Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kairav tries to meet Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kairav thanking Father and saying I will go on my own. Father says no my child, your mum asked me to leave you inside the gate. Kairav says I m not little, you can go for the mask. Father says not mask, but mass, it is held on Sundays only. Kairav asks him to go for fashion. Father says you mean confession, bye take care. Kairav says sorry God I have to lie a little, but I will do fashion later. He asks guard didn’t he greet Father. Guard says no, I didn’t see him. Kairav asks him to go fast and greet him. Guard goes.

Kairav smiles and runs out of the school. Naira recalls Kartik. FB shows Kartik saying you will make me a mom. Naira says none can become mom easily. He says its not tough to become mummy, its tough to become Papa. She says its easy to become Papa. She says I will become Maapaa. He says you can’t become better Maapaa than Paamaa, we will see when time comes. FB ends. Naira thinks the time has come, I will become worlds’ best Maapaa. Kairav runs and says I will tell dad I m coming to Udaipur, but not now. Vansh asks Samarth does he remember about fathers day function. Samarth says yes, but I have an imp meeting. Kartik says nothing is imp than Vansh, go to his school, I will go to Delhi.

Samarth agrees. Liza says Father called and said he has dropped Kairav to school. Naira asks did he drop him inside the school. D’Souza comes there and asks Tina for his phone. He says don’t beat me, you both are famous for thrashing people, I m a poor man, I can’t give my phone away, get my phone from your son. Naira asks when did he take your phone. D’Souza says he takes my phone to call his dad, I left phone here, I didn’t find it in the garden. Naira says it doesn’t mean that Kairav will have the phone. He asks her to check it. Kairav asks auto driver to take him to bus stand. He recalls Naira’s words that bus is at the bus stand. Driver asks why do you want to go there. Kairav says to meet dad. Driver asks do you have money. Kairav says I have much money. They leave, kairav smiles and says dad will be so happy to see me, I have made a gift for him with the help of art teacher, this is dad and that’s me, a frog and a tadpole. Kartik thinks he is still upset with me, so he isn’t calling. He signs no to Suwarna. He calls Kairav.

Dadi says don’t be adamant, you have no work there. Vansh says I have no work here, shall I don’t stay here, you say anything. Everyone smiles. Samarth says Kartik, its time for your flight, you should leave. Akhilesh says call us after reaching Delhi. Vedika gives the pendrive and power bank to Kartik. She asks him to have a nice trip. He thanks her and goes.

Driver says you have come to bus stand, give me money. Kairav asks how much. Driver says 140rs. Kairav gives him coins and says you count it, its a lot of money. Driver says its not even 100, you got a loss for me. Kairav sees pic and asks is that your son. Driver says yes. Kairav says take my watch to give him, my mum tells me not to pay less money to anyone, we should be self esteemed. Driver takes one rupee coin and says I have taken my fare, you take it for your self esteem, go now. Kairav thanks him. Driver blesses him. Kartik says take care of Vansh. Suwarna nods. Kartik gets in the car and says don’t know where is the tadpole. Kairav says I m not scared, I m brave, I have to surprise Tina, deep breath, hold on. He recalls Naira’s words, that ticket counter guy or conductor gives us the ticket, not for free, we have to pay for the ticket. Kairav goes to the ticket counter. Kartik sees Goa festival ads. He hears Bombay to Goa movie song. He says what’s this, why is everyone talking about Goa today, like universe is trying to give me some sign. He hears a boy wishing his dad. He calls Kairav and says tadpole isn’t answering.

Kairav asks for bus ticket and buys it. Ticket falls. Kairav pays money and gets ticket. Naira says I m nervous. Father and Liza ask her not to be nervous. Naira says I will never let Kairav get hurt, I will fight and win. She says I have to see Kairav. Kairav says I will tell dad now. He gets phone from the bag and checks missed calls. Kartik says there is much traffic, I will go by walk, you take u turn. He gets down the car and walks. He gets Kairav’s call. Kairav says happy father’s day, I love you. Kartik says thanks, I love you. Kairav says I love you two….. eight… time is less, I will tell later, my phone was in my bag, sorry. Kartik says I was worried. Kairav says I m boarding a bus and coming to Udaipur. Kartik stumbles and asks Udaipur, why. Kairav says to meet you, I have even bought a ticket. Kartik asks where is your mum. Kairav says you are stupid, I m coming there to get you, to surprise mum. Kartik says listen to me… hello? His phone gets off. Kartik looks for power bank.

Kairav says I have to meet dad. Kartik says I left it in the car. Kartik borrows a phone. He says why can’t I remember the number. He calls… Naira says everyone is here, where is Kairav. Kairav goes to conductor and shows ticket. Conductor asks who is with you. Kairav says I m a big boy, I live near the church. A man looks on. Conductor asks him to go home else he will call the cops. Kairav says I have to go and meet dad, he is waiting. Conductor says even your mum is waiting at home, go from here. He asks people to see the children of today’s times. Kartik calls and gets wrong number. Kartik pays the man and goes. Naira says where would be Kairav, come soon, I want to see you before the match. Kartik borrows a phone again and says my son is at the bus stop alone, he is scared. The man asks what happened, the conductor didn’t let you board the bus, I will help you, where do you have to go. Kairav says to my dad. Kartik says I don’t remember the exact number. Naira thinks where is Kairav. The man takes Kairav.

Naira says he should have been here. Kartik asks where are you. Kairav says an uncle made me sit here. Kartik says leave from there. Kairav says I have to come and get you to Goa. Kartik says no, you are not coming as I m coming there. Kairav gets happy.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Itnaaa stupid show kaise bna skta h koiii…writer ko ye sb likhte hue feel ni hota k….what is this shit i am writing.

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    see, this is why I used to keep a tight watch on my son’s whereabouts… when he was that little, he was on 24/7 watch by my parents whenever I went to work…

    I need to see the outcome of this… Kairav is so precious ?

  3. Why there r so many comments saying stupid show…stupid dramas but r still watching…stop watching !! If u think its stupid!!! Why? Becos ur watching show that it is not stupid! Its interest you that’s why ur still watching!!! Hahahaha

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