Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Meenakshi Reforms Herself?

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 12th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishti with Abir heads towards airport in car and thinks she tried her best but couldn’t change maa/BB. BB runs behind car calling Abir to stop. Abir asks driver to stop car and gets out with Mishti. Parul, Nidhi, and Kunal run behind her trying to stop her. BB pleads Abir and Mishti not to go and says she cannot stay away from her children. She apologizes them for being blind in her arrogance and not understanding her children’s feelings. Mishti asks not to apologize. BB says she always used to tell that Meenakshi Rajvansh never bends in front of anyone, but today she bends in front of her children. Mishti says mother’s hand should be raised to bless children and not apologize. BB pleads Mishti not to go. Mishti says she wasn’t going at all and did this drama to make BB realize her mistake. Abir is surprised hearing that. Kunal says not fair bhabi. BB says Mishti taught her a nice lesson; she used to tell Mishti is a home breaker, but she united her house. Abir thinks she is acting and says she is acting nice, but cannot fool him and walks away. BB worried says she thought Abir forgave her when he hugged her. Mishti says today’s day is auspicious and everything will be alright.

Jasmeet feeds Kuhu. Kuhu says she wants to meet Kunal. Jasmeet says Varsha will crush her head in masala crusher if she takes Kunal’s name even by mistake. Kuhu pleads. Jasmeet agrees and says anyways Mishti is going out of house and Kuhu alone will rule her house. Kuhu thinks if she supports Mishti, Jasmeet will not support her, hence she backs Jasmeet. Jasmeet says she will call Gujratan/Nidhi and find out if Abir and Mishti left home.

Abir returns home and asks Kunal to help him in unpacking. Mishti asks Abir if he is angry on her. He says she knows whom he is angry on. Kunal and Mishti sing Aye dil tu laya hai bahar.. song.. and try to cheer him up. Jasmeet calls Nidhi and seeing them dancing and singing thinks they are celebrating Abir and Mishti’s farewell before they leave home. Varsha enters. Nidhi informs that they are not going and will live with them. Jasmeet gets angry and takes away phone angrily. Kuhu gets happy seeing family reuniting and thinks if maa wouldn’t have taken her phone, she would have called Mishti. Abir walks away and gets busy on his phone. Mishti walks to him and says its okay for husband and wife to get angry sometimes. Abir says he is not angry and is busy in work. Mishti says she just wanted maa to realize that this house is strong on the basis of relationship and takes him along.

BB holding her sitar tells Parul that daily she plays sitar, and just like strings keep sitar together, she realized relationships keep family united and Parul helped her always in keeping the family united. She thanks Parul for taking care of Abir and home, giving Abir a younger brother and her a younger sister and she didn’t value her sister. Parul emotionally asks her not to apologize. Kunal asks them both to stop getting emotional and hugs them. Mishti asks Abir if he can see this. Abir says he can see Maa is just a businesswoman and knows only about profit; Mishti acted as breaking the house to keep it reunited, but Maa’s arrogance will break this house in the future.

Precap: Mishti with Kunal goes to meet Kuhu, but Varsha informs that she is not at home and left in car. Kuhu gets out of car in pain and her mobile breaks down. She sits on a bench speaking to baby that she will not let her/him happen anything. Mishti returns home asking if Kuhu came here. Abir gets tensed saying she didn’t and where she must have gone.

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  1. So this is a suspense. That BB has changed or not. As the show is getting over she must have changed and if not then soon will get changed. And now Baby is also coming. Kuhu has realised her mistake. And whenever she realises her mistake she changes for one or two episodes.

  2. Minakshi may change as she has an immense love for her son abir, but kuhu want change, as she always acts like she changed only to get her an attention at house. Blamed misthi several times and always jasmit misled kuhu, which none said or criticized her for doing that.. jasmit has being always poisoning abt misthi to kuhu, ever since she was in maheshwari house… kuhu never chanted or tried to understand any situation that leads to crack with misthi n her.. always blames misthi for everything that happens around since the show is going off its obviously bcoz of jasmit n kuhu as they never changed one bit. N at the end they may show misthi n kuhu like a friends forgive eachother n move on.. but the baby boy born to misthi n abir through kuhu will be like kuhu like immature kiddish, n would never accept any mistakes n put blames on others like kuhu, while in future kuhu may give birth to her own child n no doubt it will be either like kunal or like misthi… so unfortunately making kuhu children look good n doing injustice to misthi as her kid is gonna be bad… m sure this show may come in new season in future n I am sure how the story will come up.. immature kuhu with good son or a daughter…

  3. Mein sacch mein chahta hoon ki yeh serial na roka jaaye it’s just an amazing show with a brilliant story line and mishbir ki romance superbbb….

    Pls don’t stop it kucch 2-3 maheene tak extension nhi mil sakta kya

  4. All gone against BB. I am not supporter of BB but what all happened is not alone bcoz of her. I feel Abir have equal part for what all happened. From starting he is against to his mom and never try to sort out they difference. She always did everything for her selfish and love. He always forgive others for they mistake and patch up with them but never try to her mom. He even accepted Varun after knowing what he did with Misti for his sister life. She BB char do anything for her son happiness, she might done atleast some good or try to be good.

  5. So guys we’re into the last week of the show 💔 really gonna miss mishbir, n our mishbir family so much 😭

  6. If the story has to be ended, BB has to change. But they could have kept BB as a better human being when she accepted Mishty after the murder angle.

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