Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira leave Goenka house

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying Naira worries for Kairav and many children like him, I regret none will see her sacrifice. Gayu says explain Kairav. Kartik says he won’t understand now, we will explain him later. Naira says he will understand when right time comes. They hold hands and leave. Everyone cries. They take Kairav’s pic. Kairav turns away. Manish looks on. Kartik and Naira step out of the house. Yeh rishta….plays… Trisha says I was feeling guilty. Devyaani asks where are they. Kartik and Naira come home. Devyaani hugs Naira. Naksh hugs Kartik and asks what happened. Naira cries. Kartik tells everything and cries.

Bhabhimaa says I told you Devyaani, my heart is restless, Naira you should have thought for your child. Trisha says I m sorry. Kartik says its not because of you Trisha, our family is facing this because of their thinking, kids think they can do anything and their family will save them. Naira says Kairav is away, but I have to be careful that he isn’t away forever, we have to win this fight.

Dadi says this is foolishness, she left her son here. Manish asks Jhaveri to end the case soon, kids should get back to their regular life. Jhaveri says I also want this. Naira messages Suwarna to know about Kairav. Dadi says Naira is stubborn, why is Kartik going this. Suwarna sends Kairav’s pic to Naira. Kartik says we have to start work soon. Trisha says we don’t have a good lawyer. Naira says we have, you don’t feel if we ask anything personal. She asks what happened, we will record this conversation, tell us. Trisha tells them.

Naira asks how will we get Lav and Kush’s phone. Kartik says I had kept it. Surekha gives phones to Lav and Kush. They thank her and hug. Kartik says video maybe deleted. Naira says they will delete it first. Kush asks would anyone check our phone. Lav says I had deleted the video before, none can check our phones. Kartik says deleted data can be retrieved, we have to get the phone. Suwarna asks Kairav to sleep. He asks shall I go to Vansh. Manish says he won’t go there and sleep. Suwarna says I will call Naira. Manish says she should know on own, they are wrong. Suwarna says two fathers and two sons are tolerating it, Kartik is tolerating twice. Manish says if he leaves his adamancy, much sorrow will get less. Vansh asks are you missing your mum and dad. Kairav says no. He cries. He says I mss him, but don’t tell anyone.

Kartik and Naira come home. She climbs the ladder and falls back. Kartik holds her. Guard asks who is there. They hide and get in. Naira says we shall see Kairav once. Kartik says yes, we will see him and then go to get the phone. Manish turns. He doesn’t see them. Kartik and Naira come to Kairav. Naira kisses him. Kartik says we love you a lot, so we are doing this, we will not stay away for long, its a promise. Dadi goes to see Kairav. Gayu comes. Kartik and Naira say sorry, don’t tell anyone, everyone is worried, our intentions are right, we just want nothing wrong happens. Dadi asks what are you doing here. Gayu says nothing, I was thinking to sleep here. Dadi says I was also worried for Kairav, I came to see if he is crying, you need to sleep well, I will sleep here. Gayu says you should sleep well, you will be busy tomorrow. Dadi says I forgot, fine I will go, call me if you need help.

Gayu says I know how it feels to live without children, did you come to meet Kairav or get proof against Lav and Kush. Kartik and Naira say both the reasons, we didn’t get proof yet, don’t stop us, its for Vansh and Kairav also. Gayu lets them go. They thank Gayu. They see Lav and Kush playing on phones. They say we will get them on right path, how shall we get the phone. Naira says we shall wait for their sleeping. She takes his phone. She joins the same game. Lav and Kush lose the game. Naira plays and defeats them. Kartik says you have really become a lioness. Kush says we lost, we won’t play now. Lav and Kush keep their phones and sleep. Kartik says wow Naira, you are great. Kartik goes to get the phone.

Manish says this case can have a out of court settlement. Kartik refuses. Javeri says court will ask for proof.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Verma4

    Manish a f**king go-wanker is talking about right and wrong…f**k wit. At least they have realized that deleted data can be retrieved. I hope they retrieve it and send the twins and Abhi-shit away for a long time. The boys have no remorse at all and Javeri you will be hit hard before you know it.

  2. This naira is really a pain in ass.. pathetic good for nothing selfish and cry baby mannerless b*t*h.. deserves the hatred of her so called child and the outst by family.. and karthik is joru ka ghulam.. can’t expect anything from him than roaming around that idiotic naira

    1. y r u saying that frankly I’m glad Kartik is supporting Naira 4 a change instead of being against her. Though I do agree with Naira going too far. I mean their intentions r right but in the end, it’s going 2 cost them their family since there’s no way the goenka’s r going 2 accept them if they suceed. I don’t understand y Trisha doesn’t stand up 4 herself like 4 god’s sake say something. Fighting her fight is costing Kartik and Naira everything……

  3. Yaaaa actually…..Trisha should fight for her own n yrrr…y she is disturbing others…goenka family as well as kartik and naira r suffering a lot just bcoz of this Trisha
    I know that she is not wrong but in a nutshell she should fight with her problem by her own after all

  4. So instead of them throwing Luv and Kush they threw Naira and Kartik instead!??

  5. So called seasonal advocate Javeri was seen admitting fault and mistakes of all three boys, including his son, before Goenkas in the very presence of police. It was a confession enough to arrest Abhijit immediately. What stupid Naira and idiot Kartik were doing ? What more proof they wanted when the defense advocate himself making vital admission openly in the presence of police. What the police were doing? If they can arrest Luv Kush on the statements of Trisha. On the same statement they could have arrested Abhi also. He is not under any anticipatory bail. Not sure why did police come and were standing there like buffoons.

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