Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kuhu slaps Mishti

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nidhi asking Ketki how is she looking. Ketki says perfect. Parul asks Nidhi not to tell anything to Jasmeet. Nidhi scolds her and goes. Ketki hugs Parul. Parul asks her to take shagun for Mishti. Ketki says I can’t take all the things. Jugnu says I won’t be able to take it. Ketki says Kuhu has sent two people to help us. Abir and Kunal come in girls disguise. Parul asks Jugnu why is he laughing. Nanu says we are getting late, come. Abir asks Kunal to talk in female voice. He says I always wanted a younger sister, my dream got true, Kaveri. Kunal asks what’s this Kaveri, I don’t want to do this. Abir jokes. He says Kuhu will find it funny, she will laugh, stop nonsense, tell me, how am I looking. Kunal looks on and goes.

Mishti says Kuhu isn’t telling anyone, maybe there is major problem in her business, where did she keep the court notice. Mishti gets the notice. Rajshri comes and asks what are you doing. Mishti says I was finding this lipstick. Rajshti takes her. Abir and Kunal come to Maheshwari house. Abir asks her to be careful. He says we have to dance in haldi. Abir and Kunal dance on Pallo latke….

Kunal goes to Kuhu. She hits him. Everyone dances. Abir takes Kuhu for dance. Everyone claps. Varsha says I was thinking to call Meenakshi here, she is Kunal’s mum also. Nidhi says worry, the water fell over. Varsha helps her. Parul asks her to enjoy, its her sister’s marriage. Kuhu says I m fine, just bit tired. She hugs Parul. Parul asks Abir and Kunal to get juice for Kuhu. Abir says its a chance, go Kunal. He says my sister does good massage, her tiredness will go. Kuhu says I m fine. Abir says I will get kada. Kunal sits. Kunal holds her. Bekhudi…plays… Ketki compliments Mishti. Jugnu collides with Abir. They fall down. Mishti asks are you fine.

Abir holds Mishti and says Jugnu isn’t a good, but world’s best brother, sorry. Abir shows his face. She says Ajeeb Rajvansh. He stops her and takes her. She picks the notice. Kuhu says thanks, I feel better after the massage. Kunal asks how did you feel before. She says very bad. He says your husband would have done something. She asks how do you know. Kunal goes to Abir. Abir asks didn’t you talk to Kuhu. Kunal signs no. Parul asks them to get haldi. Abir asks Kunal to remember the holi and play it. Abir takes haldi for Mishti. Do dil….plays…. Mishti smiles. Abir asks Kunal to go. Kunal applies haldi to Kuhu and goes. Kuhu looks for him. Kunal holds her and ties a waistband. Abir comes to Mishti and applies haldi. Ishaqzaade….plays…. Jugnu drops the rose petals on Kunal and Kuhu.

Abir and Mishti romance. Kunal hugs Kuhu. Kuhu thinks everything will get fine now. Mishti says you are in much touch with feminine side. Abir says I just want to be in touch with you. He asks how do I look now. She smiles and says you know, its bad luck if I see you today. He says I will close eyes. She goes away. Naata mera….plays…. They smile. She gets a stool and gets on it. She kisses him and goes. He opens eyes.

Kuhu says you were not going to come. Kunal says it would have got too late. Mishti goes out. Jasmeet picks the letter. Mishti says its my papers, give it. Jasmeet says its Kuhu’s name. She checks and gets shocked. She reads, deed of divorce. Mishti gets shocked. She asks what. Kuhu runs to Jasmeet and says I will explain you. Abir says don’t tell anyone. Jasmeet runs. Varsha gets shocked hearing their argument. Mishti says I didn’t know about divorce papers, I thought its related to business and wanted to help. Varsha says this can’t happen and goes crying. Kuhu cries and slaps Mishti. Abir and Kunal get shocked.

Vishwamber says you have hidden a big thing. Kuhu says sorry, it happened because of Mishti. Jasmeet says you won’t marry Abir until everything gets fine in Kuhu’s life.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. This Kuhu is so Annoying.
    For her mistakes how Mishti can be responsible.
    Why slap Mishti.. note that life has given bigger slap to Kuhu.
    Kuhu is spoilt and arrogant child of Varsha and Shaurya , bye product of their evil upbringing.

    1. Why does Mishti interferes . What help she can do. If Kuhu is telling to shut up then mind her own business

  2. Kuhu is so selfish & self obsessed, blaming Mishti for everything.
    She is hell-bound in getting attention , add to that the evil Jasmeet & Varsha always
    concerned about Kuhu- badboli and wishing bad for Mishti -Muhboli.
    So selfish and irritating.

  3. Amena the above header is wrong… Kuhu slaps Mishti not kunal.
    Rectify this!

  4. Amena change the header that’s kuhu who slapped. It needs to be changed immediately as this is misleading

  5. It’s not Kunal,.. it’s kuhu who slapped mishti..

  6. This show is more focused on kuhu and kunal than Mishbir who’s really the leads???….Mishbir is being sidelined constantly and very little scenes with them really is this where the show heading cancelling of marriage to make kuhu happy what nonsense

    1. Sam Kuhu and Kunal are parallel leads and in a way I am happy as this is the only show which focuses on parallel leads equally unlike shows like YRKKH, KKB, YUDKBH and even Ishqbaaz. In case of ishqbaaz it required to launch spinoff Dil Bole Oberoi specially for parallel leads On and Rudra so that their love story can bring in focus.

    2. How dare is she to slap mish stupid girl even minu is better than her

  7. Why so good Abeer Mishti, so much goodness in today’s world where everyone is just concerned about their own happiness is not right…so annoying… everyone…why we need a second parallel lead when we have Misbir..I just want this kuhu to die the way Rashi died in SSN..she was only a problem for Gopi ND here it’s kuhu..why Mishti needs to focus on kuhu..she didn’t do anything till date for her..Abeer pampers kuhu more than Mishti ND for kuhu only he cross dressed not becoz he wanted to meet Mishti or anything else..kuhu always coming in between Misbir’s romance ND I had to wait for them to leave screen..such strong ladies r their on ITV…be it villain or heroines but these bahus r so damnnnn pissing me off…why this jasmeet creates drama.. whether action or reason Mishti is always to be was all kunal’s fault ND kuhu who was so desperately waiting to get married to him…means Mishti ND Abeer r Jodi makers…who need to sort out differences of HuNal so that they can live happily WTF ??????kuhu is a snake low she can stoop we all have seen that.. unfortunately family consider her kuhuness very amazing..she’s so over hyped..her comedy ND hashtags suck… rajvansh family is completely over shadowing her presence..meenu is given leave ND these all idiots r given screen their any reason of their jealousy ND insecurities..Mishti needs to buck up..I don’t find any diff between naira ND Mishti both r same..she might also be like this.. sometimes I think that rhea is a bad choice or might be Mishti is a bad character..their is nothing praiseworthy about this role?????

  8. Yaar common be practical for me Kuhu did right by slapping Misthi, it was just an action reaction. What will you do when you will be hiding a truth from ur family for their happiness and suddenly the truth is out because of someone that to When, when everything is getting repaired and the truth u hiding is not important now.
    But today’s episode was very good ?????. Just loved first official romantic KuhuNal scene FINALLY. And a cute romantic scene of MisBeer. What else the episode needed. Today I finally found my Ahaan Dhanrajgir (Tu Aashiqui) in Kunal. Who is super cutely Romantic and can make any romantic scene a AWW moment ?.
    No Meenakshi and her geryness only Nidhi was Intolerable that too at starting for some minutes.
    One of the Best Episode till now ???????

  9. Why misty always interferes in others matter …can’t she just mind her own business

  10. Well done Jasmeet you put a stop to Mishbir wedding ??What is her problem ??? Are these two ever going to tie the knot without any mishaps Guess Meenakshi is not the only villain in this relationship Now the blame is on Mishti Hate Kuhu she is one jealous immature self centered B with her # & stupid Kuhu ness there is nothing special about her it’s all superficial inside she is dumb who was so desperate to get married spoit brat

  11. Such a selfish girl this Kuhu , she should suffer

  12. Looking at d situation frm kuhu’s point of view she did wat anyone wud have done.kunal gave her hints that everything was going to d f9 now.Kunal n kuhu r adults n wud have solved their marital problems d way dey cud even without mishbir’s help.I can understand mishti cares about kuhu n wants her to be happy though knowing really well how much kuhu hates her.Still she shouldn’t have interfered.Sometimes i find mishti very annoying especially wen she interferes in other ppls lives.Can’t she mind her own business.Y r female protagonists always shown to b so nice n caring if wen pple treat dem like shit all d tym is something I’ll never understand about itv soaps.It’s really irritating.mishbir shud just go far away frm these ungrateful pple get married n live happily.dis marriage drama is getting dragged for lyk ages.

    1. A little help please. Varsha and Shaurya’s daughter was Ananya. Where did Kuhu come from and what relation is Mishti to the Maheshwari’s. Isn’t she Devyanis granddaughter? What happened to Mishti’s parents?

    2. Khyati Madaan

      It was shown in yrkkh earlier that kuhu is shaurya’s illegimitate daughter who was accepted by Varsha and the Maheshwari’s.
      And mishti’s father was jailed after he did some kind of fraud and as far as I know and remember, Mishti’s mother left her and went with another man and so devyani asked rajshri to take mishti with her since devyani would not be able to tell mishti the truth about her parents….So this is how Mishti ended up with the Maheshwari’s

    3. That’s why Mishti feels lonely ND left out…all bcoz of devyani

  13. Kuhu is such a B she can’t see see anyone else happy in their life she is plain selfish She will do anything to stop Mishti getting married to Abir someone needs to give her a good smack spoilt brat

  14. Thank you Khyati Madan for the explanation. It makes sense now.

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