Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Suhana gets caught

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying maybe there was something mixed in laddoos, see their faces turned pale. Dadi tells about good mahurat. Baisa says yes, tika is applied to all family members in this mahurat. Dadi says I got to know this from Guru ji. She asks Naira to get tika from temple. Naira and Kartik do tika to everyone. Naira asks shall I do tika to kids while they are asleep. Dadi says no, do tika to Bal Gopal by their name. Kartik and Naira apply tika to each other. A man signs Kartik. Kartik says cameras are installed, inspector will come soon, we won’t leave those people. Dadi says everyone got tika on mahurat. Suhana, Raul and Savita smell something to end the tika affect.

Everyone gets dizzy. Suhana says the medicine added in tilak is showing its effect. Kartik and Naira worry and fall down. Rahul claps. Suhana says I knew we need to spike the tika to fool them. She says these two think they are very smart. She gets angry on Naira. Rahul says leave her, we shall take all the things. Suhana says take phones of staff as well. They pick all the phones. Suhana thanks Lord and takes the small gold idol. Lav and Kush wake up. They see everyone sleeping. Lav says maybe they got tired of dancing. Suhana takes the jewelry. Rahul also takes the jewelry. Lav and Kush see everyone and think Suhana isn’t here. They think of waking up Naira. Suhana says I forgot to get keys from Dadi, I will get it. Lav and kush try to wake up Naira. Suhana comes downstairs and sees Naira getting up.

She says you think you are smart, I have made you apply spiked tika to everyone, and now I will take away everything, everyone will get normal till morning except Shubham, who will be heartbroken. She gets tika again. Naira faints. Suhana gets keys from Dadi and says looteri dulhan has scammed again. She laughs. Savita and Suhana open the safe and see much gold, cash and diamonds. Suhana says lets enjoy forever now, lets empty it fast. Rahul says we got much things, taxi will come, just check everything. Suhana says this case was so interesting, I had fun. Rahul says but we had problems too. Savita says it was easy. Suhana says see them, this family is strange, Manish is the angry old man, Suwarna is so blinded in son’s love, she got her son engaged to me without knowing about me. She jokes on them. She says poor Shubham, he would have got mad if I married him. She sees Naira and goes to her. She throws something at Naira. Naira catches it and opens eyes. She gets up. Suhana gets shocked when everyone wake up.

Naira slaps Suhana. Lav and Kush make Suhana, Savita and Rahul fall down. Everyone ties them by ropes. Naira asks Suhana to just stand still. She says now tell me who thinks herself to be smart and who is really smart, you wanted to hurt my family and loot us, now go. She scolds Suhana. She says we got conscious by using camphor from the same Tilak plate, evil doers do some mistake for sure. She recalls Lav and Kush waking her up. Naira sees everyone unconscious and asks them to get camphor from the temple. She smells the camphor and gets fine.

She sees Suhana coming and asks them to hide fast. FB ends. Naira says you didn’t think about Lav and Kush, you didn’t apply them tika, you were high on your victory, if we were sedated by the tika. FB shows Naira asking Lav and Kush to make everyone smell the camphor. They do as she tells them. Everyone gets conscious. Naira calls inspector. FB ends. Naira says I knew you will steal our phones first, so that we don’t inform police, I called the cops from your phone, I always settle scores, like we didn’t know about your past, you don’t know about my past, I have seen many such cases to faint people using drugs, so I knew the antidote by using camphor, I didn’t expect anyone to use tilak in this. Kartik says you chose the right family to teach you a lesson. Everyone looks on. Aryan cries.

The guy enters Naira’s room and sits staring at her. Naira wakes up and sees him. She wakes up Kartik and says there is someone there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. S naira knew evrthn .evn god should beg b4 nairas smartness .wah wat a brain.i just feel lyk going inside d tv nd strangulate her.her dress makeup evrthn sucks lyk her onscreen character nd larthik just one word chamcha of naira

  2. It’s going to be the worst naira prasing day by naira herself and everyone.anyways everyday it’s naira prasing day.agar naira nahi hoti goenkas ka Kya hoga.ofcourse their unromantic romance people will say stop w thing is true even suhana can bring trp.if it’s only kaira romance and kaira fights there is no trp. Why can’t she hire a makeup artist and talk in normal voice.

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