Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd November 2021 Written Episode Update: Akshu expresses her love for Abhi

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhimanyu imagining Akshu with him. He asks her to change everything as she likes, once she comes in her life. He romances her. Jaaniye….plays…. He looks around. He says its a dream, you came in dream and then you will really come in my life and house. Akshu thinks. Anand, Mahima and Harsh argue. Mahima says Abhi loves Akshu. Parth says she is right, truth is truth. Neil says we didn’t understand Abhi last time. Harsh scolds him. He says no one is thinking about Abhi, you have seen his heartbreak, Goenkas are thinking about their daughters, we are thinking of our reputation. Parth says there would be a big reason that Akshu stayed silent. Harsh says what can it be, she is doing wrong to trap Abhi, I can’t tolerate her. Abhimanyu shouts I can’t tolerate this, I love Akshu, I m going to clear everything, I will just marry her. Harsh says I m okay, best of luck.

Abhi asks you are okay? Are you playing a game with me? Harsh says no, its my love for you and your happiness, I m okay with Akshara, Manjiri prepare the shagun plate, everyone prepare for the party, I accept Abhi’s decision. Everyone smiles. Abhi says sorry Sir, I think you are playing a game. Harsh says no, just Akshara is playing a game with your emotions, we just heard it from you, you love Akshu, where is she, where is her consent, we have to hear Akshu’s once as well, get her here and make her say that she likes you, I will get shagun done, this is my promise to you, I will get you both married, I will apologize to Goenkas also. Abhi says I don’t need to prove anything, but I will get Akshu here, she will say that she loves me. He leaves. Akshu gets some message.

Abhi comes to pick her. He asks her to sit fast. Hame tumse….plays…. They leave. Everyone waits for Akshu. Neil says I messaged Akshu and told her everything, Abhi will get her here, she should know what is happening again, else a scene can get created. Parth says you did right. Anand asks is this a race course or an alliance to keep conditions. Mahima says I wish the alliance is fixed. Anand says we can’t trust Goenkas, they can get the baraat. Harsh says I will not close this matter until she tells that she loves Abhi. Manjiri prays. Neil asks her not to worry. Abhi gets Akshu home.

She looks at everyone. Akshu steps inside the house. Anand gets a message. He thinks the case got clear today, it was stuck since months. He smiles. Yeh rishta….plays… Abhi says Akshu, I know so much happened in the last two days, but my mum says that everything is well that ends well, so I got you here, everyone knows I love you, I know you love me, you would be helpless because of your sister or family, don’t be scared, say what’s in your heart, I got you here for a reason, you also know that we can’t spoil our relation for someone’s fake hope, tell them you also love me, don’t get scared, speak up.

Manjiri asks her to say. Akshu says I m sorry that I stayed silent and hurt everyone’s hearts, especially Abhi, but I had no other way, I didn’t know what to do, because it was about my sister, I can’t stay more silent, he is right, I have to express my feelings for Abhi, I didn’t know when he came in my life and became my life, he made me connect myself, if he likes my voice, I like his sincerity. She praises Abhi. She says I also love him, I can’t stay without him, I love you Abhi. Abhi smiles and says I love you Akshu. Everyone smiles. Jaaniye….plays…. Abhi hugs Akshu.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Fi really really hope tht this is not a dream … so so excited after reading this

    1. As no precap…. I think it’s a dream

    2. I felt the same

    3. Just same, all the time I’m like she’s gonna play all great and so..sacrifice for snobish arohi but I was shocked and happy. Finally a female lead thinking about herself.

    4. Ofcourse it was dream………..Agar yeah such hoto it was mindblowing marvellous splendind 😉 😉
      She says She treat Abhi as good friend only …………………..

  2. Better not be a dream. Enough of these dream sequences 😒

    1. Adya Mendiratta

      Har hafte ek dream sequence to confuse us bechara people…

  3. It is 100% dream… Some BTS have been released on YouTube… It is Abhi’s dream…. Akshara is going to tell that she doesn’t live Abhimanyu and walks away teary eyed. Same ole no sense drama…. Ultimately abhira has to unite but before that we have to tolerate all this drama esp. From akshara… Rona dhona and all….

    1. This track is going to be stretched long…as she not confess her feelings for abhi and also she’s gonna convince abhi that is he loves her then he should marry her sister

  4. Guys this proposal scene is a daydream of Abhi
    I found the actual scene that happened.
    So heartbroken💔💔💔💔

    1. Noooo yarrrr…why is akshu always so sacrificing….she should understand that aarohi cant be happy bhi abhi as he loves akshu….atleast Naira was not like this so they shouldnt potray akshara as a bechari and mahan instead a Sherni like her mother

    2. Exactly..naira was so strong. She also loved her family so much but always took a stand for herself also. But this akshara…girl just be a bit practical no 🙄

    3. Naira also asked Kartik to marry Gayu. It was only because she had an amazing family that she was able to marry Kartik.

    4. I’m tired of the same dramas again and again. When they showed two sisters loving same person I thought maybe in this show they wouldn’t make one sis as tyag ki devi and other as selfish. But they did why is starplus full of kachra. And also the guy has to always fall for that selfless tyag ki devi

    5. She can tell him the truth that how she’s can’t marry him bcz of arohi, he would find a solution then. But just bluntly lying does make it more and more confusing. And if she’s rejecting Abhimanyu then she should make sure both the sisters never meet him again, because she won’t accept him and he is not going to love arohi.

  5. Precap 100% dream…

  6. Guys what do you all think we should make a Telegram grp and there discuss about AbhiRa anytime we want ?

    1. Good idea

  7. I hope it’s not a fu*king dream or imagination 😑 just done with this concept, imagining something else and then speaking something else. And if it’s true..I hope akshu don’t say later that Neil had informed me before so I just lied for you so that you don’t get hurt ( maybe she may say this later after aarohi creates a scene and she decides to sacrifice her love )

    1. this is a dream sequence, it is 100% sure about it.

  8. Yes, Why akshu is tyaag ki Murat….. I hate this type of typical indian main lead actress….
    If in akshu place aarohi she never compromises her love for her sister… But this akshu ……….

    Bechara Abhimanyu Uski toh koi galti bhi nahi hai, pir vi baar baar apne pyaar ke liye sabse fight kr rhaa hai……Aur yeah akshara makes more complicated for him.

    Why Akshu, Why????? Why you do this…

  9. I hope this is not any one dream please. If all this become dream I don’t think I can watch or follow this show any more

    1. this is a dream sequence, it is 100% sure about it.

  10. Silent Reader

    100% sure this is a dream. No way are they gonna make it this easy.

    1. I guess akshu will lie bcz Harsh might have threaten her…as whwn he saw her in the hospital with Abhi he was not happy and Im damn sure this is bcz of that Harsh only she is not going to confess

    2. No Ruhee
      Actually Akshu says she treat Abhi as good friend………..But Abhis shouts at her why you saying lie and why you are hiding your love to me………..
      Akshu says you are only friend and stranger to me and left from there teary eye

      In upcoming episodes Abhi want to make realize Akshu not become Mahhan tease , flirt and make Qubool hai for his love

  11. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Confession was too straightforward… seems like a dream sequence 😐🤦
    Akshu is going to break his heart… I just feel it… does anyone know what happens now…I mean, from the other version?? 🤔

    1. Yeah Ofcourse Naina
      She breaks his heart , he shouts at her why she was lying and not accepting their love……..
      We can imagine so many versions may be Akshu think it was not correct time to accept her love to Abhi……………..May be Akshu spoke with her about her true love towards ABhi ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,or cried imagine of her parents that she felt alone (Akshu listens that)………………..It was not gonna happen(blackmail of Abhi’s Dad as he thinks Akshu would be good bahu)but he supported abhi’s love so maybe or not be reason……

      And so many imaginations…………. 😉

      Anyone can comment there imaginations tooo we will see whose was funny weird and right to correct 😉 😉 🙂

  12. It is shown in the BTS that Arohi blackmailed Akshu that she will leave the house so Akshu denied loving Abhimanyu….I just hope that they mke an entry of characters like Naksh or maybe Surekha who will surely support Akshu…No hopes from the other from Goenka family as all others specially Akhilesh is so obsessed with that arrogant and selfish Arohi

  13. For decades, in indian cinema, the good girl has been sacrificing everything like an idiot so it’s no surprise that same will happen again and actually this will turn out to be a long-ass dream sequence! Seriously someone should update this so called sacrificing concept to a more realistic one! In today’s age and time no one is foolish enough or “kind” enough to sacrifice their love and happinEss! I mean common be a bit real!

    1. Yeah Lav
      If she accepts then it would be movie not daily soap
      They want more episodes with twists and turns and not in like movies here there are so many characters rather than lead………..They slowly focus on every character …………They show all up&downs , fights, sacrifice, emotions,drama ,sentiment etccccccccccccccccccccc
      BTw i stopped this show long back and started for Pranali and Harshad again Hope so they will make good story and concept now

  14. Definitely dream hai..nonsense akshara to ask Abhi to marry her arrogant sister who is not bothered fr her but this idiot sister is crying fr her always..aarohi is pampered a lot n needs some manners..Abhi wl surely not agree n this wl drag so much ☹️😡 watching this serial only fr Harshad but if this drags then wl hv to stop watching..

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