Kunal opens his eyes completely.
Kunal: Nandini…
Mauli is shocked .
Mauli steps back .
Radhika is also shocked and she tries to correct him but Mauli stops her.
Mauli runs out.
Radhika goes out with Mauli
Radhika: Mauli…
Mauli cries.
Radhika: Mauli dear, say something.
Mauli : Mamma , he has got some memory loss… I dont think he remembers me mamma.
Radhika is shocked.
Radhika: mauli, we will remind him everything. I will say him everything.He will be okay.
Mauli cries.

Radhika tries to console her.

Nurse calls them in.
They goes in.
Kunal: Mamma,What am I doing here?I cannot remember anything..
Rajveer comes in and says : You had a blood clot in your brain and now you are all good Mr. Kunal .
Kunal: Why can’t I remember all those?
Mauli stands numb
Rajveer: You cant remember ?.. ( He looks at Mauli)… What is the last thing you remember?
Kunal: …… it has been 2 years since Nandini left me… was her death anniversary.. I can’t remember anything after that.
Rajveer (pointing at Mauli): Dont you know who she is?
Kunal looks at Mauli . He feels something.
Kunal: No, who is she?
Tears flow from Mauli’s eye.
Rajveer: okay, You know her?(Pointing at Radhika)
Kunal: Ofcourse, she is my mamma.
Rajveer: Okay, take some rest now. Mauli can you come aside for a second?
Mauli nods.

Outside the room,
Rajveer: Partial memory loss…
Mauli: Side effect of the surgery…I dont think he has some other side effects.
Rajveer: Even I noticed that..But what about this? He doesn’t remember you.
Mauli: Hmm….
Just then Radhika comes to them,
Radhika: We have to tell him about you Mauli.
Mauli: No mamma, He is still in that trauma of his life. He will just get more stressed and he is not gonna believe it.
Rajveer: Exactly mam, and he shouldn’t get stressed at this point of time. He can get his memories back gradually or we can make him understand the things gradually…
Radhika: But Mauli….
Mauli: Mamma , this is it. We will tell kunal everything but not now. He could also get his memories back
Radhika: But he is already firing a lot of questions… How are we gonna handle it?
Mauli: I will handle it Mamma.

They go to kunal’s room,
Kunal: Mamma.. tell me everything…and who is she(Mauli)?
Mauli thinks I will have to begin from the beginning.
Mauli: I am Dr. Mauli Khanna, neurosurgeon and owner of this hospital .
Radhika looks at Mauli.
Mauli nods at her.
Mauli: You are suffering from a partial memory loss as a side effect of the surgery.
Kunal: Memory loss?
Mauli: Yes … Today is 27th of March 2020.
Kunal: 27th December 2020?
Mauli nods.
Mauli: Dont worry, you will get memories back gradually
Kunal: I dont want it back.
Mauli and Radhika is shocked
Radhika: Why are you saying so kunal?
Kunal: All I want is those memories of Nandini and mine and you mamma.. I have those… I don’t care about the rest.
Mauli cries without kunal noticing it.
Radhika: But you should know what all happened ….
Kunal: What would have happen mamma? Just living with those memories of Nandini.. what else?
Mauli rushes out crying.
Radhika: Mauli…
Kunal: What’s wrong with her? She has been reacting weird….
Radhika nods.
Radhika: I will be just back and you take rest.

Mauli cries sitting in a chair.
Radhika: Mauli….
Mauli hugs Radhika
Mauli: I cant have this anymore mamma… Kunal doesn’t even want to remember anything. What am I living for mamma?
Radhika: Mauli, please dont cry dear… Kunal doesnt remember anything….
Mauli cries hard…
Radhika: Mauli dont cry, its not good for you in this condition…. Control yourself..
Mauli wipes her tears
Mauli : Mamma, I will have to go home now.
Radhika: Why Mauli?
Mauli: Kunal will now just begin to demand us to go home.. I will have to move everything in our room …
Radhika nods.
Radhika: Take care of yourself.
Mauli nods

Mauli leaves.

In mansion,
Mauli moves her belongings in their room.
and she keeps Nandini’s photo back in Kunal’s room.

Mauli leaves back to the hospital.

In kunal’s room(hospital):

Mauli finds Kunal sleeping in the bed and Radhika in the couch.
Mauli(slowly): Mamma, You leave home. I will stay here.
Radhika: Mauli, Why did you come back? You could have stayed there.
Mauli: Mamma, Now I am here.You leave home.
Radhika: But..
Mauli: No ,its and buts… Go home and take rest.
Radhika leaves.

Mauli looks at kunal and goes towards him
Mauli: I really miss you kunal..
She goes to the couch and sleeps there since she is tired.

Kunal wakes up in the middle of the night….
Kunal turns to a side and sees Mauli.
Kunal thinks why do I feel something when I look at her?
Kunal still looks at Mauli.
Mauli wakes up too and finds Kunal looking at her.
Mauli: Are you fine? Any problem?
Kunal: Not actually.. But why are you here?
Mauli: Oh.. Mamma was really tired so asked her to go home.
Kunal nods but something strikes him.
Kunal: Why are you calling her mamma

  1. Jasminerahul

    sad that kunal forgot mauli.sad that kunal thinks that he was living with nandini’s memories.kunal feeling something seeing mauli was nice.good that he asked her why she is calling radhika mumma

  2. Mohita

    Kunal’s memory loss was sad and he don’t wanting his memory back was even more painful!! Mauli is acting really understanding person!! Update it ASAP!! Kunal feeling for Mauli and asking why does she call Radhika as Mumma was good and like a ray of hope that Kunal will get back his memory!!! Once again please update it ASAP!!

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