Kunal: Why are you calling her mamma?
Mauli: Actually, Mamma told me to call her so.
Kunal: Why? Why would she say so?
Mauli: You can ask her . But I suggest you to sleep now.
Kunal nods .
Mauli sits in the couch.
She thinks I wish if I could tell you about our baby kunal. I wish you were there with me .
Mauli wipes the tears flowing from her eyes and she thinks she cannot be weak .
Mauli sleeps.

Next day,
Mauli and Radhika takes care of kunal in the hospital.
Kunal: When are we going back home mamma?
Radhika: You ask Mauli.
Kunal looks at Mauli.
Mauli: In a few days..
Kunal: I am fed up of this.
Just then a nurse comes and calls mauli for an emergency.
Mauli : Excuse me..
Mauli leaves.
Radhika: Kunal..You had a complicated surgery. I suggest we should have someone experienced near by.
Kunal: Mamma, Tell what you want directly.
Radhika: I suggest Mauli to stay in our home and take care of you.
Kunal: But why? and would she agree to us?
Radhika: Kunal, she agreed to it.
Kunal: Why did she agree to this? and another thing why is she calling you mamma?
Radhika: She is surekha aunt’s daughter so why would she reject us.
Kunal: Whatever, I just wanna go home.

After a few days,
Mauli and Radhika brings Kunal home.
Mauli brings kunal to his room.
Kunal: Thank you.
Mauli nods and leaves.
Kunal thinks this girl is indeed weird.

Mauli comes downstairs.
Radhika: Mauli, You should take care of yourself too and not just kunal.
Mauli: Yes mamma. Mauli smiles.
Radhika: Now go get freshen up.
Mauli nods and leave .

Mauli goes to kunal’s room with dinner.
She finds him looking at Nandini’s photo.
Mauli : Can I come in ?
Kunal: Why are you so asking jaana?
Mauli is surprised.
Mauli: Jaana?
Even Kunal is shocked upon Calling Mauli jaana.
Kunal: I am sorry, It just came into my mouth.
Mauli: Its okay.
Mauli thinks he called me jaana. She smiles.
Kunal thinks whom did I use to call jaana.
Mauli: Whom did you use to call jaana?
Kunal(lies) : Ofcourse , my wife Nandini.
Mauli thinks liar..
Mauli: I am your Doctor Mr. kunal Malhotra. Think that before you lie.
Kunal: Okay fine… I dont remember.. I dont think I used to call Nandini jaana.But how did you know that I was lying?
Mauli: I just knew it.
Kunal: Thats strange Dr. Mauli.
Mauli: I am indeed strange Mr.kunal.
Mauli keeps the food tray on the bed.
Mauli: I hope you will eat it yourself.
Kunal notices mangalsutra and sindhoor on mauli.
Kunal: I will do that. But I want to know something.
Mauli: What?
Kunal: You are wearing a mangalsutra and also sindhoor. That means you are married.Where does your husband live?
Mauli: Would that matter?
Kunal: No offense.
Mauli leaves.
kunal eats the food.
Mauli looks kunal through the window and leaves.
Kunal : Whom did I use to jaana if its not Nandini. I can never imagine a another girl other than Mauli…
kunal realizes what he just said…Why am I bringing that doctor in middle of everything?
Kunal thinks I feel there is something fishy with this doctor.

Next day,
Kunal : Mamma.. Mammma….
Radhika and Mauli runs to his room.
Radhika: What happened kunal?
Kunal: My head is hurting as if it is about to explode.
(says holding his head)
Mauli: Wait a sec.
She takes some medicines and asks kunal to have it. Kunal has it and feels better.
Mauli: You are feeling better now?
Kunal nods.
Mauli: Mamma,I will be here. Its better.
Radhika nods and leaves.
Mauli sits in the couch thinking about their old times.
Kunal thinks why am I feeling attached to her.

  1. Jasminerahul

    loved kunal calling mauli jaana unknowingly.but it was horrible that he lied to mauli that he used to call nandini like that.liked mauli telling him openly that its a lie. happy that radhika somehow managed the situation n brought mauli home.kunal thinling unknowingly that he cant think of any girl other than mauli waa lovely.loved kunal thinking why he is attached to mauli.

  2. Mohita

    Liked Kunal calling Mauli as Janna. And Mauli openly telling him that he is lying about him calling Nandini…Maunal should unite soon…. please update ASAP

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