Kesari Nandan 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Zoravar poisons Hanumant’s mind

Kesari Nandan 20th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hanumant hearing the weather forecast on the radio and worrying for Madhavi. Zoravar stops him from going. Hanumant says I have to go and check on Madhavi. Zoravar says if anything happens, she will come home, okay wait here, let me go and check her once. He leaves. Madhavi shouts for help. Madhavi and Kesari cry. The people gather and try to blow off the fire. Zoravar locks the haveli door. He sits there and says I will burn your peace and happiness. He smiles. Madhavi asks people to call Hanumant. The man asks the other one to call Kesari’s dad. Hanumant drops the glass in tension. He worries. Madhavi tries to get rid of the fire. Madhavi prays. A man comes home to tell about fire incident. Zoravar says thanks a lot, just go, I will get Hanumant. He sits back and says let

Kesari send you out of the hut, then I will send Hanumant to see you. Bhairav asks what happened. The man says pujaran’s house caught fire.

Bhairav says Madhavi and Kesari…. He gets shocked. Kesari makes an exit way and asks Madhavi to come. They run out of the house. They see the fire. The storm comes. The men run away. Madhavi asks what shall we do now. Kesari asks where will we go. Madhavi says we will go home, Hanumant told that in anger, he won’t refuse us. They leave. Bhairav comes there and shouts out. He says there is no one here. Zoravar says I will change your life. He sees Madhavi and Kesari coming. He locks the door and hides. Madhavi says house is locked, where will we go now, your fever is getting high. She takes Kesari with her. It starts raining. Kesari faints. Madhavi calls for help. Zoravar opens the lock when they are gone. He gets in. He goes to Hanumant and says pujaran’s house caught fire, I don’t know anything about Madhavi and Kesari. Hanumant rushes. Madhavi asks Kesari to get up. Bhairav comes to help Madhavi. Hanumant comes to the place and sees the fire. She calls out Madhavi. Zoravar says someone saw them going that way, come. They leave.

Bhairav takes Kesari. Madhavi stops him. He says come home with me, Kesari has fever. She says we don’t want to come, Hanumant won’t like this. He says you are talking about Hanumant, look at Kesari, come with me, I will drop you to Hanumant. She says we went home, its locked. He says even then you are refusing to come with me, don’t insult me like this, trust me, look at Kesari’s state, I will drop you two to Hanumant in morning. He begs her to sit in the car, its getting stormy. She thinks to go with Bhairav for Kesari’s sake. She goes with him. Bijli looks on and smiles. She messages Zoravar. Hanumant worries. Zoravar asks him to take jeep that way. Hanumant sees Madhavi and Kesari with Bhairav. He gets angry. Zoravar says its Madhavi and Kesari, Bhairav is with them. Hanumant says yes. Zoravar says I will go and call them. Hanumant says stop, no need to go, if she had to come home, she would have come. Zoravar says we had come to take them home. Hanumant says I want to believe what I m seeing. Madhavi shuts the window. Hanumant looks on.

Zoravar fills his ears against Madhavi. Bhairav takes care of Kesari and feeds her medicines. He says she will be fine till morning. Kesari says I will get fine, don’t worry. Madhavi asks her to close eyes and sleep. Bhairav asks her to have food. He says I know you won’t like me staying here, I m going to sleep in Akhada office, you can call me if you need anything. Madhavi nods. He goes. Hanumant walks in the rain sadly and comes home. Madhavi prays that Kesari gets fine. Kesari says forgive me. Madhavi says its our test and we have to pass in this, don’t forget your dream, your aim is bigger than this, focus on your aim, you have to win Bharat Kesari. Kesari nods.

Kesari plans to make Jawahar befriend Disha. Kalki comes and pushes Jawahar. She fails Kesari’s plan. Zoravar says you should take legal advice and get divorce.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I somehow feel the focus of this programme is slipping, a brother and sister in law with that amount of venom and pure deceit and it seems to just goooooooooooo on and on. Its become a little boring and tedious watching the series now. Also, the actual storyline is somehow lost. I know characters are created for certain reasons BUT not the evilness and the adject prolonging of it. This is not reality. i find myself skipping between programmes, plus the adverts in between is sooooooo ridiculous…. the price for dstv is exhorbitant and the programme has many adverts in between the programme…. review the numerous times adverts are aired versus the actual programme, rather disappointed by the setup.

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