Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Moving Forward or Degrading?)-Analysis

Hi guys.

Most of you don’t know me and this my first time posting but I felt like I added to throw in my two cents. Also disclaimer, I do not intend to offend anyone, I am solely disclosing my own personal views based off my own personal experience and what I gathered from the show.

Let me start out by saying that I am a criminal justice major, residing in the United States but my parents are from Bangladesh and India. With that being said I’ve grown up around Bollywood and tv shows. I will also be truthfully honest, I have not watched Yeh Rishta all the way from the beginning. However, I have been watching the show on and off and I find myself nonplussed by the fact the show is really (like really going downhill). I will be blunt, that as a CJ major and someone who is around all types of crimes including violence against women I find this show producing the wrong messages to the youth and the rest of the audience.

I would like to discuss the current plot line, which has shocked me in more ways than one. I’m not saying Yeh Rishta is the only show that has promoted this ideal but the fact that it is still continuing to promote this ideal is abhorrent to me. We are in the 21st century, yet our days of promoting that women should be comfortable living with their abuser is far from right. Granted, right now there’s no solid sign of the show pointing that way, but regardless it’s common sense to assume that either Lav or Kush will be marrying Trisha to make up for their perversion and criminality. This just sends the wrong message, are our girls being conditioned in a way that God forbid, something like that happened, they will find themselves in the same situation.

Trisha is a fictional character, but her situation is not. And contrary to public opinion, television is a social conduit for our behavior. What we see on TV, we sometimes subconsciously mimic. For example, ads promote us to buy things and mimic behavior associated with these ads.  ONCE AGAIN, this not meant to be an attack on anyone, whether you support or don’t support the show. All I am saying, is that especially for the younger generations such plot lines should be thought over more carefully before they are introduced to the public.

Moving on to my next point, I have some criticism for Shivangi Joshi and Mohsin Khan, as the leads of this show I feel they have the caliber to contribute to their input. Granted, the fact that they will actually change the show is something I can’t talk about, but as young youth they have some responsibility to the public on their portrayals. I will keep elaboration on this topic short due to the fact I do not know a whole lot about the entertainment industry but I am disappointed that they continue to portray a role that is actually regressive but tries to be progressive.

All in all, I do think Yeh Rishta despite putting on an act, is moving back instead of moving forwards. And I personally believe it’s time to call the curtains on this show and instill some fresh light and views. Once again, if anyone takes issues with my points I apologize, and if anyone wants do discuss, I am open to doing that too!

Best wishes to you all!

  1. Tausaya sharma

    Okay , but what about fifty shades of grey? Quran which says its sometimes okay beat your wife if she is not obeying. Even vedas to some extent. Its a never ending issue. For a rich family ,its ok but what about those girls living in villages? Try living in a narrow minded society and feel .to what extent they have to compromise for being a girl.

    1. Can you please not bring Islam or Quran here? No offence but you don’t know anything about the mentioned topic in your comment and the situations in which it is allowed to, but yet you are bringing religious topics here just to spark debates. Please reserve yourself on commenting on such religious topics, when you know nothing about situations or terms it applies too.

  2. About the Author’s points, everything you said is valid and people needs to realise, this topic is serious and more than about a TV serial or Characters and the way they are portraying it needs to stop. Trisha, even though a fictional character is still the fact to daily reality if abuse that woman faces and Trush isn’t a piece of shit that one of her criminal will marry her and everything becomes okay. No it doesn’t and now ITV needs to stop romanticizing woman abuse, that a Male Lead (ML) can go beyond limits first but then starts loving the Female Lead (FL) and respecting her and FL to falls for ML ? Like WTF? ITV needs to set an example by showing such characters being punished, even though in the story cause one accepts or not but youth do get inspired from such scenarios, itself.
    About Shivangi and Mohsin, they are youth icons and loved by so many, they can truly become the voice of oppressed. They need to stand up against this shit.

  3. MaddieDaddie9966

    If the show is planning to portray Trisha to marry either Luv or Kush, then it will only show that this serial has turned to an absolute rubbish. Just imagine yourself marrying the one who molested you and living with him for the whole life?? It would be much worse than hell. And if the makers are trying to glorify this act by showing that Trisha will find true love in one of the molesters whom she marries, then I would only say that this serial is worse than garbage shit.
    Isn’t it ridiculous that a girl marries her molester and then later the molester falls in love with her and the same happens with the girl too?? Maybe it can happen in reel life, but that’s not something that would happen in real life. Instead of showing the criminals getting punished, the makers are concerned with showing the TRUE LOVE between a molester and the victim. C’mon, the so called ‘TRUE LOVE’ is least applicable in today’s scenario. In today’s world, especially in INDIA, if a girl rejects a love proposal, the boy responds by burning her in fire or through an acid attack. Yeah, that is called ‘TRUE LOVE IN INDIA’. If that’s the case, then imagine, what would happen when a molester and the victim marries…..Can there be any guarantee that the same person who molested the victim would fall in love with he victim?? I don’t think so..I believe that the molester, even after marriage, would only look at the victim, his wife, through cruel, lustful eyes…There would be no doubt that the girl would live her life as in hell…
    The above statements are on the basis of what happens in real life. Television serials and cinema is one of the major ways through which a youngster’s life can get affected to the maximum. By showcasing True Love between a criminal and the victim, the serial must never deliver a wrong message to the society and today’s youngsters by justifying that it is absolutely OKAY for a girl to marry the one who molested her. Instead, they must present the real scenario on the television screens and prove that such criminals who disrespect and harass women would definitely get punished.
    Makers, please do not mix ROMANCE and CRIME together. It doesn’t make sense in any way. Romance and Crime belong to entirely different genres and these two topics must be dealt differently in different ways.
    As for Shivangi and Mohsin, its time for them to leave this piece of crap and take up other projects.
    Kudos to the author for bringing up a discussion on this topic. It was very much needed and you have written your article very well, with valid points.
    Harassment against women is not what you see on screens, it is much more than what we can see…

  4. First read quran bring one line saying beat your wife or marry your daughter the one who molested her stop saying negative against quran ok

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