Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Shweta plays her trick

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kuhu saying this is a surprise. Kunal says I don’t like surprises. She says just see this, if you don’t like, I will never surprise you. He thinks she is listening and agreeing to me, she is different than her sister. He compliments her. Shweta says Kunal will come in my party, even Abir will come. The girl says Abir is so cute. Shweta says I know he is cute, but he is much intelligent, I m not interested in him, I have to break Kunal and Abir’s bond. The guy says you can’t break them. Shweta says I found two sisters to do this work. Shweta sees Kunal and goes away. Kunal gets compliments from his friends. He asks did you invite all my friends, not bad. Kuhu smiles. Shweta comes and hugs Kunal, saying finally you have come. Abir and Mishti come there. They look on.

Shweta asks is she your current GF. Kuhu asks what. Shweta says sorry, I forgot to tell you on phone, I m Kunal’s ex GF. Kuhu gets shocked. Kunal asks what’s going on, what is she doing here. Abir says I will say, she was dating Kunal one year ago, Kunal moved on, Shweta changed her name but couldn’t move on. Shweta says if Kunal moved on, he would have not come to me. Kuhu goes. Abir says I will talk to Kuhu. Mishti asks was this your plan to make them fight. She argues with Shweta. Shweta makes the drink fall over Mishti’s dress. Mishti goes to clean it. Parul cleans kitchen and says this is my work, I don’t need anyone. Meenakshi helps and says we all need someone’s help, we both need each other’s help, we always did everything together. Parul nods. Meenakshi says Abir and Mishti are trying to bring Kunal and Kuhu together, Mishti is trying to break my house. Parul says I have no right to ask. Meenakshi says you are upset as I called Shweta to Rajkot, I had no option, if I didn’t call Shweta, Kunal would have got trapped by Kuhu.

Parul says Shweta broke his heart before and this time you are breaking his heart. Meenakshi says we will handle him, are you with me like always. Parul says yes, I have to cook food now, this is my work. She goes. Meenakshi says Mishti spoiled everything, I won’t let my children and family break. Kuhu says I didn’t know Kunal has an ex. Abir says I knew you would react this way. Kuhu asks what shall I do, he is upset with me. He says just you can make him smile. She asks were they serious. Abir says they were engaged. Kuhu says Mishti knew this, she didn’t tell me. Some guys come to the washroom and see Mishti. Mishti says this is ladies washroom. The guy says we know, that’s we are here. Kuhu says Kunal doesn’t like Mishti for this reason, who will like her. Abir says I do, Shweta liked Kunal and he liked Shweta before, not now. She asks and me? He says he likes you. She asks do we have a chance. He says yes, he likes to meet you. She asks what shall I do now. He says tell him you didn’t know about Shweta. She says thanks bro and goes.

Abir hears that Shaan is troubling a Chasmish girl in girls washroom. The guy signs Shweta. Abir rushes. Shweta says Mishti you understood my plan, but half, my plan was to make Abir and Kunal fight, so sad. The guy asks Mishti to drink with them. She asks them to leave. He says real fun is in breaking the rules. She uses pepper spray on them and tries to fight. The guy forces her to drink. Abir gets in there and sees them misbehaving with Mishti. He gets angry. The guys run out. Mishti hugs Abir. Dheere dheere….plays… She cries. He consoles her.

He picks her purse. She says I m sorry, thanks for coming, I was scared. Kuhu looks for Kunal. Shweta asks are you finding someone. Kuhu scolds her. Shweta says I will deal with you later. Kuhu sees Kunal and goes to him. She says sorry, I didn’t know who is Shweta, she called me and said she is your friend, she wants to surprise you. Kunal thinks of Mishti. He says its okay, I know you would never do this intentionally. Kunal hears the guys talking cheap and seeing Abir and Mishti’s pic. Kunal gets shocked. Shweta smiles and thinks I wanted this, brother versus brother. Kunal scolds the guy. Shweta asks the guys to leave. She asks Kunal to relax. Kunal says no, this can’t happen, Abir can’t do this. She says I know, if this is true then… should take it a lesson if family member hurts you. Kuhu comes and warns Shweta. She asks Kunal to come. Kunal says not without talking to Mishti. Shweta and Kuhu argue.

Kuhu says back off, Kunal is with me now, sorry babe. She goes. Shweta gets angry. Kuhu asks what was she saying now. Kunal goes to ladies washroom and says open the door. Kuhu opens the door. Kunal doesn’t see anyone. She asks what happened, whom are you finding. He gets Abir’s message… I m going to drop Mishti home, I will meet you outside her house. He thinks that pic can’t be real. He says I will drop you home. She says you don’t look good when you are worried. Meenakshi asks Shweta to just talk of their work. Shweta says I have made Kunal upset, you do something that Kuhu doesn’t go to Kunal, I m sending you pics, you decide how to use the pics. Meenakshi gets the pics. She gets shocked. Abir and Mishti walk on the road. Dono milke chalte hai na…..plays….. They see each other.

Meenakshi says sorry to say, you couldn’t control your daughters, they don’t find a difference between relations and clothes. Rajshri shows the pic to Vishwamber. Mishti and Abir hold hands and have an eyelock. Kunal looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. This episode was not okay…. Evil win this time….??.. Sad for Abir and Mist… And this Meenakshi, i need to shout her mouth, she always use bad word Against Misty when the fault is her( menu) only( she is the main reason to break kunal’s relation with misty). How bettomiz woman Meenakshi is! She uses girls every time( used Misty and Kuhu for getting job in Abir and Kunal NGO and Company and she is using again Shweta) for her sons but act like her sons are pure and innocent. She didn’t tell abir anything but is bashing Misty. I must say this shweta is only greedy woman but this Meenakshi is she is the worst one. Pathetic. I watch this serial only for Abir-Misty- and Nanu….

  2. The episode flew away like time…so many things happened in just 1 episode…I don’t have anything to comment, it’s only gonna make me more mad, but I can just say that everything was like a bad influence today and in the Precap- also. I didn’t like anything today..meenu was enough, why shwet is brought..except that washroom hug, which was also ruined by shwet and kunal’s unbearable anger management issues.

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Abeer and Mishti ? soooo in L?VE ??? … but why is Kunal sooo obsessed with Mishti !!! for petes sake… pleeeease get tf over her and move on man !!! ??? n I know Kuhu’s gon be blaming her again arrgghh !!! I really think Kuhu needs to take a smoke to calm her down… hashtag #?? ? and no, Shwet nor Meenu nor Kuhu not even Kunal is gon be able to break up these 2 lovebirds ? sry guyz ????????

  4. I don’t understand what problem kunal has with mishit,I mean she can’t to his brother but he himself can talk with mishit sister like seriously.

    1. Miss modi ??right. I thought that MODIJI changed his name and has becomes sensible girls r more sensible than boys..plz ab isse MiHu se compare mat krna

  5. I m not that Modiji ,mihu?

  6. Shesha485

    Only Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is the best show in Star Plus. It is realistic, fresh and better than #YRKKH.
    EBSS and DTHHJ are interesting in the beginning but now it is boring. KZK 2 and Kulfi, YRKKH, YHM, Nazar, Divya Drishti are the worst shows of Star Plus. We want shows like Naamkaraan, Sasural Genda Phool, Diya aur Baati Hum, Tere Liye etc.

    1. Ek hazaro meri behna hai, Namkaran, Manmarziyan, Diya Aur bati hum( not all the episodes ), Isqhbazz(especially very first year of Isqhbazz), Mari Tamanna, was my fev…..
      Yeh ristay hain payer ke is good, especially shaheer sheikh and Reha but Meenu is too much…

  7. I agree with u Shesha485. And RV u can identify between the commentors account by seeing their image pattern modiji has it in different colour. And Miss Modi has it in pink.
    I agree with u Miss Modi but to be honest I feel Kunal hang out with Kuhu cuz she affects him somewhere deep inside.
    Kunal is like Bhai esa nhi Kar sakte then why is he believing shweta even for a second. And in next episode both brothers will fight with each other. As Abeer is upset that he met Shweta and Kunal is upset that he met and spend time with Misthi. I don’t why Kunal is so bias even shweta left him and she left him for money then why he is meeting Shweta and is getting affected by her & for Misti he is like stay away why he don’t have same attitude for Shweta as well plz anyone clear my confusion.

    1. I have same think why this different for shweta

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