Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira brings Kartik home

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik asking Naira to answer. Naira messages Dadi, sorry I m at a friend’s place, I will come in the morning. Naira says if I take him home in this state, Dadi will worry. Dadi reads his message and thanks Lord that he is fine. Naira hugs Kartik. She makes him drink water and asks since when is he drinking. He asks why shall I tell you. Naitik says Naira is all alone, this is the first time I m leaving Naira alone in Mumbai. Devyaani says you said about someone who lives on the top floor. He asks who, Kittu or Vaidehi? She says no, right on the upper floor. He says Kartik and… Naksh asks why didn’t you say Kartik is there. Naitik says it doesn’t matter, they are in same college and same building, they aren’t talking, I tried to talk to Dadi, but its

no use. Devyaani says Dadi will ruin everything, don’t know what she gets by insulting everyone. Bau ji says poor children, they are together and still away.

Bhabhimaa says I heard about Kartik’s remarriage talks. Naitik asks who told you. Devyaani says its nothing like that, Bhabhimaa’s hearing aid was removed that time. Naira and Kartik come to the building. Kartik says our house changed a lot, when did dad install a lift, a lift for just one floor, weird. Watchman and a man look on. Kartik holds Naira and says its fun, we reached, there is our room. She says no and stops him. They go to upper floor. He pulls her cheek. He says why is this lift spinning, please hold my hand. She says nothing will happen, stay calm. He holds her close. He says what’s wrong in romancing, see Krishna ji, my wife is so unromantic. She looks at him.

Suwarna shouts on servants. Manish asks what’s wrong. Surekha says what’s her new drama now, I m seeing her madness since two years. Manish asks why are you behaving this way, tell me, sit. Suwarna says Kartik…. shall we get Kartik remarried, we are getting good alliances for him. He asks did you go mad, Kartik and Naira are still married, they love each other. She says my son died because of her, I will never forgive her. He asks her to have medicines and calm down. Suwarna says I won’t let her come here, she is not related to us anymore, my son isn’t related to Naira. Manish worries. Kartik asks why do you need so many teddy bears here, I m your teddy, throw them away. Naira says yes, sleep now, I will throw them. He sees the books and checks. He says I will even teach you and kids. She thinks he doesn’t realize we are no longer the old Kartik and Naira. He asks where are my clothes, you could have spared a cupboard for me, how will I change now, how will I sleep, let me take off my clothes now. Naira says sleep in these clothes tonight, don’t change, come. He pulls her close and hugs. Tere hi saaye me…..plays…..

She says now you should sleep. He says why are you shy, we are husband and wife, we love each other. She cries. He wipes her tears. Door bell rings. He says let it be, Luv and Kush are enemies of my love and romance, they will leave on their own. She says stay here, I will just come, don’ come out. Naksh sees the game set up and asks what’s this, aren’t you tired. Naitik says I got fresh on meeting you. Naksh asks are you worried, maybe Bhabhimaa heard wrong. Naitik says we have to find out once. Naksh asks why didn’t you tell me about Kartik and Dadi. Naitik says when did we talk in between, lets play now. Naksh asks are we in same team or against each other. Naitik says we are always in same team, be it game or on real life. Naksh says then dragon is gone in first round itself. They play. Naira opens the door and asks Kritika, you here. Kritika says Dadi has headache, give me balm, else Dadi will shout. Naira says go home, I will get it. Kritika says no, Dadi won’t let me enter the house without balm. Kartik comes out and gets water. Kritika sees him and thinks how come he is here. He falls down. She laughs. Naira gives her balm.

Kritika asks is there someone in your house, you are not allowing me to come inside. Naira says no, who will it be, go home now. Kritika goes. Kartik opens arms. Naira says you are feeling sleepy, come. Kartik says you make me sleep. Naksh and Naitik laugh and play. Naksh says I feel like a teenager, thanks dad, I missed you. Naitik says I missed you too, I meant it when I told you about dragon thing, you can tell me if there is any complaint, anger or annoyance. Naksh says I m feeling sleepy, we will talk tomorrow, you also sleep. He rests in Naitik’s lap and says I miss you, mum, Naira a lot, all of us are away from each other. Kirti looks on and cries. Kartik says if it was a day, we would have gone out and eat corn. He sees Naira sleeping on the ouch. He lies next to her and asks why are you sleeping here. She says it was very cold there. He says come closer and sleep in my arms. They hug and sleep. Palkon ke sirhaane….plays….

Its morning, Naira wakes up and sees Kartik. She gets up. He wakes up and sees her. He gets shocked and looks around. They fall down the couch. Suwarna says he didn’t message me since night, he always replies to me. She calls him. He tries to get the phone and falls back. O morey saiyyan….plays…. He checks the phone and replies to Suwarna. He wears his shoes. Naira gets water for him. He says I don’t want it, just tell me how did I come here. Dadi says where is Kartik, what shall I answer Suwarna, he didn’t reply to my message. She calls Kartik. Naira says I messaged her from your phone. He opens the door. She asks why did you start drinking. He says I don’t feel its necessary to answer. He goes.

Kunal asks Naira to dance, she is in the spotlight now. She says I can’t dance. Kartik asks why did you quit dancing. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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