Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira punish the kids

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying everyone will get punished. Krishna asks why, its just my mistake. Naira says shut up. Kartik says I thought you will learn from each other and have bonding, but if this is the result, then don’t be together, you won’t talk to each other and also Krishna. Naira says we won’t talk to four of you. Kartik says you won’t share anything now. Naira says I should not see anyone of you near Akshu. Kartik asks Manish and Suwarna to support them, don’t talk to any kids. Naira asks Gayu to say if she wants. Gayu says it should be same with everyone. Kirti nods. Kartik says fine, you will get everything you want, but no one will talk to you. Naira says I thought you will learn from Ram leela, but you didn’t. Kartik says Kairav didn’t learn anything, but got the award. Naira asks them to get the awards back. The kids get the awards. Kartik asks them to leave.

Kartik and Naira cry and think of the kids. He asks did you see the wound on Kairav’s hand, I was too hurt. Naira says yes, I wanted to caress him, but we punished him. He says when I shouted on him, I cursed myself. She says Suwarna said Kairav and Krishna didn’t eat food. He says our family couldn’t accept Krishna. Krishna prays that Kartik and Naira’s anger ends soon. Vansh says Krishna is so bad, she let baby go in truck. Kairav says I m more bad, it was my plan, I had hurt my sister and parents, I m world’s worst brother. Naira says I feel our family tree is breaking. Kartik says no, we won’t let it break, we will work hard, we are parents. She says its tough to be parents. He asks was Manish right, did we hurry in adopting Krishna. Naira says we had to sign the papers and stop her, we would have lost her. He says yes, we will end the differences between the kids and make their bond strong, its a promise. Kairav sleeps. He recalls Akshu and wakes up. He shouts and runs to see baby. He falls down. Kartik and Naira see him and stop. Kairav asks is Akshu fine, where is she. He says I had a dream, let me see her once. She says no, you can’t meet her, she is fine, go and have food. Kairav goes. Yeh rishta…plays… Kartik says I think we should forgive them. Naira says not now, we have to explain them, we have to be strict, they are our weakness, we can’t let them get harmed, we will do what we planned, be strong, like me. He says I just hope that our plan works.

Dadi says Krishna is the root of all problems, I can’t tolerate her, ask Kartik and Naira to send her. Manish says our kids are at fault this time. Akhilesh says he is right. Dadi says don’t take her side, Kartik and Naira adopted her, so the fights are happening. The kids see Raavan idol and run to see. Kartik and Naira stop them from touching it. They ask can we just decorate it, paint it, make the crowns. Kartik says no. Naira says you can do it next year, you all won’t celebrate Dussehra this time. Krish says we said sorry. Kartik says we should know that you mean to say sorry. Naira says we burn Raavan idol every year, you know why. Kartik says it means to burn the evil in us, lie, greed, jealousy, hatred, if we don’t kill the evil, the evil kills the goodness in us. Naira says we have to think to end the evil. Kartik says tell us what you will do to make us believe you.

Krish says we are missing the Raavan burning. Vansh says I miss sweets. Kairav says our parents are so good, they are angry, but gave us everything. They get sad. Kairav says I feel like crying, Kartik and Naira asked us to stay as friends, I didn’t listen to them. Everyone comes for Raavan dahan. Suwarna handles baby. Kartik asks Naira to leave the work, her focus is on baby. She says yours too, we will end work together. Kids sit in the window and look on.

Naksh says Krish isn’t here. Kirti says you think Kartik and Naira did wrong. Naksh says no, they did right. Kartik says we won’t call them, our happiness is burning. Naira says I hope they understand us, they are kids, they should have not hatred for each other, everyone is equal in family. He says right. Krish says I feel very bad. Kairav says yes, I feel bad that I had hurt my parents. Vansh says I also feel bad, my dad will be angry, bro code is we will be together. Kairav says sorry. Vansh asks can’t we undo this. Kairav says we can minimize it. They ask how. Akhilesh asks Kartik shall we start. He thinks they are waiting for the kids. Kairav and kids come there. Vansh says we didn’t come to burn raavan. Krish says we came to give this. They give the notes. Suwarna asks what’s written. Kairav says its list of our mistakes. Vansh says burn this with Raavan. Krish says we promised each other that we will not do this again. Kairav says sorry, I had hurt my sister a lot, I will tell her sorry when she grows up. Dadi cries. The kids give the chits and go.

Everyone burns the chits and Raavan. Naksh says don’t be late tomorrow, Kirti I want our divorce to happen soon. Kartik and Naira hear this and get shocked.

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  1. I just dadi and manish need a tight slap on thier faces. Own blood is true relationship n all, such a shame, and it’s so hurting to people commenting evry wer in insta and youTube n telling krishna should not be kaira.. Only bcz a road wali badi ladki should not kaira… Really?? Kids above 6 Or 7 should not be adopted only bcz they are road wala???.. And kairav should also be jealous of akshara bcz his parents have bought new siblings.. N history is witness that siblings are jealous . Here kairav is telling krishna is road wali n all.. Such a cheap minset the makers are setting on children.. In future no couple will adopt any needy bcz they vl fear abt their kid mental health… N last my point there was no necessary for one more baby for this couple. Bcz they r already parents to girl n boy.. UnNecessary akshara track and birth… N if people are telling own blood n all like dadi n manish.. N vansh should also kicked out from goenka. Bcz he is not thier blood.. Ab kaisa laga

    1. I totally agree with you.


    Your point doesnt make any sense at all because elders can understand all this not kids. You tell me kartik and naira how matured where they during their childhood. And regarding vansh hez the child who entered the family while he was a child only during birth . And nobody is telling krishna shouldn’t be kaira.

    1. U see on insta there are so many hate comments. N so cheap comments on krishna.. U go on fan pages of yrkkh Or shivangi Or mohsin fanpage or kaira fan page u will see hate towards kaira

  3. wow ok Ik wat the kids did was wrong and I’m not defending them but how is threatening them to send them to hostel and doing this supposed 2 help and it’s kinda ironic since didn’t Naira do similar things 2 Gayu cuz she was jealous of her. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be punished but they should try 2 understand where they’re coming from. Naira in particular is rly hard on them at least Kartik can understand. Dadi and Manish r ridiculous those 2 hate that poor girl too much…


    I am also saying the same naira has made many mistakes in life she made kairav away from family but when it’s about others she lectures too much what right does she have. Shez not at all understanding anyone just does whatever she feels is right that why I hate kaira. These husband are wife are so annoying god knows why people like them

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