Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara saying she will meet principal and come. Sanju says is she teacher or any lecture shop, I think I can’t match with her. Naksh goes to Akshara and asks her why is she here. She says she is his new hindi teacher. He says you should have discussed with me before, how could you do this. She says I m sorry, I thought to surprise you, I think I gave you a shock. He says sorry, how did you get this idea, I think your husband has sent you here to know about me, and bribe Naira too to get my info. She says she has come for herself, she was at home as they needed her, she did not do any work, now they have grown up and Naitik is busy too, what will she do at home alone.

He says sorry. She asks him to think well about his dad, he loves and worries for him. He says he is happy that she is doing this for herself and requests her not to tell anyone she is his mum. She asks him to remember and goes. Naksh turns and sees Sanju. Sanju does not hear anything and hugs him in his lies. He says lets go and takes her. Naitik calls Akshara and asks did she reach in class and wishes her all the best. She takes a breath and goes to the class. Naksh is tensed. Sanju says he changed since new teacher came, tell me, else I will ask her. He says nothing.

Akshara comes to class and introduces her as Akshara, their new hindi teacher. Naksh talks to Sanju and sees messages. Akshara says she is glad that they came to learn hindi, she will try her best. Naksh disturbs the class and Akshara asks Sanju and Naksh to stand, this is last red slips. She reminds she is their teacher. Naksh says its our first mistake. Sanju asks can she understand the youngsters messages, she broke up and the guy is messaging her and irritating her. Sanju asks how can she be rude and Akshara smiles.

Akshara asks them to come showing their community slips tomorrow and sends them out. Sanju says I don’t like you and leaves. Naksh says sorry and leaves. Sanju gets angry and says she kicked me from hindi class, I love hindi, we have to kick her out from the college. Naksh says relax, I will explain her. Sanju says no, she is not understanding, I can’t let that jerk Vikram die. She asks him to help her. Naksh says its our fault too. Naksh says he will get the community slips. Sanju says she will teach her a lesson and warns him not to interfere.

He asks her not to overreact. Sanju asks why is this bothering him. He says nothing, leave it. She says fine, take me to some good place. They leave. Akshara comes to café and Naitik smiles. She sees a joint family and gets sad recalling their families. The staff congratulate her. She asks about Naitik and goes in cold storage. She sees a cake and beautiful decorations. Naitik hugs her and asks how was her first day. She says great, as I had my husband’s good wishes, she is feeling good seeing this and thanks him.

He gives her flowers and says its special day today. He gifts her and she asks whats in this. She sees a black dress and likes it. She asks why did he do all this. He asks how does she know he made it. She says he made it by love. He says thanks. She asks did he buy all things. He says yes, leave the worry and concentrate on romance. She asks where. He says see here, its everywhere. She asks about Naira. He says she went to her friend’s place. She says she fools you. He says its fine, I know my daughter, she is very responsible. She says I know you and your daughter. He says like I don’t know you and your son, how was his reaction. She says he was very happy.

He asks did he say his friends that you are his mum, I m sure he kept condition, tell me who know him better, you or me. They sit to have food and she talks about the joint family. He says he has seen them too. Naksh brings Sanju to a party pub and she likes it. He says he is very scared of his dad. Sanju says make me meet your parents. Naitik says I think about our family daily, we can’t control few things. She asks why, Dadda ji told me that I should not let family break, I promised him and could not keep it.

She hugs him and cries. They make each other have food and she says we have many memories here, and its 10 years ago and every memory is special. He says yes. Naksh sees a girl and goes to talk to her. Akshara wears the dress and shows Naitik. She asks about Naira. He says she will be coming now. She says she has much work at home. He says when she comes, we will go home. They get a courier and shows her a beautiful home. She likes it and says I knew Shergills want such home. He says its for us. She asks why. He says till when will we stay in rented house with false hope, we need a permanent home, life is ahead and I want to spend life happily. She says we are happy, if we move on more, we can’t go back, our permanent home is Singhania Sadan, Udaipur, we left home, not home, I have hope that we will go back Udaipur one day.

Akshara asks Naira about Naksh. Naira says he is on the way, buying gift for you. Naksh worries and says he has to go home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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