Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 22nd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Tough choice for Mishti

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 22nd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nannu punching Abir’s face. Mishti says stop it. Nannu sees A in her mehendi and asks her to move. She falls. Abir beats him. Kuhu asks what are you doing, Mishti fell by mistake, you also did the same mistake. Abir says I can’t forgive this mistake, that day Nishant should have beaten me, what can I say to prove that no one can love Mishti more than me. Vishwamber asks him to stop it. Nanu says we shall leave now. Vishwamber says no, the matter will end today. He asks Mishti to decide, whom does she love, Abir or Nishant, Abir who already left your hand before, or Nishant who never left supporting you, our family is happy, united and together because of him. Mishti says Abir…. Abir looks at her. Nannu and everyone get shocked.

Mishti turns to Abir and says leave from here. Vishwamber asks Abir to leave and never dare to come back. Kunal says don’t punish Abir, please Mishti. Vishwamber says no one will tell anything now. Kunal takes Abir. Nannu taunts Abir and says your story is over. Dono ke yeh….plays…. Abir cries and goes. Mishti cries. Vishwamber looks at her. Mishti goes to her room and washes off the mehendi. She recalls Abir’s words and says I had waited for two months to hear this. Abir says Mishti was giving me chance since two months, I lost everything. Kunal says you are hurt. Abir says she is much hurt. Mishti sees Vishwamber’s pic. She says Abir, you broke me, and my family have made me again, I can’t disappoint them. Rajshri comes to see Abir. Kuhu signs he is fine. Rajshri goes. Kunal says its happening because of me, if I apologized to Nishant and your family, this would have not happened. Kuhu says no and hugs him. Abir looks at them. He goes thinking did I lose Mishti forever, did our story really get over.

Nannu consoles Jasmeet. She says Meenakshi threatened first and then Abir came. He says I invited Abir, I had to break his ego and attitude, Mishti didn’t choose him, once marriage happens, Abir will never come back. Jasmeet says Mishti loves Abir a lot, Kuhu and I didn’t want Mishti and Abir to get married, Kuhu was afraid that her life will spoil, Mishti didn’t lose, she fought everyone, I want you to listen to me, Mishti and Abir’s love can’t end, if your marriage happens with Mishti, then I will be afraid that she will leave you any time, please break this relation. He says I promise, this relation won’t break, I won’t break, I won’t let this happen.

Abir sees the lake area and recalls Mishti. He asks Nanu why did you get me here. Nanu says good memories are the best healer. Kunal says I think you are wasting time, Meenakshi will ask Abir how did he get hurt. They cheer Abir. Abir smiles. Kunal says Mishti asked Abir to go for the family’s sake, the same reason for which Abir left her, she is choosing her family. He says you both are same, don’t think she broke your heart. Abir says yes, love isn’t everything. Kunal says love is everything for you, Mishti should know the truth, if you tell her why you broke the engagement.

Nannu says Mishti won’t go, please mom. Mishti comes to them. She complains about Nannu. He says not fair. Jasmeet says she is right, Ms Teapot is tacky name, I m glad that you came to meet me. Mishti says I came to ask for puja time, all rituals will happen. Nannu smiles. Jasmeet says we shall ask Varsha to start preparations. She goes. Nannu thanks Mishti. She says always welcome. He goes. Rajshri comes to Mishti. She says you have become sensible, I m proud of you. Mishti says I didn’t want to hurt yours, Vishwamber’s and Abir’s heart. Rajshri says Nishant. Mishti says sorry, I said by mistake. Nannu looks on. Nidhi says don’t know when will everyone return. Meenakshi asks Parul where are Abir and Kunal. Parul ignores her. Nidhi asks Parul to answer Meenakshi. Meenakshi says they asked Parul not to tell us. Nanu and everyone come.

Nanu taunts Meenakshi. Meenakshi asks Abir who has hurt her. Abir says you… you have hurt me and said you are protecting me. She says I understood who hurt you, I won’t leave anyone from Maheshwaris. He does shayari to answer her. Rajshri thinks of Abir. She says whom shall I talk to. She gets Devyaani’s call. Devyaani says I m coming in the marriage. Rajshri says you know Mishti and Nannu are good friends since childhood, so Vishwamber spoke about this alliance. Devyaani asks are you thinking about Abir. Rajshri says yes, I think Mishti couldn’t forget him, he came to apologize. Devyaani says its Dharm Sankat. Rajshri says Vishwamber isn’t ready to talk, I don’t know what’s in Mishti’s heart.

Devyaani says you know Mishti the best, I m sure, whatever you decide for Mishti will be right. Mishti gives tea to Vishwamber and says we have to go to temple. Varsha signs Vishwamber about Mishti. Abir and Parul come to the temple. He sees a couple marrying. He recalls Mishti. Abir says I told Mishti that we will fight for our love and I lost. Parul says we all did mistake, but just you are getting punished. He says none can separate Mishti and me if we are destined to meet. Rajshri asks can’t puja happen today. Mishti asks what happened. Rajshri tells about some accident and road blockage. Mishti takes the phone and talks to pandit. She says we will keep puja in other temple. Everyone smiles. Abir prays. He thinks our story isn’t over.

The lady taunts Mishti. Abir comes to answer the lady.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Verma4

    Abir you had your chance but you fcuked it up mate. you are the arrogant dragon lady Meenakshit’s son after all. Nannu , don’t get too comfortable.

  2. As expected Mishti chose Nishant that too only to keep peace in the house but she actually wants Abir in her heart that even said his name by mistake which BM recognized 👏😘👏BM is going to help get them together somehow 👍👍At least this is making Kunal realize his mistakes & has started to have feelings for Kuhu

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