Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik loses his baby

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with nurse saying congrats, its a baby boy. Kartik smiles and asks Naira or Kirti. She says Kirti, he is your nephew. He runs to doctor and asks how is Kirti. Doctor says she is still in coma, she doesn’t know anything. Kartik asks where is the baby. Doctor says there…. Kartik sees baby there and smiles. He says I m your uncle, Kirti your bahu is so cute, I wish you could see him too. Doctor calls him out. She says we need to perform the caesarean. Kartik asks is there no other way. She says no. He asks can I meet Naira. Naira asks what happened, why are you not doing anything. He comes to Naira. She asks why isn’t they telling me anything, is everything fine, why didn’t our baby come. He says I asked them, they said they will perform a caesarean section. She asks why, is there any problem. He says no, baby doesn’t want to hurt you. She says I will bear the pain, tell the baby not to worry, I don’t want to undergo the surgery. He says baby will be laughing seeing you scared. She asks how is Kirti now, is she okay, I got much scared seeing her, I felt as something happened to her. He says don’t worry, she is fine.

She says take care of her, ask Lord to make everything fine, I know you will take care of everything, right? He says yes. She says if everything happens to our baby, I will die, promise me you will make everything fine. He promises. Aisa apna naata….plays… Nurse asks him to go out now, they have to prepare for operation. He leaves. Kirti’s baby is seen. Naira undergoes the operation. Kartik sits outside the OT. Doctor comes to him with the baby. He asks can I take the baby once. She says yes, but baby is weak, its a premature baby girl. He takes baby and thanks her. He asks how is Naira. She says Naira is fine, we are shifting her soon. He asks can I talk to baby for two mins. She says fine, but we need to shift baby soon. He recalls Naira and talks to baby. He says hi, I m your dad, you are very pretty, you are beautiful like your mom, its good you don’t resemble me, even your brother is cute, he is over there, doctor said that you must stay here for a day here, so that you get strong, then we will take you home, I don’t want to leave you, but I have to listen to doctor. He thanks Lord. He says dad won’t let anything happen to you.

Nurse comes and takes the baby from him. He goes to Kirti. He says you won’t believe it, both the babies have arrives at the same time. He talks to Naira too and says their bond is so strong, I m lucky to see them first, I will give this news to you both when you get senses, babies are waiting for their mothers, I will test everyone and ask them to say if Kirti has a baby boy or girl and if Naira has a baby boy or girl, we will celebrate when you four come home. Everyone is on the way and think how is Kartik managing alone. Naksh gets up and asks how is Kirti. Nurse asks him to lie down on the bed, he is hurt. Naksh says I m fine, let me go.

Dadi says don’t know what’s happening there. Manish asks them to have patience, they are reaching soon. Kartik goes to babies ward and says its like love at first sight. He asks Kirti’s baby how is he now, his mum and dad can’t meet him now, but he will take care of him. He says where is my baby. He asks nurse where is his daughter. She says she is no more. He gets shocked and says you lied to me, this isn’t true, I saw my daughter and was talking to her, how can anything happen to her, this is a dream, Naira had told me this happens with her also. She asks what are you doing, its not a dream. He collides with the glass door. He says I don’t know what’s happening. She says its truth, you held baby, doctor had told you baby is weak, her survival chances were low, she has left, come with me, you might belief it if you see it yourself. He goes to see. He gets shocked seeing his baby. He cries. Nurse gives him the tag. He cries.

Nurse gives the baby to Kartik and says Kirti’s baby has survived, but Naira will not find her baby when she gets conscious, she has lost her baby.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Now they give keesh’s baby to that idiotic naira.. just like Akshara and Naitik gave Karthik to her and not gayi cz she is not strong enough! Pathetic she is!! Hate her even more now! Congratulations shivangi was spoiling the show.. bringing negativity in the show.. and you are such a bad luck naira.. !

    1. akshara and naithik gave means what? did they do this type of a thing…

  2. I remember akshara also lost her first baby. She was about to separate with natik Coz of it

  3. My God, they will give Kirti’s baby to Naira. This is ridiculous.

  4. Funmi Obiegbu

    I’m just waiting for them to kill Kirti, then I will never watch the programme again. I won’t even recharge my star plus again. Will go back to my DStv. Waiting. This is scary

  5. what a f&*^& up show. I cant stand naira, Shivangi, she is very annoying and cannot act!!! Kill her off.

  6. Don’t blame the actor of the role, I also think its rubbish that kirtis baby has been donated to naira

  7. We watch serials with the hope of seeing happy endings atleast in reellife if not real-life. It’s painfull to see someone so desperate to be a mom and lose her baby, not even hold her own child for one last time. Don’t blame the actor/character we should blame the writer.

  8. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    WoW to the comments !!! ????

    Sry to burst bubbles but in a way Kartik is correct, Naira mentioned she would die if her baby died too… (hush and listen)… If Naira’s baby was really that weak then she would not hv been out of the incubator… foul up hospital/nurse/Aditya???… ok, so no harm in giving Naira to care for Kirti’s baby, cept that when Kirti wakes up, she needs a baby… by then, n I would say in about a month (after Kirti’s real life wedding) Kartik solves the mystery behind his missing daughter… or, the spin-off to show both babies “all grown up” … you’re welcomed ?

  9. but why lie… karthik could tell the baby truth to everyone.. and ask naira for take care of the baby for keesh sake till thn they recover.

  10. Devastating. I am a regular follower/devotee of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Yesterday night i didn’t dare to watch the serial fearing that i may not get proper sleep. Today morning on the way to office i watched online. This is the last time i am watching this serial. How can you kill Naira’s baby. Please don’t play with the emotions of audience. After so many ups and downs in the delivery case of NairaKarthik this is not a happy ending at all and Karthik replacing Kirthis son as son of Naira is dire foolishness.

  11. I think naira_s daughter is still Alive .


    i read this comment somewhere that karthik swaps the babies so that a mother-in-need can get a baby and a baby-in-need can get a mother…. come on now…. why is he forgetting that there is a big huge singhania family and kirti’s husband is very much alive… how can he snatch naksh’s happiness just for the sake of naira… how mean and selfish… and the creators are giving this the name of a tough decision by karthik…. disgusting…

  13. Why did they kill off that poor baby instead of sending it’s mahan mother into coma. We all would have had peace in the serial.
    Yaar had ho gayi. Just because naira is mentally weak doesn’t mean kartik will replace any baby with hers. What about keerti? What about naksh? Doesn’t he deserve a father’s happiness? Oh sorry I forgot, in this serial only naira has feelings, fears, clairvoyance and vision, courage, strength, everything. Others are just her puppets. Why give keertis baby to her? Why not just tell the truth? If keerti wakes up after two months, she’ll want her baby. What will kartik do then? But keerti is a strong woman. Doesn’t matter that she was married off to a monster before, had a male chauvinistic family, but she’s braver one na. But poor naira, she’s a kid, immature, she is the only mother in the wolrd who loves her baby so if her baby does, she’s the only one in the wolrd who’ll get a jhatka. For God’s sake, there are so many women out there who have lost their newborn babies. It’s very heartbreaking, but not heartbreaking enough to place someone else’s baby.

    And which hospital is this? Why lower doctors and hospitals to make this stupid couple mahaan? No gynaecologist shows the baby to the family, only the paediatrician shows. And if it’s a premature baby, the baby is not even shown to the family if it’s not well, it’s immediately taken to NICU, no baby-father talk for two minutes. And nurses don’t announce deaths, especially not of a baby’s. Saying things like one mother doesn’t have her baby and the other baby doesn’t have a conscious mother that too a hospital staff, it’s plain stupid. If they involve the hospital in exchange of babies, I’m done with this stupid annoying serial.

    Why write off that baby as dead man, why are you bringing so much negativity into the serial. As such everything is pro kaira, but now it’s just so annoying. I’m sure they’ll give the baby to naira, no one would know, keerti would be heartbroken when she wakes up, but idiot kartik would feel his wife would die without “her” baby so he’d let keerti and naksh suffer. After a while, naira would figure out because she’s the only person in this serial who’s got brain? so she would cry cry cry and give back the baby go keerti and become mahaan again.

    1. God you are so damn right.. afterall naira Ko mahan Devi ka title Lena bahut pasand hai.. and everyone are just fools.. such an attention seeker she is.. in Kirti’s accident track also she managed to spoil everything and gain attention.. such an idiot and immature and stupid girl she is.. she doesn’t deserve to be a mother.. cz of her always naksh suffers.. always.. !and then everyone will sing that humhari naira bilkul Akshara Jaisi hai.. can’t they see.. Akshara was much way better than Naira in every sense.. she didn’t do any such thing nor did Naitik.. they weren’t immature and attention seeker like these two blo*dy loosers!

  14. Yes you are all so right about Naira I love her she is so intelligent and also considerate. That is why she deserves to be loved by so many!!!
    She knows what to do in times of situations happening, she and Karthik always comes to the rescue of everyone she loves and care.

    Let give our great support to Naira!! A all rounded intelligent Naira!!! Both her families need her.

    I am also upset that the script writers have to take her baby away!!! Why? If you do not have stories to write anymore then you should end this series instead of this negative situations happening to Kirti and Naira baby!!!

    What are the script writers trying to prove???

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