Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Goenkas enjoy festive celebrations

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Kartik and Naira to give the baby to them. Kartik says everyone will see baby from far. Suwarna says she looks lovely. Dadi asks for kajal box to apply tika to baby. Suwarna gives the box. Dadi applies the kajal dot. Naira says don’t apply on her face. Kartik says you can ward off bad sight. Dadi says you started talking a lot when you become a father, I took this kajal for you both. Kartik says you can apply it to us. Dadi applies to them. Krish says don’t click pic with the tika, it looks weird. Krishna says no one applied black dot to me till now. Krish says weirdo….

Dadi says we will start rasam now. Naira yawns. Suwarna says you both look tired. Gayu says I couldn’t set up Vatsal’s routine till now. Dadi asks who will feed the honey to baby. Everyone wants their chance first. Kartik says lets do one thing, I m baby’s Papa, its my right. Naira says excuse me, I m the mum, its my right. They argue. Devyaani stops them and says we can’t decide this way, baby is sleeping now. Kartik says yes, she looks lovely. Devyaani says we will call her baby, if she smiles hearing the person, that person will do the rasam. Everyone calls out baby. They all try. Baby is still sleeping. Baby wakes up by toy sound. Kartik sees Manish playing with the toy. Dadi says Manish and baby have a special bond. Suwarna says its good. Kartik asks Manish to come for rasam. Manish says baby isn’t my friend. Kartik says you have to feed her the honey, come. Manish takes the honey. He drops the spoon. Kartik guides him. He makes Manish do the rasam. Everyone gets emotional. Kartik hugs Manish. Yeh rishta….plays….

Naira asks what are you doing Kartik. He says sorry, your sleep got disturbed. He shows her the long time table charts. He says everything is sorted. She says we have got a baby, not a pet, baby doesn’t follow our time, I know, I raised a child before, sorry. He says I understand, I lost the moments at Kairav’s time, its fine, I just want to try. He shows the baby’s pics. He asks do you like it. She opens arms for him. He hugs her. She says your daughter is very lucky, you are world’s best dad, next pic will be of Nahavan. He says yes.

Bhabhimaa and everyone get ready for Nahavan. Kirti says Naira’s baby has come, we will tell everything to family. Naksh says fine, tell them when you want, don’t let Naira get upset. They argue. They see Krish. Naksh asks Krish to come. Kartik gets ready. He sees Naira and smiles. He does haaye…. Naira says baby, Papa complimented you. He does haaye again. He says first haaye was for you, none can take your place in my life. She says I will also try to do the same. Krishna gets Manish there.

Kartik says its baby’s Nahavan puja, you have to sit near the swing, okay. Naira says I think dad doesn’t feel comfortable. Kartik says we will take the baby with us. Krishna says we both will sit here. Dadi asks everyone do arrangements first. Kirti and family comes. Dadi hugs Kirti. She asks where are Kartik and Naira. They come. Dadi says they look lovely. Dadi asks Kirti to give good news of another child soon. Kirti asks where is Manish. Suwarna says he has to sit near the cradle. Kartik says he isn’t alone, Krishna is with him. Bhabhimaa asks who will do this rasam, Kairav isn’t here. Naira says yes, I also thought of it.

Devyaani says its fine, Krishna will do it. Dadi says we will repeat all rituals when Kairav comes back. Pandit comes. The puja begins. Naksh shows a toy to Naira. She says I remember it. Naksh says its of dad’s childhood, mum kept it for our children, Krish used to play with it, now its your daughter’s turn, this has mum and dad’s love and blessing. Everyone gives them gifts. Manish and Krishna are in the room. Manish shouts for Kartik. Krishna says he is coming, come, play with me. He says I want to meet Kartik. She gets an idea. Naira gets the mehendi applied on her hands. She shows the mehendi. Kartik smiles.

Manish takes the baby. Everyone gets worried. Manish falls down.

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