Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira requests Suwarna

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira telling Suwarna. FB shows Doctor saying surgery will end the life threat, but there will be side effects with your memory. Naira asks will I lose my memory. Doctor says no, you will forget few things and remember few things, you won’t even remember your relations. Naira says maybe you are mistaken, it will be someone else’s report, this happened with me before, check reports again. He says I understand, we don’t share reports till we are sure, please discuss with family and get this surgery done, you decide before fate decides. She cries and falls down. She thinks its my marriage today, Kartik would be waiting for me, what shall I do. FB ends. Suwarna cries.

Naira says I won’t die, but I don’t want to live a life where Kartik’s memories

are not with me, I need your help, separate him from me forever, you want your son’s happiness, I also want this, if I stay in front of him, he won’t smile by heart, when I remember I m reason of his sorrow, I won’t be happy, when I don’t remember him, his fake smile won’t matter to me, before I forget him, he should forget me, I know he loves me a lot, if I die, he won’t be able to live, if I forget, he will forget living, you decided for Kartik’s happiness many years ago, everyone misunderstood you, they will not understand me, I know I m not making any mistake, love can’t be selfish, I wish Kartik and I were distant, this would not be tough for Kartik, he would think I cheated him, its fine, we have to make him hate me, find some nice girl and get him married, please, make my memories out of his life, its Ganpati visarjan today, Ganpati brings happiness and takes all your sorrows along, I told Ganpati to take Kartik’s problems, you have to help me, your son is snatched from you, I won’t let your another son get snatched, your happiness will be in your lap. She makes Suwarna tie mannat cloth.

She says if you love your son, you won’t refuse to me, Kartik’s happiness is in your hands, no one should know this. Suwarna signs no. Naira says today I want you to separate us, swear on Kartik. Naira goes away and cries. Suwarna cries and recalls slapping Naira and ousting her from house.

Kartik says this isn’t right, I m scared, there is something she is hiding from me, but what. He gets Suwarna’s call. She says come to temple right away. Kartik comes to temple and meets Suwarna. Suwrna says life takes tests, we all have to go through it, promise me you will agree to whatever I say, I m your mum and want your happiness, you made many mistakes, move on now, start life ahead, ask her for your happiness. She makes him swear and says you won’t refuse to me today. Naira comes home and sees her inner self, asking what will you do, will you tell them, think of the result too, don’t forget that they have worried a lot, will you manage so many fights alone. Naira says don’t know. Her inner self ask her to find out, do anything.

Suwarna asks Kartik what’s your happiness, you have to take this step. Kartik says it won’t be easy as you think. She says I know, its tough, but we have no other option. Kartik thinks of Naira. Naira comes home and sees Bhabhimaa. Bhabhimaa says so much happened with you…Naira hugs her and cries. Naitik asks what happened, Bhabhimaa won’t go anywhere now. Naksh says matter is something else, don’t do this Naira, tell us what’s the problem. Naira says I have a clot in my brain. Naitik and everyone get shocked. Naksh checks reports. Naira says I m scared. Naitik hugs her. He says no, don’t be afraid, we are with you. They all cry. Naksh says don’t worry, we will fight with this illness. Devyaani says courage and belief are big things. Bhabhimaa says yes, bad doesn’t happen with those who never do bad. Rajshri reminds her poetry. Rajshri, Naksh and Devyaani say the poetry and encourage her. They all hold Naira’s hand.

Kartik says its my marriage invitation card, what if date got changed and bride had run away, its a big day for me, tomorrow, I will become the groom.

Update Credit to: Amena

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