Mauli is walking lost on the road.Its raining.

A car coming from behind was just about to hit her.Just then kunal moves her.

Kunal( shouts) : have you lost it? You were just about to hit by the car. Come back home.

Kunal holds Mauli’s hand.

Mauli: kunal leave me.

Kunal: I am not leaving you .

Mauli: Kunal I said leave me.

Kunal: Mauli, Just come home.

Mauli: Home? Why should I come back?

Kunal: I need you.

Mauli: You need me? Really…. I am not coming back to waste my life like I did.

Kunal: I know you are not gonna listen to me. So…

Kunal picks her up in his arms and walks. Mauli is surprised.

Mauli: Kunal what are you doing ? Put me  down

Kunal: If I put you down now. You will just break your hip. So keep quiet.

Mauli: Kunal just leave me.

Kunal keeps walking . Reaches their home. He walks towards the room and put her in the bed.

Mauli: Whats wrong with you?

Kunal:What’s wrong with me.. whats wrong with you? You just leave the home in anger.

Mauli: You suspected me Kunal .

Kunal: You didnt even give me a chance to apologize.

Mauli:C’mon kunal… You were judging me .

Kunal leans close towards Mauli

Mauli tries to get up from the bed.

Kunal puts her back in bed .

Mauli: What do you want?

Kunal: I want you

Mauli is surprised again

Kunal: I really want you. I am in love with you Mauli. I was loving you from the beginning but was tied up with the thoughts of Nandini. Tied with the promise I made to her. But not anymore. I realize that she would be the happiest one seeing me happy with you. I love you Mauli.

Mauli is really shocked which could be identified from her face . She didnt expect him to confess love so easily.

Mauli: You are joking right?

Kunal nods no.

Kunal: I really love you and I dont wanna lose you like nandini. Please be mine Mauli.

Kunal leans closer for a kiss.

But Mauli moves her face to side.

Kunal: Sorry…

Kunal gets up from mauli and turns to go.

Kunal thinks I will have to do something to make her confess love for me again.

Kunal walks towards the door.

Mauli gets up from the bed and thinks that he is leaving.

But Kunal returns smiling.

Mauli thinks he is upto something.

Kunal: You thought I am leaving didnt you?

Mauli stays quiet.

Kunal comes forward.

Mauli steps back.

Kunal: Mauli, I know you are angry with me. But how long will you be?

Mauli walks towards the washroom.

Kunal blocks her .

Mauli: Kunal …

Kunal: You will not go without talking to me….

Mauli: What do you want me to say ?

Kunal: Say me that you love me.

Mauli sighs.

Kunal: Tell me ….

Kunal holds her waist tightly.

Mauli thinks I will teach you a lesson Mr. Kunal Malhotra. Just like you did with me .Wait and watch anyway I didnt know you were this romantic. Mauli smiles inside.

Kunal holds her further close.

Kunal: I am not gonna leave untill you say me that you love me.

Mauli : I….

Kunal: Exactly… I wanted this. C’mon say the rest.

Mauli: hate you…

Kunal: Mauli, dont say such things.

Mauli steps his leg .

Kunal: Ouch(  and leaves Mauli)

Mauli: Dont play too smart.

Mauli gets inside the washroom and laughs.

Kunal: I know you are laughing . Dont laugh too much your cheeks would hurt.

Mauli: I will deal with it Mr kunal Malhotra.

Kunal thinks she is kinda high maintenance one. He smiles.

Mauli comes out of the washroom and takes her pillow and blanket and heads outwards.

Kunal: Where are you going to?

Mauli: I don’t trust you anymore.

Kunal smiles.

Mauli tries opening the door of the room but finds it looked.

Kunal: What happened? Is the door locked?

Mauli:Kunal …. What childishness is this?

Kunal: Then what are you doing? Aren’t you locking your love for me just like I locked the door?

Mauli doesnt respond.

Kunal: Mauli life is short . No one knows what would happen the next moment. Lets live it . Please forgive me. Still if you don’t want to….wait

He opens the door and gives the key to Mauli.

Mauli takes the key and walks towards the door.

Kunal gets upset.

Mauli closes the door and throws the key away surprising kunal.

Kunal: mauli….

Mauli grabs kunal’s collar and pulls him towards her.

Mauli: What do you think? only you can do this… I can also do it.

Kunal smiles.

Mauli hugs kunal saying I love you.

Kunal: I love you too.

Kunal lifts her face a little and kiss her on her lips.

After, they consummate their marriage.


Next morning ,

Kunal and Mauli is seen sleeping

Kunal: I am sorry mauli.

Mauli: For what?

Kunal: for everything.

Mauli: areey, leave everything. We will begin a new life from today.

Kunal nods.

Mauli realizes the time.

Mauli:Oh its too late. Get up kunal.

Kunal: Why are you in so hurry?

Mauli: Dont you have office today? And I have to go to hospital .

Kunal: Naah.

Mauli: what naah?

Kunal lays over mauli .

Kunal: You are not going to hospital and I am not going to hospital.

Mauli: Kunal…

Kunal: Shhhhh… no objections. Mamma would come in the evening.Till then we will enjoy.

Mauli: Whats you plan?

Kunal: How about a shopping?

Mauli is surprised

Mauli: Really?

Kunal nods.

Mauli excitedly kisses on kunals cheek .

Kunal : Aww…

Mauli: Let me get ready then.

Kunal: All alone.?

Mauli: Then you will help me to get ready?

Kunal: Thanks for the permission.

Kunal walks towards mauli.

Mauli: I didnt mean that…. what are you upto?

Kunal: shhhh…

They both get into the washroom and closes the door.

In the Mall,

kunal: Buy whatever you want .Its my treat.

Mauli: I need to eat something first.

Kunal: I didnt know you are foody.

Mauli: I love food…

Kunal and mauli head towards the food court.

Mauli stops seeing someone(Abhishek) in the food court.

Mauli steps back

Kunal: What happened?

Just then few comes near mauli.

Mauli is surprised to see them.

They hug her.

One of them: I knew you would come.

Mauli: for what?

Another one: For the reunion. We planned a small party over her. Everone is here. We called you literally infinity times . But you didnt attend  the call. Then we messaged you.

Mauli: Reunion…. I didn’t knew it.

One of them: Now you know , join us. By the way who is he?

Mauli: He is kunal , my husband and I am not coming sorry.

Kunal: Why ? Lets join them mauli. I am okay with it.

Mauli gets worried.

They take mauli towards everyone.

All are happy seeing mauli except one(Abhishek).

Mauli( slowly) : Kunal, we will leave.

Kunal: You are seeing them after a while. Enjoy with them for a while.

Mauli nods.

Kunal joins the boys section and mauli the girls.

One of them: Its bad that you didnt invite us for your wedding.

Mauli: everything happened all of a sudden. Couldnt get time.

Mauli notices Abhishek staring at her.

Mauli excuses herself and goes to the washroom.

Abhishek follows her.

Kunal notices this .

Abhishek holds Mauli’s hand.

Mauli: Leave me.

Abhishek: I want to apologize.

Mauli: I dont wanna hear anything. Just leave me.

Abhishek: It has been 6 years mauli. You are still holding  grudge with me?

Mauli makes him leave her hand and walks forward but he tries to get hold of her again. This time kunal holds his hand.

Kunal: She asked you to not to touch her . Didnt she?

Mauli: kunal…..

Abhishek: Dont interrupt in our matter. We will deal it.

Kunal gets angry.

Mauli: Who the hell are you to ask him to not to interrupt? And there’s nothing to deal with. After what you have done you dont even deserve anything. Get lost…..Kunal we will leave.

Kunal nods.

They leave

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