Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 30th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Mishti faints down


Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 30th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishti and Abir having a talk. He says whatever you did that night was right, remember that. Meenakshi comes and gives earrings to wear in the engagement. Abir smiles. Mishti says thanks, its really beautiful. She says Abir, Nirmala called and said she wanted her relatives to come, but they can’t come due to corona, I said I will try to make arrangements. Abir says I will make the arrangements. She says no, I will manage. Abir says Mishti and I want to help. She asks are you sure. Abir says trust us and see. She says fine. She asks do you know Varun before. Abir says no. She asks did you know Karan. He says no.

She says Mr. Soni also ran NGO, I thought you met Varun or Karan. He says no, I didn’t meet them before. She goes. She gets Laxman’s call. He says Mishti met Mandar, he works in a hospital. She says find out all details, Mishti shouldn’t know it, I won’t let her take my son away. Ketki says sorry. Abir says everyone is happy if you are happy. Mishti comes. Ketki asks Mishti to help her. Abir says I will help you. He jokes. Mishti says I will help. Abir smiles. Everyone sings Khushiyan bhi baatein….

Mishti says I can help you if you want. Ketki says there is something. Varun comes from window and says there is a surprise. Parul gets antique crockery. Nidhi asks Kuhu did Ketki tell her something. Kuhu says no, maybe she told Mishti. Varun asks Mishti to keep the pendrive, there is a surprise video for his parents, will she help them. Mishti says how sweet, whose video is this. Ketki says Varun’s brother. Parul says Kunal will try to come. Kaushal says Varun’s family has come. Abir says I do what I say. Kuhu makes arrangements. Varun and family come. Kuhu comes and asks Kuhu to get ready.

Kuhu says the bangles aren’t matching with Varun’s clothes. She asks Mishti to go to Abir. Mishti says Ketki, don’t worry, I won’t let the surprise spoil. Kuhu signs what. Abir says Nirmala wanted your relatives to attend the function. Nirmala says I told this to Abir when Nidhi offered help. Abir says don’t worry Varun, we know to make promises and keep it. Abir sees Mishti smiling and smiles. He compliments her. She shows the special gift for Varun’s parents from Varun and Ketki’s side, it has…. Abir says great, see my surprise first. He gets Varun’s relatives on video call. He shows them on the big screen. Nirmala says Abir can do anything.

Meenakshi says everyone here can do anything for the family. Mishti says Ketki has come. Kuhu gets Ketki. Abir signs Ketki. Varun and Ketki sit for engagement. Kuhu asks Varun to say few sweet things to Ketki. Varun says Ketki, I don’t know filmi things, but I promise I will try to keep you smiling all life. Everyone claps. Varun says and this is not a joke. Kuhu gives the rings. Varun makes Ketki wear the ring. Nirmala asks Ketki to say a few words. Ketki says Varun and I planned a surprise for you both. Varun signs Mishti to go. Mishti plays the video. She says sorry for trouble, thanks for bringing Varun in our life.

Abir thinks I wish Karan never came in your life. Mishti says I wish Karan was between us. Abir gets shocked seeing Karan’s pics. Mishti says this surprise is from Varun and Ketki. Nidhi thanks Mishti. Nirmala cries seeing Karan’s pic. Abir says Mishti, you are the best. Mishti says thanks, let me see the video. He says tell me if you find it strange, I mean it, you really look good. She says thanks, you are the strangest here, see I missed the video because of you. The video plays again. Ketki says Karan used to surprise everyone always. Mishti gets shocked seeing Karan’s pic. Everyone dances. Abir sees Mishti crying. She recalls the incident and faints down. Abir shouts Mishti. Everyone gets shocked and ask what happened to her.

Abir sits by Mishti’s side. He calls to get her medicines. Mishti gets up. He says everything is fine, relax. She cries. Varun says Mishti’s health is unwell, shall I talk to my doctor. Meenakshi says no, Abir spoke to his doctor. Nidhi says it happens, I have seen this in a serial, the heroine had brain tumour, does Mishti also had it. Parul asks her to say good. Nirmala says children have wrong diet and such things happen. Mishti says no, its not fair. Abir says relax, I m with you, our rope of hope is also there. She says no, how did that guy come in Varun’s video, someone joked with us, no… that guy is Varun’s brother, no. Abir says I wish I could change this truth, but I couldn’t, truth is that guy is Varun’s brother Karan.

Mishti says I have to tell truth to Varun’s family, its their right. Abir says fine, come with me. Mishti sees Ketki happy and cries. She nods to Abir.

Update Credit to: Amena

    1. Ha yr… I would have loved agar Ritvik hi karta Kunal ka role but he is stuck in delhi. And his family isn’t ready to send him back to Mumbai for now. But instead of Avinash kinshuk would have been better Kunal Rajvansh or maybe the actor who played Shikander in Porus (Sonytv serial).

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