Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi reveals the truth

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suwarna saying I will ask that lady. Manish takes her. Naira sees Kartik and Ashi. Suwarna smiles and says they look good together. Kartik laughs and sees Naira. Suwarna says I wish Dadi could see his face glow, how to explain her that Kartik’s happiness is with Ashi, she shouldn’t do anything that ruins his happiness. Naira thinks he never smiles seeing me. He thinks she never smiles seeing me. She says I will manage my work and goes. Naksh makes something for Kirti and asks her to go out, he is incharge. Kirti says I came to check your work. He says go, fairies don’t work, they just romance. She asks fairy and catering guy’s romance, if anyone sees us. He says let them see. She kisses on his cheeks. Lav and Kush see them and ask them to be in their room. They go. Naksh says I used to be the same and trouble mum and dad. Kirti says your kids will do the same, lets go out. Suwarna says she was here, where did she go. She looks for the lady.

Rukmani says I m the fairy queen, I will start the sangeet, I will start the sangeet, it should begin with dance and music. Everyone claps. Suwarna sees Dadi with the lady. Kirti says you said right, give me mic, I want to say something. Dadi comes to Mansi and Anmol. Kirti says sangeet theme is fairy tale. Naksh says its about love. Kirti says it means love, annoyance, making up… Kartik thinks of Naira. Kirti says we will have songs to celebrate love by different emotions.

Naksh asks Anmol and Mansi to come on stage. Naksh signs Anmol and Kirti. He goes. He switches off something. Naira and Kartik see the sparks in the switch box and run to check. Naksh says then get ready, something cute is going to happen. Lights flicker. Kartik says the wire connection has sparking. Naira worries. Kartik says we shall move Mansi and Anmol from there, we can’t shot, we will go there. They go on stage and says machine wife has problem, there may be an accident, just go, don’t panic, we will manage here. Kirti and Naksh go to check the wires. Manish says what’s happening. Kartik and Naira get inside the rotating glass ball machine. Lights come. Everyone smiles and claps. Kartik signs Naksh to stop the machine. Naksh signs can’t help. Dadi signs Suwarna to see.

Mansi says you got trapped there, dance a little. Kirti says yes, come on. Everyone insists. Kartik asks what shall we do. Naira says don’t know. He says we have to do something for Mansi and Anmol. They hold hands and dance on baahon ke darmiyaan….they imagine their romance. Everyone claps. Dadi happily cries. Suwarna thinks Dadi has done this too. Naira goes away and cries. Dadi gets juice for her and asks are you fine. Naira says yes. Dadi asks her to go and take some rest. Naira says it wasn’t tiring dance. Dadi says yes, you should take care of your health, its not good to get tired. Ashi says there is a special performance now. She calls Kartik on stage. They dance on Gore gore mukhde…… everyone joins them. Naira sees Kartik and Ashi dancing.

Dadi comes to Naira Suwarna gets in between. Dadi goes. Suwarna asks Dadi who is that lady, what are you talking to her. Dadi says you can’t handle it. Suwarna says you have to tell me, else I will tell everyone that you are hiding something. Dadi says I m not scared of your threatening, you will be shocked knowing this, that lady Saroj is a doctor, ask me what’s the matter. Suwarna asks what is it. Dadi says Naira is pregnant. Suwarna gets shocked. She says this can’t be true, you are lying. Dadi says why will I lie. Suwarna says no, I don’t believe this. Dadi says truth is truth, what objection can anyone have, they both are husband and wife, its good if you accept the truth silently, and don’t create any issue here. Suwarna goes to Naira. Dadi takes her away.

Kirti says you all should focus on this fairy’s dance. Naira dances on Nainon wali… Kartik goes to hold her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I’m fed up of this separation track.. it’s heing dragged for too long.

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