Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Abir is confused over his feelings

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 20th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir talking to Ketki. Nidhi does his aid. Mishti gets up. Rajshri says you are fine, I will light diya in temple. Abir thinks of Mishti’s words and checks a phone online. Parul gets haldi milk for him. She says Ketki called and said Mishti woke up, are you fine. He says I m fine. She says everyone was worried for Mishti, thank God Kunal saved her, are you buying a phone. He says yes, if there is any emergency, that’s why. She says just do what your heart says, anyways Kunal is here if there is any problem, have the milk. She goes.

Kuhu says Kunal left, why did you risk your life and went in again. Mishti says it was something imp, don’t worry. She wears her specs. She thinks I didn’t think this day will come so soon, Kunal’s work is imp to him but

his family is imp than work, his wife will be imp for him too, he likes khichdi, he sends flowers for me, he didn’t leave me in fire. She smiles. Meenakshi plays sitar. Everyone worries seeing the newspaper. She comes to them. They worry. Abir recalls Mishti and thinks now this relation got a name and I m not able to say it, what will I do now, how will I explain this to her. He imagines Mishti. She reminds his words.

Nanu hears Meenakshi and everyone talking. He thinks of Abir. He goes to Abir’s room and checks the painting. He gets shocked seeing Mishti’s portrait. Jasmeet jokes and asks Mishti to laugh. Mishti says you kill the sense of humor. Jasmeet says you love your glasses, this is your identity right. Mishti says yes. She gets a call and asks do you want to meet now, why. Abir says life means complication. He sees balloons and recalls Mishti. He gets the balloons. He smiles seeing Mishti and says its all signs of telling my feelings. Mishti smiles and goes to meet Kunal. Abir does shayari.

He stops seeing Kunal. Mishti thanks Kunal for saving her. Kunal says I learnt you are inside and we had to save you. Abir turns away. Kunal says I will drop you home, come. Mishti sees Abir. Kunal says how can Abir be here. Mishti says that’s Abir, he has balloons in his hand. She goes to Abir. Abir turns to them and smiles. Kunal asks how come you are here. Abir says you told me to get balloons for Mishti. Kunal says yes. Abir says you guys talk, I should leave now. Kunal thanks him for balloons. Abir thinks don’t call me from behind, its hard to smile in pain. Mishti asks Abir to come along. Kunal says yes. Meenakshi calls Kunal and gets number busy. She says don’t know where is Kunal. Nidhi says Kunal told Ketki that he has gone to meet Mishti. Meenakshi says he went to meet Mishti, without telling me. Kaushal comes and says laptop is stuck. She scolds him. Nidhi tells him why Meenakshi is angry. She says Kunal belongs to his inlaws before marriage. Meenakshi says Kunal is my son and will be mine. Parul says yes.

Kaushal says Nidhi didn’t mean that, Nidhi meant Kunal saved Mishti because… Meenakshi says I have good upbringing and values to Kunal, he would have jumped in fire even if Jugnu needed help, Abir also jumped in fire when he isn’t related to Mishti, Kunal is my son, he won’t take any decision without asking me. She goes with Parul. Nidhi asks Kaushal to help her in kitchen. He agrees. Nanu asks Kaushal to do his work, Abir isn’t at home, find Abir and get him. Kaushal goes. Nidhi says where are Meenakshi’s sons. Abir says you both got famous. Mishti says this news should have not come, Rajshri would be upset. Abir says no, she is lovely, unlike my mum, who is a volcano. Mishti says don’t joke, I feel awkward in such situation. Kunal says even Abir can’t handle awkward situations. Abir says you don’t know what all I can handle, I feel bored, play radio. The RJ tells about hearbreak pain and jokes. Mishti says you do better poetry. Kunal signs Abir to ask what. Abir smiles. Dheere dheere….plays on radio. Abir says this song had to come now.

Jasmeet says people name relations early. Kunal gives his nod for the ritual. Abir says don’t say yes Mishti, I love you. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I feel so sorry &sad for abeer in the balloon scene,:-(

    1. with mishti everything is dull and boring she doesn’t know to have fun # bookworm chasmish

  2. Naruto Uzumaki

    Episode was nice….But we can’t see Abeer’s sad face😭😭😭….Poor Abeer😢😢😢…
    Nothing to say much about the episode…
    I hope Mishti will realize her true feelings …for Abeer……very soon……Really..can’t watch Abeer like this 😣😣😣

  3. Naruto Uzumaki

    What’s wrong with these makers😬😬…Waited so long for yesterday’s episode with much more excitement…
    But..they showed the same precap😠😠 as last week’s… Really…These makers are getting on my nerves😡😡😡

  4. I couldnt watch it last i read written updates…and i found the most funny dialouge..not funny actually…most cringeworthy dialouge….where mishti and abeer were discussing “the jhumka”…nd mishti said something like..’ye tumhare pass tha isiliye mujhe feel hi nhi hua k ye kho gya hai’…😂😂😂😂
    And i was like..”whaaat”
    I knw girls k fvrt earrings hote h..nd you feel sad if yiu lost them..them…that dialouge was…cringe worthy.

    About episode…nothing new….rajan shahi ka show hai…turtoise ki speed se hi chlna expected hai.
    Storyline or concept me to kuchh new tha hi nhi…haan bs ek word new tha “marital courtship”.

    Finally to my benefit..ab meri mom ne bhi starplus dekhna chhod diya…so..yayyyy.
    Itne years ki mehnat safal ho gyi.

  5. Nice episode… I think by now nanu would have realized abir’s feelings for Mishti…. But this poor mishti can’t even understand her feeling yet…. I can’t understand how can she think that Kunal was the one who saved her…. 🤔 I know he too came for her but abir was the one who risked his life and rescued her…. Even she risked her life for abir’s painting…. But she can’t realize that the feeling is LOVE…. Abir is struggling so much bcz of this…. He is not able to express or hide his feelings…. But still he’s trying his best…. By the way shaheer is looking good even with sad face….😍 But that’s not good for abir….. Anyways did anyone notice abir with that tied hair…. Awww!!! I was just thinking abt Arjun at that time…. The imp part is that abir does even yoga…. What is there that abir can’t do??? He does poetry, he does painting, he does yoga, he plays guitar, he dances after all he’s also an working man… But there’s no wonder coz he don’t have a phone…. So he can definitely do something useful 😂🤣😂…. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode… Waiting for Mishti to understand her feelings….

  6. By the way where is this modiji??? May be he had started some fanfiction as I told him….😂🤣😂

    1. just waiting for kuheer’s marraige dear soon fanfiction of kuheer will start it will be good if writers make kuheer jodi a blockbuster one

      1. 😂😂😂😂

      2. Naruto Uzumaki

        Aww..Modiji,I didn’t see your comment…as I started commenting moreover at 4:15 PM..Due to some work I couldn’t complete it…But I left this page open..and I completed my comment at 5:14PM..Otherwise I would directly replied for your comment..Then,it’s better if you read my comment below👇👇…That comment is especially for you…Just read it and think about it…Is that okay???Mo-di-ji???

      3. U may start it modiji…. But no one is gonna read it….😂

    2. Naruto Uzumaki

      Shaheer Fan,it’s better if Modiji never comment again…Because,there’s one saying…
      “After seeing a negative comment,Your mind also wants to write a negative comment..It’s the psychological fact…”
      If Modiji wants to comment,then it’s better if she/he comment positively…
      By the way..Shaheer fan,that comment of your’s was a humorous one😁😀

      1. Are u speaking abt that fan-fiction one????😂🤣😂

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