Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kunal and Kuhu get kidnapped

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir asking lady to make sure all the kids have food. Mishti comes and asks why didn’t you tell me about IT raid, why do you always hide things, my family, my house… Abir says my responsibility to keep dear ones away from problems, I helped Kunal in courtship, I didn’t understand its wrong, you thought Kunal is doing this, last night I got to know about IT raid, I tried to solve it, maybe my way is wrong, maybe people have right on problems, but I can’t see dear ones worried, I will always protect dear ones and their dreams, that’s me, Kunal is my brother and you… She asks yours? He says friend, friends are also dear, I will help my friend.

She says you missed the bus while solving the family problem, you are my friend, I know you if I deserve your friendship or not. He asks what. She says nothing. He asks did Kunal say anything. She says no. He says anger suits you, not lies, Kunal is imp to me, you are also imp, we will clear the matter, come with me. She says no.

Kuhu tries to wear the bracelet. Kunal says this suits you. She says I was returning you, you fired me from job. He says sorry to vent Mishti’s anger on you. She says I know this, I will always be with you as a friend. Mishti says everyone is upset, maybe Kunal is right. He says he isn’t right this time, be the same. She says I don’t want any problem again. He says we should go to Kunal and stop this cold war. Kuhu says you helped me and my family, I want to do something for you, can I do something. Kunal says yes, keep this bracelet, I gave it as a friend, you shouldn’t return it, it looks rude. He makes her wear it. She smiles. Abir and Mishti come and look on. Mishti says Kunal gave bracelet to Kuhu. Abir asks will anyone tell me, I don’t understand the story. Mishti says Kuhu threw it on engagement day and then she was madly finding it, she argued with me and then lied to come here. He asks what’s the point.

She says Kuhu said many times that she finds Kunal cute. He says she said she didn’t find your and Kunal’s pairing ideal. She says she gave me many hints. He asks what. She says she realized that Kunal is possible for her. He says because your and Kunal’s engagement broke. They say OMG…. what will happen now, what happened to you. He says ladies first. She says this is not washroom’s queue that ladies first, why are you excited. He says I was born excited and happy, this is the time to party. She asks are you mad, or comedy show judge, or devil, why are you laughing without any reason, my family won’t agree for Kunal and Kuhu. He says say it again. She says Kunal and Kuhu… He says it sounds so good, Kunal and Kuhu, way better than Kunal and Mishti. She asks why are you excited.

He explains her in funny way and smiles. She says shut up, listen to me, our families…. He says they are not enemies to shed blood, I know my mum looks dangerous, but its fine. Mishti says just Kuhu likes Kunal, how to know if Kunal likes her. Abir says what SRK did in movies. He jokes on her. He calls her a pessimist. He says our partnership is over, I thought we will make their love story, but you are a thorn. She asks what love story. He says Kunal and Kuhu’s love story, imagine this, Kunal and Kuhu will look so good together, close eyes and imagine.

They imagine and see Kunal and Kuhu dancing on Ishq wala love….. on their romantic date. Abir imagines dancing with Mishti in the romantic set up. Mishti says Abir, I have seen what you have seen. He gets surprised. She says I have felt the same. He asks really. She says Kunal and Kuhu have a possibility, come on, we will find them. Abir says enough, one track mind, think of Kunal and Kuhu. They go and call out Kunal and Kuhu.

They get shocked seeing the class messed up. She reads the message for Abir and shows him. They read…. Kunal and Kuhu are with us, you have to deal with me for them. Mishti says Sapan kidnapped them, I will come along, you can’t go along. He says no, you won’t go anywhere, I can get them back. She says what if anything happens to Kuhu… He says I promise to get them back safely. She says I promise I won’t go anywhere.

Kunal and Kuhu are tied up to the trees. Sapan welcomes them in his party. He calls Abir. Lady asks Mishti where is Abir. Mishti takes the phone. Sapan jokes. Mishti says just leave them. He says I do deals, I don’t take orders, you have to name that land to me. She says you will never get the land. He says then forget them. Mishti worries. Abir calls Prithvi and says Sapan kidnapped Kunal and Kuhu. Prithvi says calm down, tell me everything. Mishti says if I go, Abir will get angry. Mishti gets a bracelet and worries for Kuhu. She gets Varsha’s call. Prithvi tells his plan to Abir. A truck comes. Abir gets aside. Few men take him inside the van. The goon says we caught Abir and snatched his phone. Sapan asks him to throw the goon and get Abir. Kunal says you think you all will get saved. Sapan says think if you will get saved.

Abir is brought there. Kuhu shouts Abir. Varsha says I m not able to talk to Kuhu, I feel restless. Mishti asks is everything fine, I will send the friend’s number in some time, Kuhu is fine, she will call you, I promise. Mishti says if Abir was here, he would have understood my problem, I have to go.

Abir and Prithvi fight Sapan. Mishti fights. Sapan shoots. She falls down. Abir shouts Mishti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Episode was good…. And for Abeer God i love him…his expression, tone of voice are Just awesome ….
    In the imaginary song both couple were looking beautiful…#misbeer ??#hunal……
    And for misty it’s good that she easily take it that kuhu is in love with kunal….
    Waiting for next episode but sadly, i have to wait 2 days more.. These days this is my most fev serial and the reason may be shaheer Sheikh, when i see him, feels like i can feel his emotion, super natura, super dramatic….

  2. Wow abeer in white and Mishti in blue , gonna drive me crazy??????????????they looked so beautiful more than HuNal?????❤️❤️❤️❤️some xpressions of abeer r so naturally cute


    Meenu….less episode ?????????best till date @least she didn’t come and showed her face. She is only good @speaking gujrati …

    Precap- I know he’ll shoot her and then rushing to hospital…blah blah blah blah?????????????feel like puking it out. But before shooting her plz show us that she is actually a brown belt in karate ?????????????????????????


    1. The episode was too good without meenu?

  3. #bewarekunal….Chashmish karate kid is here???????????

  4. Out of top 10 lost but yaaaa online trp mein top kia hai haamre MishEer with 33.0 ratings???????????❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️tv pe dekhne ka time aur mauka dono hi nhi milta also jb hotstar vip pe Itni jldi morning 6am AA jata hai toh raat aur repeat telecast ka kyun wait krna???

  5. Hello guys?… Good episode… Abir is so excited about Kunal and kuhu… But what’s happening in the episode… Why should they bring these kinds of tragedy??? Does anyone think this is going to fetch trp??? I don’t think so?… But these kinds of things is far better than what meenu does… It’s better than planning and plotting…? And why this kuhu always shouts…? Just loved the dream sequence… Both the pairs rocked… And yeah!!! With ishq Wala love… One of my favorite song from one of my favorite movie featuring both my favorite actors and actress… ? But abir’s reaction was too good… That too when mishti was saying it caught what’s going on in your mind???… Ohh!!! Precap… ? I think mishti is shot… I think there’s going to be more drama in the next episode… Can’t wait for two days… #longweekends

  6. *I caught….

  7. Yes u r right Shaheer Fan. There will be a lot of drama and according to me when Misthi willl be shot then she will fall unconscious and Abeer will confess his feeling in front of Meenu Ka Munna and Kuhu. Which will be a shocker for Kunal and then both brothers will have a small argument.

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