Next day,
Kunal wakes up and finds mauli still sleeping.
Kunal looks at her and thinks: she is really different.
He then looks at Nandini and reminisces his words that he will not love anyone else other than nandini.
He thinks whenever I try to get away from her I am getting more closer.
Kunal gets ready and goes downstairs.
Kunal: Mamma , breakfast.
Radhika: Wait a sec. Where is Mauli?..
Kunal: Mauli will come in a while.
Just then Mauli comes running.
Mauli : Kunal… mamma pappa… Accident… hospital.
Kunal: what happened?
Mauli cries.
Radhika: mauli dear, why are you crying ?
Mauli : Mamma and pappa met with an accident. They are in the hospital. ….
Kunal: Calm down… we will go right now.
Radhika: I will also come with you.
Kunal: No mamma. You be here. We will go. Come , mauli.
Radhika: Dont forget to call me then.
Radhika thinks hope nothing is serious.
Mauli and kunal rushes to the hospital.
Mauli ask the receptionist about her parents.
She rushes to the ICU .
Kunal follows her but slows down thinking about his past
FB: kunal is seen asking the receptionist about nandini .
Receptionist: She is in the ICU.
Kunal rushes towards the ICU.
He sees the doctor coming out
Kunal: Doctor , doctor …nandini. How is nandini? She is fine right?
Doctor: you are?
Kunal: I am her husband. She is fine or not?
Doctor: I am sorry . We lost her.
Kunal is shocked.
He breaks down.
FB ends.
Kunal follows mauli and reaches the ICU.
Mauli: God, please save my mamma and pappa.
Kunal: Dont worry, nothing would happen to them.
Nurse: Dr. Mauli  , Dr . Mehra wants to meet you.
Mauli: why?
Nurse: He is the one attending your parents case. He is in his cabin. meet him .
Mauli : Okay. Let me go meet him Kunal.
Kunal nods.
Dr . Mehra: Mauli….
Mauli: How are my parents? They are fine right?
Mehra: They are really critical. Your father has got internal bleeding and your mother is not responding to any medicines.
Mauli is shocked.
Mehra: We will try our best. I need you to sign these documents. We are getting ready for their surgery.
Mauli cries.
Mauli signs the documents and comes out.
She breaks down . Kunal holds her.
Kunal: What happened?  What did the doctor say?
Mauli tells him what the doctor said.
Kunal: Mauli, dont lose your courage. I am with you.  Nothing would happen to them.
Mauli hugs kunal and cry.
Kunal tries consoling her.
After few hours,
Doctor comes out…
Mauli: How are they now? The surgery is done na.
Doctor: We lost your father .
Mauli: pappa…. no.. he cannot leave me alone..
Mauli cries.
Mauli: and mamma. What about mamma?
Doctor: The surgery is successful but no response to medications . We are trying our best.
Mauli breaks down again.
Doctor: You are kunal right?can you come with me for a sec?
Doctor: Her mother is a cancer patient and there can be complications due to this. We have no possibility of rescuing her. We will hope for some miracle to happen. Please take care of her.
Kunal nods.
Next day,
Mauli is sitting infront of the ICU
Kunal brings coffee for her.
She seems lost
Kunal: Mauli . Drink this coffee. You havent had anything yet.
Mauli: I dont want anything Kunal.
Kunal: Just a sip.
Mauli nods no.
She cries thinking about her parents.
Kunal hugs her.
Mauli: You would have felt the same when nandini left you right?
Kunal: I felt as if my world was crashing down. I loved her a lot. We used to be very happy. We were like those perfect couples. Everything just happened with in a second. I lost her .
Kunal and mauli cries remembering their lose.
Just then they see few rushing to the ICU.
They ask one of the nurse what happened .
Nurse: She has got a cardiac arrest.
Mauli is in shock.
Just then
Doctor:  I am really sorry Mauli. We couldnt rescue even her.
Mauli breaks down completely.
Kunal supports her.
Kunal completes all the formalities
After all the ceremonies,
Kunal and radhika brings Mauli home.
She seems really lost.
Radhika: Kunal , take her to the room.
Kunal nods.
Kunal takes mauli to the room.
Mauli: I need to freshen up.
Kunal nods.
Mauli goes to the washroom.
After an hour,
Kunal: Mauli has not come out yet.
Kunal goes near the washroom
Kunal: Mauli … mauli
Mauli does not respond.
Kunal gets worried.
Kunal: Mauli are you fine ?
Kunal decides to open the door and he tries doing it. He gets shocked to find Mauli standing under the shower in all her clothes and crying. She is shivering .
Kunal: Mauli , what are you doing?
Mauli cries
Kunal closes the shower and brings Mauli back to sense.
Kunal: You are cold as an ice.
Mauli: I lost everything kunal. I lost my world – my parents. Who am I living for then? I did everything for their happiness but they left me all alone.
Kunal: Stop talking rubbish. Go change your dress first.
Mauli: I need them back kunal. I need them. I dont want to live in a world without them.
mauli cries
Kunal : Stop prattling . Go change your dress.
Mauli goes and change her dress. Mauli still seems lost.
Kunal: Mauli , yar. They are gone. You cannot bring them back. Past is done.Move on yar
Mauli: Really?…. After nandini’s death when your mother asked you to move on. Did you? No you didnt. Its easy to say but not to be done.
Kunal looks down.
Then he looks at Nandini’s photo..
Mauli sits in the couch.
Kunal: You are right. Its easy to say but not to be done. But now you have to eat something and take some rest.
Mauli : I am not hungry.
Kunal: No way I am gonna leave you. You are gonna eat something.
I will bring the food.
Kunal brings the food.
Mauli: I dont need anything kunal.
Kunal: Keep quiet and have this.
He feeds her.
Mauli cries.
Kunal: Mauli, you know what. When our loved ones leave us.. we will feel so lonely . We would feel we lost everything…. it would take time to get adapted to it. Now, just sleep.
Mauli nods.
Mauli: Thanks for supporting all the while.
Kunal: Thanks ? That too between us… not required.
Mauli smiles.
Mauli thinks am I falling for him?
  1. Jasminerahul

    oh so kunal is getting attracted to mauli?.shocking that mauli’s parents met with accident.the fb of kunal losing nandini was painful.can’t believe that mauli lost her’s too mauli saud its not easy to move on.kunal making her eat n telling her not to thank him was mauli is falling for kunal


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