10-15 yeared show with no logic and which has no relation with real life, it simply has ur Kuhu and Abir. Then do one thing take a visa and go to Middle East, behave like that there and get hold of a fatwa on ur name,

      1. Amritha I agree with u.

    2. You r disgusting….
      Just go to hell.
      hope no one gets partner like your cheap mentality, they will suffer like anything..

  4. absolute boring episode i missed kuhu today abeer tried to make things better but that aunty mishti squealed like an old mice in the entire episode lol on her

    1. Amrita

      No worries, idiots like u will never know what’s Mishti’s value and u know what u should be sent to borders for breaking the peace of mind of so many people here and creating loads of negative vibes here, so then u will also become a boring, mean, cheap, Chudail….. Get urself a job, u idiot.

  5. I knew that abeer and kunal r foster brothers. Abeer is katappa’s son, I can feel it clearly. So much high voltage fight happened today but it was better than that rona-dhona. Why Mishti was taking an emotional stand, why not bold stand for herself. What I expected from mishti, was fulfilled by vishambhar that meenakshi is just doing drama as she feels that kunal has the right to call off the alliance and not Mishti. She is also like mishti, strong headed, independent that’s why her husband also left her???wish that someone should have said the harsh words to her then she would have left maheshwari mansion crying bitterly??

    Precap- didn’t understand what happened other than patchup.

    1. I totally think they are step brothers as well!!! Misty’s character could’ve been portrait as strong girl instead of rona dhona types!!!! Just my opinion!!!!

    2. @RV why do u think so??? I don’t feel like that…?

      1. Amrita

        Yeah yeah, I’ve seen bahubali, I was just pulling RV’s leg, please don’t mind Shaheer fan and RV as well.

    3. Amrita

      Who’s Kattapa, RV?

      1. Amrita, katappa of this show is parul… Hope u have watched movie bahubali… Parul behaved just like katappa…

      2. Never mind Amrita…

  6. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    so I am still tryna feel some form of pity for Kunal but my brain stopped functioning after I heard how he spoke to Abeer (back to square one… angry again) I hope Kuhu remembers how Kunal humiliated Mishti and is prepared for when/if she decides to take it from there (mr. sportscar) ? as for Parul, I see a softness in her that may one day turn against Meenakshi (let’s hope) … as for Abeer, I absolutely love the way he defended Mishti and hope to get the opportunity to see some sparks between them before another situation pops up ?

    Precap: brothers were smiling so I can only hope for the best ?

    Ramadan Mubarak to Amena and All forum members ??

  7. All dialogue spoken by Abeer was true I don’t know why Rajvansh Family is behaving like Abeer is taking side of Misti. But in reality he is just taking side of a girl and Bravo even after alliance is broken due to Meenakshi still she is not happy cuz Misti broke the alliance not Kunal as per her plan. And when Kunal was shown in car all alone he realized that he did wrong that’s the real Kunal who was feeling bad for what he spoke to Misti when she broke the Alliance and Meenakshi Manipulated him to be like that. And I have seen an update in which Abeer will first slap Nanko and hug him and pacify him.
    And if u all notice even Abeer is not happy on how alliance broke even though he wanted the same. But he knows that what affects it all will have on Kunal. I don’t understand one thing where is Ketki suddenly she got vanished. And one more thing Said to Abeer was right that rules for ideal women are different for Meenakshi. She lives the way she wants and want her DIL to live the way Kunal and she wants like WHY #Selfishnessoverloaded ?

  8. Another tragic episode… OMG! The brother’s fight… No… This can’t happen… How can the cute loving brothers fight like this??? We have always loved the brothers bonding but this time…? Hope everything will come to an end tomorrow… Then we’ll see brothers bonding again☺️… Waiting for that… But that in the precap was too good?… I can’t understand his thinking…? At once he thinks he did wrong with mishti… The very next second he’s fighting with abir like anything… I can’t understand what goes on in his mind…? Where did this mishti go? Seems like that’s police station… Not sure… Let’s wait… This meenu… Ahh!!! What a kind of woman? I mean she’s ready to do anything… She’s not even bothered about her own son… All she wants is to rule her family… She can’t bear anything against her… #evilnessoverloaded ?… Waiting for todays episode…

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