Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik wiping Akshara’s tears and asks is she thinking about Dadda ji. He says everything will be fine. She says he is very strong, but now I feel his strength is breaking, I can’t see this. He says I know this, but once he gets well, his thoughts will change. He gets Mohit’s call and says what…. They all rush to hospital and ask Mohit why did he call them. The doctor says he has bad news for them, Dadda ji slipped in coma. They are shocked and cry. Naitik asks how can this happen. The doctor says his organs are not working, he is on life support. They all rush to see Dadda ji in ward.

Bhabhimaa cries and doctor says we can’t say anything about coma, it can take days to years time too. Bhabhimaa says she knows he is joking. Akshara pacifies her. Bau ji says he will get fine. Akshara says he will wake up for sure, as Naitik also wokeup after years. Bhabhimaa says she will sit with him, and talks to him. She says she will not let him go anywhere. They ask her to come home and take her. Akshara’s family comes to meet Akshara and everyone. Rajshri hugs her and asks her to be strong. Bhabhimaa cries and Rajshri asks her to trust Lord, everything will be fine. Vishwamber asks what happened to him suddenly. Bau ji says don’t know, we all are worried, he has to come out of coma. Naksh says dad also slept for years.

Rajshri asks her to rest else who will take care of Dadda ji. Naksh says he will take care of Bhabhimaa and takes her. Akshara asks her parents to go home. Vishwamber says he will be here to support. Akshara says we will call you if we need. They leave. Its morning, they all get ready to meet Dadda ji. Varsha says she made tiffin ready. Rukmani asks Bhabhimaa to meet the Baba once, Dadda ji will get fine. She says did they not hear how people get fine by him. Akshara says they can pray to Lord by true hearts, doctor treatment is going on. Bhabhimaa says I will go there. Bau ji and Devyaani say there is no need.

Bhabhimaa says I will do anything, if anything happens to him then… Naitik says if I can come from coma after 4years, why can’t Dadda ji. Rukmani says his age is old. Naitik says his will can bring him back. Akshara asks Bhabhimaa not to get in this matter. Bhabhimaa says she decided and no one will stop him, she will do anything to save her husband’s life. Naitik asks Bau ji to stop Bhabhimaa. Bau ji says let her do, we will do what doctor says. Naitik asks Bhabhimaa to go, he will arrange car. Bhabhimaa asks Rukmani to come.

Ananya talks to Naksh and Yash and says everyone came and they will go to meet Dadda ji. Naksh says Dadda ji slept for long time like my dad, its because of me, I left him alone. Ananya says its not your mistake. They say they will do anything to make Dadda ji fine. Naksh says I will wake Dadda ji, like Naitik. They ask how. Rukmani brings Bhabhimaato Baba, and asks her to come. Rukmani greets him and thyey go to talk to him. She coughs and gets well by his prayers. He says you had old cough, this will not come back. She smiles and says she got fine.

She tells him about Dadda ji’s health. A man comes and thanks him for treating his son and making him fine. Bhabhimaa starts believing him, and says sorry, when I came here, I doubted on you, now I m sure you can help me. He blesses her. He says your problem is tough, I have a solution, massage this oil to your husband’s feet and put this juice in his mouth, he will get fine. Bhabhimaa says fine, he should get well. He says he will get fine in one week.

Alok comes to meet everyone and they are annoyed as they did not tell them about Dadda ji. Naitik asks Naman to take him home. Bhabhimaa says I want to talk to Dadda ji alone. Naitik takes her. Naitik goes. Bhabhimaa says she went to Swami ji and massages his feet with oil saying he will be fine soon. She makes him have the juice drops. She says he will be fine in one week and Akshara stops her from doing so. She says they will ask doctor, if doctor agrees, then they will give. Naitik comes and she tells about Swami ji giving herbs juice to Dadda ji. The doctor says they can’t give anything. Naksh says he wants to be here. The nurse says fine, I m here. Bhabhimaa goes out and doctor says they can’t give anything that can harm him.

Bhabhimaa says nothing will happen to him, he will get fine. He says you can massage his legs but not make him have anything, She says about Swami ji, and just allow her once. He says sorry, I can’t allow you. Everyone ask her to let doctor do the treatment. She scolds Akshara and says if anything happens to Dadda ji, she will not forgive her. She cries and says he will be on bed all his life because of you.

The doctor says Dadda ji is getting critical and his survival chances are very low. They get stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Leap kaunsi date ko dikhayenge?

  3. Wat rubbish? Wat did akshara do to throw her out from de house n no one responded…who is bhabimaa to decide dat…n y did naitik leave hher alone..becharii Akshara…wat all sacrifices she did for dt family and she is thrown out

    1. This story is soo stupid!! Everyday there’s something or other!! They should think that if akshara didnt sign the papers that bhabimaa’s husband has to suffer .. by signing the papers she did a good thing and on top of it he was not a lead in the story so why give so much importance to him and throw akshara out… why is everyone just looking without doing anything.. in all sorys its like this

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