Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh sharing the matter with Yash, Ananya and Naira. He says he felt sad that he always acted rude to Naitik. Yash says even I troubled mum saying why don’t we meet Naksh, now I understand her helplessness. Naira says mum and dad came here for us, knowing they won’t get welcome here, they have bear a lot by our trick, I m feeling guilty, that love for one can become hatred for another. Yash says we did not hurt anyone intentional.

Varsha says I think Akshara and Naitik should not stay there. Rajshri says I think they still have hope, I decided to have hope always. They talk about Akshara. Naksh comes to Akshara and hugs her. She asks what happened. He says he just wished and hugged her. He says he does not need reason to hug his dad and hugs Naitik. She asks is everything fine. Naksh says yes, and whats not fine will be fine soon. She gets puzzled. Naksh hugs Bhabhimaa. She asks what happened. He says I just wished.

She says be happy, I will just do my work and come. Naitik says what happened to Naksh. Naksh prays to Lord and says this is not happening right, give me strength to make things fine. Naitik says this is miracle. Naksh says he will end their distance. Naira prays with him. Naitik says I think we should end our hope and not run behind our wish. Naksh says I know mum and dad will not stay here for many days. Sanju tells Yash that Naksh will be upset, he loves his family a lot. Yash says I know, but we are with him.

Sanju sees the tree and asks him. He says its mannat tree and people tie chunni/cloth to it. She asks did he try this, lets try this. She says she wants some super fantastic BF. He asks don’t you have any. She says no. They pray together and smile. Ananya comes to office and peon greets her. Everyone look at her. She submits her docs in HR. Her boss comes and looks chic and stylish. She looks at Ananya.

Mishti says she can help Naksh and Naira. Naksh says thanks, but its very difficult. Naira asks what is he thinking. He says they have to think something solid to end the distance and push them towards each other, and bring positive emotions out. Mishti falls down and she gets hurt. Mishti says one day she was stuck like this and everyone was sleeping. They thank her for the idea. Mishti says Akshara to play, she needs her as everyone went outside.

Mishti asks Akshara to hide in store room and Naira also makes Bhabhimaa hide in there. They lock the store room. Naira says they can know it. Mishti says no, its secret. Naksh says I want to see their reaction. Naira says they will talk. Naksh says this will break the ice. Bhabhimaa and Akshara come out and see each other in the store room. They call out to kids to open the door. Bhabhimaa says the light is also not coming. Dadi tells Rajshri that all work gets bad when heart is restless and everything gets fine by patience. Rajshri says don’t know when will everything get fine. She says she feels something will happen. Dadi asks her not to get upset, situation can change anytime.

Rajshri asks do you think so. Dadi says her hope is higher now. Rajshri asks why, what did happen now. Dadi says no, we should not lose so soon, I think something good will happen. Naira says they are getting silent after few talks. Naksh says chill. Akshara sees Bhabhimaa feeling hot and fans air to her. Naira says are they talking in signs. Bhabhimaa calls Girja from the window. Akshara says I will go out of window and open the door, no one is coming. Naksh says we should open door, else any problem can happen.

She keeps a box and stands on it. She slips and Bhabhimaa holds her. Naksh opens the door and sees them. Bhabhimaa says they have locked her, she will not play now. Naksh says sorry, it was some confusion. Akshara says she will not play with them. Naira says sorry. Akshara says you all are bad, just Mishti is good. She leaves. Naksh says we did mistake, else they would have talked. Naira says next time they will talk. Naksh says our plan has to work.

Akshara massages Bhabhimaa’s legs and kids smile seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. First,time in history,the update was on time .thank u telly update team.believe me its from heart.

  2. Serriously this serial is too boooring……

  3. Thank you Amena and telly update for daily updates TV serial ye rishta kya kahalata hain .
    Please keep updating regularaly as I don’t missed single episode.
    Once again thanks

  4. Bhavya mishra

    Its boring yar please change it and meet bhabhima and akshra.

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