Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil meets his son Samar

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying I pity you Munna, your mum is ill and you are stuck here. Munna asks what shall I do. Raman talks to commissioner and goes. Munna goes aside and calls Sahil. He says that kid is coming with Mani and his wife. Sahil says when the kid comes there, click the pic and send me. Mani and Shagun come there with the boy. Mani says we should stay here for a while so that Munna sees the boy. He pretends to get busy on a call. Shagun says we will go upstairs when Mani finishes the call. Munna says the boy is lovely. He takes selfie with him and says you look really smart.

Munna sends the pic. Sahil asks what’s this joke, how did you get my childhood pic, send me that kid’s pic. Munna says this kid has come with Raman and Ishita. Sahil asks are you mad. Raman says you went mad, don’t you recognize your son. Sahil says I don’t have any son. Raman asks him to ask Shaina. He asks Shaina to tell Sahil that Samar is Sahil and her son.

Sahil says I don’t believe this. Raman says we shortlisted a family for his adoption. Sahil asks her to say truth. Shaina shouts yes, he is my son. Ishita asks him not to torture Shaina else they will torture Samar. He says I want my son. Ishita says give us Shaina, we will give you Samar. Shaina says no, don’t give him to this devil. Ishita says trust us. Sahil says take this woman, I want my son back. Raman says fine, you will come where I say. Sahil says you both will come where I say. Raman asks him not to act smart. Sahil says wait, I will tell you. He says you kept my son away from me, now see what I do. Raman gets commissioner’s call. Mihika feeds Samar. Raman says Sahil won’t get saved. Sahil says I just want my son, Samar Shah, the heir of my empire. Shaina thinks Raman and Ishita planned something. Ishita tells some story to Samar. Raman drives. Sahil takes Shaina. Ishita asks Samar to watch cartoons. Sahil says I know Raman and Ishita won’t give me my son easily, so I m ready, I m a don, Raman and Ishita forget that I can do anything.

Ishita says Samar is a cute kid, Shaina had kept him away, I couldn’t forget Rohan till now. Raman asks her to be strong. Sahil says I will get my son and make you speak, how will you Raman and Ishita that you all will die, I will take my son and go away. Karan says I keep remembering the day when I lost Rohan, don’t know what will Sahil do with Raman to Ishita. Ruhi says calm down, we have no option, things will get fine, come we will go out, mind will get distracted. Mihika says I don’t trust Sahil. Mani says commissioner said we should stick to instructions. Pandit comes and says Mrs. Bhalla called me. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mihika to get breakfast for pandit ji. Mihika asks her to talk to her for a while. Mrs. Bhalla says I m sure Raman and Ishita will get Shaina home, I called the pandit to keep a puja and pray for Shaina’s son. Mihika smiles. Yug says we should be with Raman and Ishita. Karan says I agree, if anything happens, we will blame ourselves, Sahil can do anything. Ruhi says you did right, you are so good, I m so proud of you. Yug says please let me go there. Mani says fine, you guys go, be carefully, keep me posted. Karan and Yug leave. Sahil shoots. Inspector covers up for Raman. Sahil says I shot to see the police, I will shoot Shaina, keep the guns down. He argues with inspector.

Ishita says please go from here. Police leaves. Sahil says you can’t win over us, don’t try to act smart, I want to see my son. Ishita asks Samar to come, Sahil is playing a game with a fake gun. Sahil and Shaina see Samar. Sahil says my son… and kisses him. He hugs Samar. He says you are my son, you look like me. Samar asks are you my dad. Sahil says yes. Samar asks why did you leave me at the orphanage, why didn’t you come to take me, Mannu told me that I don’t have my parents. Sahil says no, your mum has sent you there, I will be with you now, we will go far from here, come with me.

Police comes back to arrest Sahil. Sahil says you have come again, I m not a big fool. He removes Shaina’s shawl and shows the bomb. Everyone gets shocked. Sahil threatens them and reminds how he blew Rohan up. He says Ishita, call commissioner and tell him to let me go from the airport. Ishita calls commissioner and says Sahil wants to flee with Samar. Shaina begs Sahil to leave Samar. Ishita asks Shaina not to beg Sahil. She says we know Sahil well so we have come prepared. Raman asks Sahil to open his son’s jacket once. Sahil gets shocked seeing the bomb. Sahil says you attached a bomb to a kid, what’s his fault, you didn’t do right. Raman asks what was Rohan’s mistake. Ishita says he was also someone’s child, now you know the pain, you ruined many children by drugs and killing their parents, free Shaina from the bomb, then your son will get rid of the bomb.

Shaina asks why did you do this, nothing should happen to my son, give this man to police. Sahil threatens her. He says I will take my son today, I will see who stops me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When will be the serial end. Pls inform. As per the latest news new villan has come .Is it true

  2. This is a crap. A crap is an infinity. No end. Don’t know by becoming this much low still they are continuing this crap…

  3. This is a crap. A crap is an infinity. No end. Don’t know by becoming this much low still they are continuing this crap…

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