Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Akshu convinces Abhi for her job

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhi hugging Neil. Neil says I respect you and mum a lot, you did a lot for me knowing I m an orphan. Abhi asks him to stop the nonsense. He asks Neil to keep smiling and go. Neil smiles and leaves. Abhi says Akshu didn’t call till now. She calls him. He asks her what happened, did anyone tell you. She says you won’t believe what happened. He asks dd anyone misbehave with you. She says no, I will come home and talk to you. Abhi says you deserve a far better place, no worries, I will get you that place, you will get happy. Aarohi comes. Abhi talks to a doctor about Akshu’s job, and signs Aarohi to leave. Aarohi leaves. Abhi praises Akshu’s talent. Aarohi recalls Rudra’s words. Akshu comes home. She sees Abhi and recalls the doctor giving her the job. Abhi smiles seeing the offer letter. They both shout surprise and show the offer letters.

Parth, Neil and Shefali come. Shefali asks the good news. Parth says congrats, Akshu got a job. Neil asks why two letters. They read the offer letters. Abhi looks at Akshu. Kairav says it’s a good news, have the sweets. Suwarna asks did Anisha say yes. They all get happy. Kairav says no, Akshu got a job. They get happy. Suwarna says both guy and girl should be independent. Aarohi comes. Kairav says she will have a value if she works outside. Suwarna says she will earn a name for herself and us. Parth asks what’s this, will you work in two hospitals. Shefali asks Akshu to work in a good hospital, Abhi’s friend Vineet signed the letter, Akshu will choose where she knows someone. They discuss. Akshu looks at Abhi. Shefali says Abhi would know our family standard, maybe this didn’t strike Akhu. Abhi throws the letter and goes. Shefali asks didn’t you discuss, sorry, if Abhi has decided without asking you, then that’s not fair, its like controlling you. Akshu says its not fair to name his concern as control, male members ask us to be careful, not to control us, they know that not everyone is decent on the roads. Shefali says we are also strong like him. Akshu says we should be careful, its Abhi’s concern, I feel lucky that he thinks for me in his busy life. She goes.

Aarohi recalls Rudra’s words. Abhi makes a juice and drinks. He doesn’t like it. Akshu says this happened with us today, I knew it, you won’t like the taste, but I have let you try. She gives him another glass. She says I know you love me a lot, very few are there like us, it doesn’t mean that our choices are same, I have to work, so choice should be mine. He says you do what you like. She says you should agree happily, I feel safe with you, but don’t leave your work to always protect me, I want to walk on my career path on my own, not by leaving your hand. She says whatever you choose will be my decision. She turns to go. Abhi stops her and says oops, this fell down. He chooses her offer letter and says there is one choice left now. Akshu smiles and runs to hug him. kyu tareefein…plays…. They have a moment. They hear someone coming and hide. Servant comes to keep some boxes in the kitchen. He leaves. Akshu and Abhi have an eyelock. They smile. They play tic tac toe. He wins. He asks for a kiss. He eats chilli. She feeds him icecream. She takes the ice cubes and drops in his shirt. He runs. He holds her close. She says Manjiri would have come, I have to give her a surprise. She thanks Abhi. She goes to Manjiri. Manjiri says congrats. She keeps the letter in the temple. Akshu says I didn’t know you also had a dream to make this profession. Manjiri says my dreams got too old. Akshu says you can still revive the dreams. Harsh asks for tea. Manjiri runs.

Abhi and Akshu sign each other. Harsh scolds Neil and says you are not a Birla. Akshu says I have an idea about Neil’s adoption. She thinks sorry Abhi, I can’t tell this to yoi.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Can someone explain to me how a mega mansion with tons of servants needs manjiri to always cook and serve tea? So what if she’s a housewife, she’s a Birla na? They have a servant for literally everything yet she has to run to bring tea and shit all the time. She needs to stop.

    1. @vaijyanthi i agree. The thing is this harsh birla is another vanraj shah who treats his wife like a doormat which is why manjari is doing all housework like a typical housewife without taking a break for herself even once. I really wish to see harsh truly realising his mistake and asking manjari’s forgiveness and their relation getting better.

  2. Today’s episode was cool, no arguing, crying, and fighting, about manjari she is always tension seeker from first episode

  3. I haven’t get a clarity till now that who is being adopted neil or abhi bcz it is very confusing i think neil is adopted for sure bt at first few episodes they have shown adoption papers which manjari had hided from everyone which akshara find out

  4. I think abhi is adopted not neil, neil is manjari and harsh son?

  5. I think Neil is adopted but he is Harsh’s illegitimate son and Manjira knows but Abhi and Neil doesn’t know which is why Neil calls himself orphan

  6. What’s with the pace of this show? All tracks together at one go? Seems like Akshu is reaching the edge of the cliff sooner than I thought 🤔

  7. i think Abhi is not adopted if he is adopted son harsh will throw him out as abhi didn’t gave damn to harsh and definetly mahima and her husband will know too he is adopted and they too didn’t care abhi
    At first i tought abhi knows that Neil is his brother but as per now akshu saying he doesn’t know that neil is his half-brother
    or we don’t know who is neil ……………………..if harsh knew neil is his son he definetly will have some concern as abhi is not listening him
    DOn;t know what will happen in upcoming episodes but definetly Akshara will ” do or not ” something and everyone blame her or maybe seperation……………misunderstanding……………………:)……………………..Patchup…………………………marriage gain………………………………… 🙂
    As this are common in show blame female lead,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,seperation……………….Marrige again

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