Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira reveal test results

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kartik and Naira return home. Naira says what they didn’t expect happened. Kartik says her to first go in. They have to tell everyone what happened. They go inside and are surprised seeing family celebrating. Everyone claps for them and hugs them. They bring a cake with “baby” written on it. Naira gets emotional. Family asks her to cut the cake. Naira cuts it. When Dadi offers her cake, she cries and nods no. Dadi asks everyone to stop. Music stops. Everyone stops clapping. Dadi does Naira and Kartik’s arti and says maybe this wasn’t the time. When time comes, good news will come too. At least God gave them small glimpse of that big news today on this big day. Naira smiles. Dadi says they will celebrate a little today and rest when truly this moment comes. She hugs Naira and Kartik. Kids are upset and they leave. Manish tells Kartik-Naira not to worry about them. Suvarna will talk to them. After Kartik-Naira leave, Dadi cries. Family consoles her. Dadi says her eager to see Kartik-Naira’s child has increased now. She hopes Naira and Kartik are not heartbroken like her.

In their room, Naira is still sad. Kartik hugs her. Naira says she just wants a baby. Kartik says him too. Naira says, God can’t do this after giving hope. Naira asks what he prayed.. reports to be positive or? He says what is right for everyone. She says she wished same too, but she is still upset. They share that they had already thought of a name. Kartik says it’s okay. Like Dadi said, when time is right, it will happen without them asking. Till then they both are with each other.

Family gathers for Janmasthmi. Kids are still upset. Naira’s family asks what happened. Before kids say anything, Kartik says they lost in cricket that’s why. Guys prepare to break matki.

Naira is checking the mud that opposition hasn’t mixed any rocks or such in it. Kartik says it would have been better if they sat elsewhere and romanced instead breaking matki.

Kirti is thirsty. Naksh gets her water. She looks at him. He asks what happened. She says nothing and drops water on her while drinking. Both laugh.

Adi’s friends bring him there. Adi says place is not his type. When leaving, he sees Kirti and stops. His friends say she looks so happy. They never saw smile on her face while she was with him. They say she has moved on and tell him to do the same. He drinks alcohol and looks on angrily.

Naira is taking some toys for kids. Kartik pulls her to a side and romances with her. Naira asks what he’s doing. Someone comes and they run away.

Manish and other old men challenge a young group in breaking matki. This angers Kartik as they are no competition to the young group that has been winning since last 4-5 years. Manish is determined to do the challenge whether anyone is with them or no. Kartik walks away. Naira tries to make him take part, but he refuses.

Precap: Kartik takes part in the challenge. While they make pyramid by standing on each other, Adi pushes one guy and all fall down.

Update Credit to: Jenny

  1. Fenil

    Hello Sisters and Brothers.
    How are you all ?

    Ganpati Bappa Moriya

    The way Kaira manag themselves before entering inside i liked it.All were so happy and without asking started celebration ”Baby Cake”was cute.The way Dadi handled situation before Kaira and Lav-Kush Loved it.Lav-Kush our Bal Gopal Became sad and runs to room.Manish also Kaira about Lav-Kush was nice.Dadi breakdown after Kaira went Emotional.


  2. Fenil

    Thank you so much Jenny Dear.

    Hope Ameena Dii, you are alright.

    1. Yes Fenil bro I hope so too because she did not update for Rishto C yesterday until today.
      Thanks Jenny
      And Ameena sis, I pray you are good & well.

  3. Fenil

    Sad seeing My Kaira Sad They always looks cute when they are happy.Glad that they are handling each other.

    Singhanias ask about matter when They found Bal Gopals sad, Good That They Didn’t get to know.

    Naira was checked mud place for her Families its good.

    Lil Keesh scenes was MAGICAL As Always. Keerti feels thirsty and Our Lovely Naksh brings water for his love of life.


    1. I am sorry Fenil bro I was NOT as I felt the story line was unnecessary

      Yes Luv & Kush were cute and Singhanias faces were so cute asking the matter.
      What was the need to tell little kids such things or get them involved in such things – they are innocent and get disappointed easily. UNNECESSARY story line

    2. Fenil

      yaa agree story line is unnecessary but dikha rahe hain so i do comment on this track.
      yaa about kids i agree with you.

  4. Fenil

    Aditya Jealous or Angry or Regretting…..i m confused…..hahahhahahahahh

    The way his friends taunted hi so cruely about OUR BELOVED KEERTI’S SMILE HER MOVING ON DECISION WAH BHAI MAJA AA GAYI.

    Kaira chupke chupke romance Nd then they ran was cute and funny too

    Again Old and New Young generation wah….Manish challenge Youngsters hahah…..Karthik refused.

    Precap:-Cheap Aditya.

    1. Aditya is just foolish and it was good that his friends reminded him how awful he was as they said she never smile whilst with you but she is laughing now and looks very happy.
      Agree bro he is a cheap guy but he adds spice to the story and helps to show our Naksh very special

    2. Fenil

      yaa for spice only i m tolerating him and CVs also continue his character till now

  5. hi evry1…happy ganesh chaturthi…
    todays episode was nyc..luvd it….kaira managed the situation….n family’s surprise party for kaira n cake cutting was nyc ..
    even dadi managed well. kaira’s scenes were cute….luvkush were sad tdy…
    keesh scene was gud..n aditya’s frnds taunted adi abt keerthi being happy without him.. liked the scene n dont know wt will he do now….hope ntg happens to any1 in precap..

    1. Yes Ruhi Keesh scene was great love their cute understanding and the way Naksh dotes on her.
      I wish we could have heard their conversation

  6. Fenil

    Hello Ruhi.
    Yeah episode was lovely.
    Dadi and Kaira managed and best part is they are not much heart broken.
    Sad to see LavKush sad.
    I also like Adi and his friends taunted him.

  7. Belated happy ganesh puja.. The episode was lovely but nairn is really pregnant or not…

    1. Fenil

      Happy Ganesh Chaturthi
      Yeah Episode was nice , no naira is not pregnant

  8. Jh b hua acha hi hua.. naira deserves this only.. had time Apne apko mahan dikhane ki koshish kregi.. th yehi hogi.. and yes Rishi Dev is better actor than Mohsin and Keerthi is much sweet and nice than that rude mannerlesss naira

  9. I really don’t like Kaira. Both the actors overact a lot. Naira is such an irritating character. But this is my personal opinion. I have nothing against those who like Kaira. I watch the show for Naksh and Kirti. I hope the makers focus on Naksh-Kirti as much as they focus on Naira-Kartik. It is their wedding and focus should be on them.

    1. Kaina1

      i agree to you magar cvs ke aage humari nahi chalne vaali so just keep finger cross

    2. Yes Kirti
      Me too I was very very disappointed that all focus was given to Kaira again
      And I was not even touched with the storyline.
      Thank Kaina sis for the hashtags meme

    3. I mean Kriti sorry I spelt your name wrong

    4. You read my mind

  10. Hey all I hope all is doing well and celebrating well
    I will come back and give my Maha comments. Love the episode especially the taunting of Aditya
    Have to spend day with family
    Love you YRKKH family.
    Have a blessed Day

    1. Fenil

      will wait for ur Maha comment Missy

  11. Hello my yrkkh family members
    How are you all?
    Does amyone missed me??I’m back my exams got over today ? I will active my account also?
    There are many new members now here so I guess no one knows me? I’m a old member guys!!!!
    Buffalo bhaiya aka fenil bhaiya missed you sooo much bhaiya happy Ganesh chaturthi?how are you? I’m very happy that you comment eveyday.
    Rahul bhaiya you proved that you are gajni ??aapko yad h na our mission(lakhan bhaiya,twana di and mine mission to catch you ) this means hamne aapko arrest kiya tha??
    Rafi di how are you?
    Sachu di pls comment here whenever you will get some time?

    About episode-I have not watched many episodes becoz of my exams ? so can’t say but story seems good I guess as yrkkh rocks??

    1. Fenil

      Thanks for the comment Soumya.

    2. Shut up you bhootni. ????

    3. Watch the episode sis it has changed a lot we only get 5% of the old YRKKH these days. We are disgruntled about it. We are fans of the show not just fans of Kaira

    4. Iam fine soumya…how r u? How was ua exams??

  12. Hii guys,

    I have watched YRRKH after such a long time.
    Todays episode was nice and beautiful.
    Keerthi was looking beautiful.
    Today i also loved Dadi reaction!!
    And lots of kaira romance, this thing is stupidity. Now they should workout on love story of Gayu. And should also develop Naksh Keerthi relationship.

    Now coming to family members :-

    Sorry Mahima for late wishing. Belated Happy birthday dear.

    Hi Ponkuri dii,
    All the best dii for your trip and your project.

    Hi Sachu dii,
    Come fast dii. We will be waiting for you.

    Hi Raf,

    Someone please give a lot of punches and slap to Raf because she deserves it.
    Raf take it ??????????????????????????????

    Hi Sophie dii, Pat dii, Tanu dii, Sindhu dii, Swara dii. How are you dii’s???

    And Happy Ganesh chathurthi to everyone

    1. Kaina1

      back off evryone rahul bhahiya how dare raf is your sis she was so worried for you after news of bihar flood and you bhaiya not fair and yes b4 hitting raf face me first

    2. Dear kaina

      It was just a funny taunt. And nothing was serious. I was telling this because last day she was saying sorry to me for no reason. She was telling “ Bhaiya why did you change your name to GHAJINI24 ?? . Just because i teased you. I am sorry bhaiya.

      And after reading her this comment i laughed a lot.
      And i typed this comment to our little mad(??) , little stupid, (??) , good hearted and clean hearted Raf, in a funny taunting manner

      Someone please give a lot of punches and slap to Raf because she deserves it.????????
      Raf take it.

      And yess thanks kaina for telling me about Raf’s caring. Actually i didn’t read the comments of few tellyupdates of previous 4-5 days. So i didn’t read her comments.
      But kaina thanks yaar.
      Btw where you live in India??

    3. Kaina….Thank U Sooo muchh for ua support dear…Iam very happy n a big thank u for letting him know about being worried for his family members after that news..thanx a lot sissy!!!!

    4. Fenil

      mujhe hi bhul gaye bhai

  13. Happy Michhami Dukkadam everyone.

    Hi kaina how is your health now??

    1. Kaina1

      yay rahul bhaiya am fine and getting better how are you ??

    2. Fenil

      Michhami Dukkadam Bhai

  14. Hii everyone
    Srry replying after long time
    Awesome scenes…..

    1. Fenil

      no need to say sorry

  15. Hi Sophie dii, Pat dii, Tanu dii, Sindhu dii, Swara di twana di sumo di n my dear raf di
    Hi rahul bhai fenil bhai
    How r u all

    1. Hiii Preeti.,..How r u dear? Happy happy happpy to see ua comment…

    2. Fenil

      Hii Preeti…how r u ? i m good….missed you so much how is my bhai ?

    3. Hi preeti how are you?? And how is lakhan??

  16. Blated Happy Birthday mahima di

  17. Kaina1

    so guys believe me after watching this episode i was so hell disappointed that i didnt really wish to comment my spirit which was set high after two recent episode but today episode has dampened my spirit so badly that my wish of arranging a game on weekend have literally left me guys
    first anyone tell me YEH DRAMA KYA KEHLATA HAI ??? i mean kuch bhi sachi yaar aaj ke episode ne dimag kharab kar diya
    first of all i am still struck at the scene where naira says that 3 pregnancy test result are different i mean its either positive or negative if two result out of three are positive then there are chances if two are negative out of three then there isnt anything but for god sake tell me HOW CAN THREE RESULT out of three BE DIFFERENT ??
    secondly after once vomitting and nausea feeling did naira felt it any other time no she was happily dancing and singing then didnt it struck to her that maybe she ate something unhygenic or unhealthy .yaa i know for this you need brain which our childish naira dont posses
    thirdly last week she was shouting at baisa saying she shouldnt believe in these ortodox thing like sudhikaran puja and what she did this week just dadi told her about nek thinG and she starting believing it to such an extend that she thought herself to be actually pregnant HYPOCRISY MUCH
    now coming to cvs dear cvs you yourself are the reason for people hating kaira i mean it was obivious to anyone that naira isnt pregnant firstly the actors both are young to play parents so they wont agree secondly there are many track still pending an anyone who watch indian television can tell you that pregnancy track generally come after there is nothing left to show thirdly that baby if you read my point above from the top you know that this pregnancy track was the silliest track played on kaira and after playing these silly tracks do you except people to love kaira i mean anyone mature in that situation would have at irst vommiting eat some medicine than to if vommiting dosent stop then went to some nearby doctor but no this is naira after three vomitting in one hr she felt she is pregnent i mean naira have you heard of people who vomit due to indigestion or dyriah they must be pregnent all the time becoz they vomit all the time acc to you concept really? are you kidding me .and wait a second why the hell naira even thought she is pregent becoz dadi told her about nek thing really and this is nayi soch again HYPOCRISY MUCH

    1. Agree with u Kaina sis…
      U r Absolutely right..!! Now Naira wants baby so she agreed what Dadi said to her about nek and believes that she is pregnant..Though,vomiting has many reasons,not only of getting conceived.b it still she believes that.. so similarly bua dadi agreed when Rukmani told her about that Pooja..because she was worried for NAKSH..she wants happiness in his life so at that time when Rukmani told her she believes n was about to do thàt pooja just for Naksh’s married life with keerti should b filled with happiness n peace….So y can’t Naira understand Baisa’s situation at that time??? She can handle everything na without even a wedding planner then y can’t she understand that?? If elders will do something like Pooja etc it’s only for the betterment of their kids but this time everyone is against her…I WANT BUA DADI BACK IN NAKSH’s Marriage..

    2. But* still she believes that

    3. Fenil

      Agree Raf Sis…Rukmani is clevar Patli gali leke bhag gayi Jab ki BAISA face them…i love BAISA more really missing her.

    4. I agree with you Raf
      And me too want Bua Dadi back she deserves to be part of his wedding since Naksh was born they have shared a bond. Every time Baisa was upset with the family it was Naksh that used to calm her down. Remember once he packed his bag and told Baisa that he will go with her when she threatened to leave. It was so cute to watch Baisa melt seeing the tiny Naksh with his bag. So she deserves to be in the wedding.

    5. Fenil

      i m saying this from start Kuch Kha liya honga…lol but no Naira has more brain na jo sidhi PREGNANCY pe pohch gayi

    6. I know Kaina sis
      They are trying to mess with us with such a ridiculous storyline. Just to give these two more screen space.
      I agree with all you said.

  18. Hello everyone
    Episode was good
    Never expect daadi like was beautiful to watch goenkas.they are behaving like singanias.
    Boys rocks , sorry men but it is so cute to watch they are thinking they are boys, challenging others.dont know why thay have shown karthik’s anger and naira was not needed.manish is awesome now a days.the was he spoke about lav kush also very matured nathik become good companion to him.

    Keesh scene was cute.he s trying.
    @missy,I was also waiting for keesh dialogue but they show aditya.hmm don’t know what Aditya is going to do.
    Anyway hope v can enjoy breaking matki.hope everyone is going to enjoy ….

    1. Fenil

      yaa i too surprised seeing Dadi handles situation nicely .
      Manish became lil cute kid yrr.

    2. Hey Anjana I only like two scenes this episode – Keesh and the challenge one.
      Even though the CVs are trying to make Dadi Goenka soft this was not the way because it made them look stupid and especially her – she loves puja and if she had organised one I would have been happy. What was the need to involve Luv and Kush in that type of discussion. Kids are very innocent and trusting – they are bound to get upset if things don’t go the way they hope. The CVs should handle their story lines with sensitivity and care because this show has been in air for nine years now and expected to show some maturity in their writing.

  19. Kaina1

    so starting from the
    a)first naira tell karthik what they didnt thought ohk so she was semi-confirm that she was pregnant now they enter goenka villa and are met with celebration then naira informs them that she isnt pregnant then dadi tell her not to worry ok so now i am sure that dadi is suffering from naksh effect becoz i am unable to understand that the dadi who couldnt bear smallest mistake of naira was behaving so nicely guys let me tell that after we have started crticising dadi like hell these cvs have made dadi softer but let me tell you dear cvs by what have you till now portrayed as dadi your stroke will fail miserably
    to be comtinue

    1. Fenil

      Agree….Cvs gave hope and make us fell on ground with thud.

    2. I agree with you Kaina sis the CVs are messing with us.

  20. Fenil

    We crossed 150+ comments in yesterday episode.
    Yuppie…hip hip hurrey.
    Kaina sissy, don’t increase your target to 200hahahhahahahah…kidding.

    1. Bro it was you who typed 20 comments in end to make it intentionally 150+.

    2. Fenil

      Hahaha Woh baat alag Hain.

    3. Yes bro we did it and we can do it again if they give us some Keesh scenes

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