Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th April 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th April 2013 Written Update

episode starts with dadi was showing handkercheif to everyone in house and everyone liked it . ananya went to pick phone on chicku , shaurya and dadi was taking about the handkercheif and dadi says ananya had made handkercheif with heart . ananya ask varsha to go akshras house and she give the permission .

Gayatri and akshara was doing work in kitchen gayatri says akshara to tell everyone about the preperation and don’t let naitik know anything about it akshara agree . gayatri thought maybe naitik forget his own birthday and akshara say we are here to remind him .

naksh come to them i’ve called ananya and yash and they will come after a little while and will stay here today’s night . gayatri doubt by this naitik can come to know about his birthday’s surprise and naksh says he’ll not come to know bcoz i will say they came to play with me , nakshi leave and gayatri suggest akshara to make something for childs . akshara open the refrigerator and tell gayatri that refrigerator is bad gayatri says that we should change it !!!

ratan come in rajshri’s room and give her a shawl he was about to leave but suddenly her thank you and rajshri imidiately stop him and not to do it again ratan say i’ll never forget your Kindness . rajshri Encourage him and he leave . nakshi , yash , ananya and some other members was present in hall naksh was making list suddenly naitik enter and naksh tries to hid it .

naitik get happy watching childs together . naksh tell naitik they are here to play with me and naitik says you guys will only play or will do something else too , naitik leave and nakshi was happy that naitik is busy we can arrange srprise easily while naitik says i wish i can be a part of the surprise which naksh is planning for me , and he leave + childs also leave to prepare for surpirse .gayatri say to akshara that u and childs should wish naitik today night we can wish him tomorrow .

in childs room they was preparing for surprise and make the whole room messy but after that they clean the room . akshara was tensed to plan something for naitik but she can’t suddenly naitik call akshara she pick the phone and naitik ask are you in tension ? akshara immidiately say yes but after a little while she say no am not tensed . naitik says you are tensed about me that what should you do special for me akshara was shocked .

akshara ask how u know all that naitik say web cam is on and she again get shocked and says you are not good naitik u was Spying me naitik laugh . akshara ask him what gift you need and naitik say u should think about it by yourself . and naktik says i need my gift otherwise i will punish you .

akshara took medicines for dada ji but he say no i’ll not eat . akshara force dada ji and give him the medicines . dada ji get happy when he come to know about naitik’s birthday . gayatri give chocolate milk to childs . nakshi ask akshara to go and sleep they will watch the movie . childs bring out the dvd’s and naksh was shocked watching a cd .

akshara enter in her room naitik who was waiting for akshara immidiately sit on his place when he saw coming in room akshara tell him not to over react . naitik says that i am excited for the surprise i’ve lots of work and forcby i should act to be busy akshara laugh and says your the first person who’s doing so much hard work to get his surprise .

naksh say ananya to watch horror movie but ananya denied and say my parents allowed me to watch cartoons and kids movies only . naksh say we can watch just for half hour . it was 11 naitik and akshara was sitting in eachothers aarms in their room . akshara say naitik to sleep for sometime and they sleep . childs was watching the horror move and was getting scared . it was finally 12 now akshara wish him ” happy birthday to you ” and kiss naitik and say it’s your gift from me . naitik say akshara to act like sleep childs will come and wish me the episode ends .


Update Credit to: ramisa

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