Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naksh planning about what he will do in Anshu’s wedding. Naitik says think about your exams first. Akshara says this age is really good. Jasmeet calls Akshara and thanks her. Akshara says congrats. Jasmeet says I can’t thank you, Anshu told me what you did. Akshara talks to her and says great seeing your love. She laughs and says now you are related to us also. She says we will tease you a lot. Meenakshi is happy about Anshu and talks to her husband. He says I m happy about Anshu but … She says are you thinking about Dadda ji. He says yes, I respect him a lot, what will I tell him when I meet him. She gives him courage and says you can make him agree, as you can’t hurt anyone.

She says Dadda ji will agree with you and understand you. He says you always say what my heart says. Maa comes to Naksh and Naitik asks about Dadda ji. Girja brings badam milk for Naksh. Maa says Naksh is burdened by his studies. Naksh sas even we used to study, but you are showing pit on Naksh, which you did not show on me. Naksh says we have to study so hard.

Ananya is happy about Anshu and jasmeet and says I will tell everyone about it. Everyone are happy and smile. Meenakshi says it was Ananya who thought about Anshu and jasmeet. Ananya reads some poetry she wrote about Anshu and everyone laughs hearing it. Anshu thanks her for making him smile and giving him confidence and courage. Ananys smiles. Dadda ji comes to Akshara’s house and meets Vishwamber. She says you regard me as your elder brother and it this the way you respect me. He says please sit, we will explain you. Dadda ji says will you take every decision on your own and not consult us. He says sorry for not asking him. Dadda ji says no need to apologize as you have not done any mistake.

Everyone looks at Dadda ji. Dadda ji says what you did is right, I m proud of you. Everyone get happy and smile. He asys I should be sorry for not understanding your feelings and scolding Naitik and Akshara about you. Dadda ji says Akshara explained me that we should not divide people and make communities and rituals which take away our happiness. She says we are lucky to get bahus like Akshara and Varsha who guide us. He says yes, I got rid of the burden. The society members come and apologize to Vishwamber. Dadda ji says we won’t get a head like you. The men leave. Dadda ji talks to Anshu and asks when did you grow up that you thought about your wedding, congrats, touch your sibling’s feet who taught us and showed us the way.

Dadda ji says tell me what to do ahead, when you fix the wedding date talking to the girl’s family. Vishwamber says lets do the tilak tomorrow. Maa and Bauji talk about Dadda ji. Naksh asks when will everyone come. Maa thinks Dadda j went there being angry. Bau ji says I m afraid Dadda ji will be unwell. Dadda ji comes back home and tells them that nothing happened there, it will happen tomorrow. Maa and Bau j gets tensed. Akshara says its Anshu’s tilak tomorrow. Naksh says my magic worked. Maa says congrats to Akshara.

Naitik says everyone agreed to their proposal. They spoke to jasmeet’s parents also. Naksh says we have exams tomorrow. Akshara says the tilak is in the evening, you come after school. Everyone laughs. Ananya talks to everyone about tomorrow. Varsha says its fine. Ananya says don’t do like this in wedding. Shaurya says we will keep the wedding in your holidays. Ananya says ok. Anshu says can we postpone the tilak. Meenakshi says why, its not required. She says it won’t look good, jasmeet’s family might be doing the arrangements. Anshu says I don’t want to marry right now. They ask him why. He says jasmeet is still studying and I m not yet settled in business. They agree with Anshu.

Everyone are happy seeing Anshu’s thoughts and respects his decision. Shaurya teases him calling him a kid and everyone laughs. Dadi says Shaurya don’t tease him. Shaurya says I will tease him even infront of his children. Anshu becomes shy. Akshara is with Dadda j taking care of him.

Dadda j sas you supported the truth. Akshara thanks him for accepting their feelings and thoughts and bringing a change in the society. She says it was tough for us, but you always tried and made me live happy permitting me to come out from boundaries. She says we are happy under your guidance. Dadda ji blesses her and she asks him to take medicines. Maa calls Akshara’s mum and says congrats about Anshu’s wedding. She invites them for the tilak ceremony.

Maa asks Akshara will you also invite Rukmani. Akshara says yes, we will invite her. Maa gets tensed thinking what will Rukmani do there. Bau ji jokes with Maa saying its a big problem to decide the saree for the occasion and she smiles. Maa says you will be in problem, not us if we don’t wear a good saree. Naitik says Bau ji it looks like we made a mistake by speaking to them, Maa and Akshara laughs and goes to do kitchen work. Maa asks Naitik and Akshara to go to her house in the morning to help her family.

Maa asks about the saree Akshara is making for her. Akshara asys its not yet ready. Maa says I think about your and Naitik’s wedding.

Maa tells Bau ji that we are getting many good things and we will celebrate it well. Akshara says but Bhabhimaa is unwell. Maa says lets hope she gets well till tomorrow. Anshu talks to jasmeet and says congrats. She says I can’t believe it that everyone agreed, I m very happy to get such a good family. He says I will also be like a son to your parents. He says I want to see you face to face. He says get ready well tomorrow. Maa goes to put medicines in Bhabhimaa’s eyes. Akshara thanks Naitik. They think about their wedding and the rituals and smile. Maa hears them talking and smiles. Akshara makes Naitik eat sweets and they smile.

Anshu tells everyone that he called jasmeet in tilak ceremony whereas Maa says girls don’t come in this ritual. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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