Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira undergoes surgery

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik telling the men about Naira. Naksh and everyone see Kartik. Manish says sometimes strangers do what family can’t. Kartik says this operation is imp for us, if this operation gets successful, we will become parents. The old man asks him to say his love story. Kartik tells them and smiles. Mudit does Naira’s surgery. Kartik worries. Kaisa sulook…..plays….. Kartik says everything will be fine.

Suhana says what is Shubham upto, he is not even talking about marriage. Aryan comes. She asks is Naira’s surgery over. He says no, everyone is praying for her, she will stay in hospital for 2-3 days more. Suhana thinks this is a good opportunity. Mudit leaves from OT. Kartik runs to him. He asks is Naira fine. Mudit says yes, her BP was down once, we have performed operation well, but your wife… she kicked me and said my ears are like monkeys, that too in front of my team, you can laugh freely, once she regains consciousness, I will see her. Everyone laughs.

Kartik apologizes. Mudit asks can I punch you instead her. Kartik says fine. Mudit says relax, I was just joking. Everyone smiles. Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani why is she upset. Devyaani says no, I wanted to tell about Kirti, we should stop giving Kirti home remedies, its enough that she takes advice from her doctor, else she will be confused. Kirti smiles. Naitik says I can’t believe Naira had a surgery. Kartik says when will she get conscious. Naira opens eyes. Kartik asks how many fingers are there. Naira says I love you frog. They all smile. He asks are you fine, everything went on fine. She says I love you Kartik.

He sees Naitik and says I didn’t get scared. Naitik says yes. Manish says we will go home. Naksh asks Kartik to be with Naira. Kartik says I will call you if I need anything. Kirti gets chocolate tart, and says I made this as offering. Devyaani says surgery went on fine, result should be good. Kirti says it will be fine, I read about this and made prayer for Naira, what’s the harm to try it. She makes a knot in her pallu and prays.

Kartik greets Naira. He says surgery was successful, I m happy that you are fine. Naira sees the time and asks where is everyone. He says they went home, sorry. She says I was pretending strong, I was really very scared. He recalls her words. He says you didn’t do right by hiding this, sorry you have been bearing all the pain alone. She says pain doesn’t look pain when you are with me, when will reports come. He says in few days, don’t think much. Kartik and everyone get Naira home. Aryan says this house was much lonely without you. Suhana gets the cake.

Naira says Suhana. Suwarna says she was coming every day to take care of kids. Suhana says welcome home and hugs Naira. She thinks if you are smart, I m super smart. Surekha asks Kartik to say it now. Akhilesh says we all know it. Kartik asks Naira to see. She sees dance academy website and says I was thinking of it and you did it, thanks. Kartik says welcome, press and launch the website now. She launches the website. They all ask Naira to take rest. Aryan says yes, Suhana will stay here and handle things. Naira says no, you can go, your brother is calling you, he would get worried. Suhana says no. Dadi asks Suhana to go. Suhana thinks I will see Naira later. Kirti talks to Lav and Kush on video call. She asks for Dadi.

She stumbles on stairs. Dadi asks her to be careful. Kirti says I was coming from room. Dadi says I thought you will shift to ground floor, make me talk to Bhabhimaa. Bhabhimaa greets Dadi. Devyaani says walking is good, she may not feel comfortable in other room. Dadi says what if she slips, shift her room downstairs. Bhabhimaa says we will talk to Naksh. Devyaani says we will change if they both agree. Naira smiles seeing the website. Kartik jokes. She says you are so jealous. He says when we are together, your focus should be on us, else I will take you to hospital. She says this time we won’t come back empty handed from hospital. She says its our first like and jumps. He stops her and says I can do whatever I want. He lifts her in arms. They smile. She says I can swing, this is perfect.

Kartik says what if the result is not the one we are thinking then, sorry we will stay positive. They hear dhol playing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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