In car,

Kunal: Who is that idiot?

Mauli: Abhi, Abhishek. Once upon a time friend of mine.

FB : Mauli and abhishek is seen as best friends. on the last day of the college in the college classroom.

Abhishek: Mauli, I need to say something.

Mauli: When did you start asking me permission abhi?

Abhishek: I love you.

Mauli laughs.

Mauli: What prank are you playing on me? I am not gonna fall for it.

Abhishek:This isnt a prank. I have been in love with you from the very beginning. But I was scared to say you.

Mauli: Are you crazy? You are my best friend Abhi.

Abhishek: I dont want to remain as just your best friend Mauli

Mauli: I dont want to divert our relationship into anything else.

Mauli leaves.

Abhishek holds her hand and pulls her holding her waist.

Mauli: Whats wrong with you?Leave me.

Abhishek: I love you sincerely mauli. You cannot reject it like this.

Mauli: stop talking rubbish.

Abhishek pulls mauli further close which results in mauli slapping him

Mauli: dont you dare.

Mauli leaves ………..

FB ends.

Kunal: I should have bet him

Mauli stares kunal.

Kunal: By the way , what was he saying?

Mauli: Apologizing….

Kunal: and guess what you didnt forgive him

Mauli: Of course…. and why would I?

Kunal: Why should you actually?


Radhika: Kuanl , mauli… I am back…

Kunal: Mamma. How was your trip?

Mauli: give me your luggage I will keep them in the room

Radhika: Thanks dear and the trip was good.

Mauli leaves.

Kunal: mamma..

Radhika: What happened dear?

Kunal: Thanks a lot.

Radhika: why?

Kunal: For giving me Mauli.

Radhika smiles.

Radhika: You are in love . Arent you?

Kunal nods.

Kunal hugs radhika.

Mauli: How dare you guyz hug without me?

Radhika :Sorry sorry… Come here.

They three hug.

At 12.00 am

Kunal is sleeping.

Mauli and radhika: Happy birthday.

Kunal gets up in shock and is surprised.

He goes and hugs them.

Radhika: Cake is ready downstairs. Come down….

Radhika leaves.

When mauli was about to leave kunal holds her.

Kunal: I thought you had dropped the plan of surprising me

Mauli: You still don’t know what the surprise is.I made a little alterations.

Kunal: Lets watch then.

They come downstairs.

Kunal cuts the cake. They three celebrate.

Radhika thinks Hope this happiness stays forever.


Kunal wakes up late and couldn’t find mauli anywhere

He gets worried.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    which actor plays abhishek?abhishek falling in love with mauli was fine.but forcing her to accept him was not abhishek apologized but mauli didn’t accept it.was he really genuine or was he pretending to be changed to trap her?cake scene was nice.what surprise is mauli talking about?where is mauli?

    1. Avishka

      You will have your answers in the coming episodes?

  2. Abhi I think is trying to trap Mauling. I hope nothing wrong should happen. It’s going great !! Update soon

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