Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Abir and Mishti’s Baby Arrives Home


Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 16th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Family brings Kuhu home. Kuhu says normal people need family’s emotional support, but she needs even physical support. Nidhi asks if Abir called. Mishti says baby needs to be in incubator for a few days and hopes baby gets healthy soon. Varsha asks her not to worry as its her and Abir’s baby. BB apologizes Varsha for all the bitter words she spoke till now. Misthi takes family selfie and says she will send it to Abir to show the baby that he reunited family. Parul says its not difficult for baby to get well soon and hopes for best. At night, Mishti dreams about Abir taking care of baby and asking her to rest. She wakes up hearing Abir’s call who asks if she saw same dream. She says he is antaryami/foreteller and asks what is baby doing. Abir says baby waved hi to him and in fact he has planned a camping with baby and Kunal. Mishti says he started planning so early. Abir says baby may have to stay in hospital for a few more days and asks her to just pray for him. She asks him to have dinner and disconnects call. He opens tiffin box and thinks though maa is blind in her arrogance, he never forgot her food’s pleasant smell and taste.

Mishti prays god to get baby well soon. She gets Abir’s call to come to hospital soon and she rushes to hospital where Abir informs that baby is just not well. Kunal with family members calls Abir, Abir says he cannot say anything and to just pray for baby. Kunal worried calls Abir and Mishti repeatedly, but they don’t pick his call. Abir returns home tensed. Family asks what happened, if baby is fine. Abir shows door. Mishti enters with baby. Family rejoices seeing baby and says Abir frightened them. Everyone insist to see baby first. Abir asks them to relax and says Kuhu has right to see the baby first. Kuhu pampers baby and says her and baby’s connection is since 8 months, etc. Abir then gives baby to Kunal. BB watches silently waiting for her turn. Parul says its her turn next and asks Nidhi to wait. Misthi asks BB to perform baby’s aarti. BB emotionally performs aarti. Mishti asks Abir to hold baby. Abir walks away. Mishti gives baby to BB who pampers him. Mishti then tells just like BB and Parul maasi took care of Kunal and Abir, they will take care of even baby. Abir says not this time and walks away.

Mishti and Abir take baby to their room. Mishti says she is very happy that baby is with them, she was tired after 6 days of running around. Abir says whole family is happy. Abir says he will make baby his buddy and will not let him away. Mishti tells baby that his papa has gone on daadi who never used to let papa and Kunal chachu away from them. Abir asks not to talk about maa. Mishti thinks Abir is angry on maa, but she will clear their differences soon. Next morning, BB performs Mishti and baby’s aarti while Abir stands aside. Kuhu says they will celebrate and organize garbha. Kunal says dandiya night. Kuhu agrees. Family organizes dandiya night. Mishti keeps beautiful pots in home temple and says NGO people sent it thanking BB as she gave donation after baby arrived. She asks Abir if he will not speak. Abir says thanks for feeding so many families. Kunal tries to speak. Abir says he is happy and doesn’t want to speak further. Mishti prays god to clear mother and son’s differences.

Precap: During dandiya ceremony, BB sees hanging dandiyas falling on baby, rushes and bearing them falls unconscious. Abir rushes to her worried and asks Kunal to call doctor.

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  1. Another drama 🤦 even in the last episode!?🙄

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