Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Naitik scolds Dadi

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi seeing Kartik working. She says maybe he is working to make Manish’s mood better. Kartik gets a call. The man says Naira isn’t taking calls, so I have called you. Kartik talks to him and checks the file. He says I have studied the budget, it will be enough, give me some time. Dadi says he is not doing his office work. She gets upset. Naira comes to Kartik and asks about his work. He says its going good. She says it should be very good. He says I can see you are in tension, don’t you trust me. She says I trust you more than myself. He asks her to get ginger tea. Naitik gets a message. He sees Akshara’s pic and says you tell me, how can I tell this, can I hurt them. He gets Naira’s call.

He wipes his tears and smiles. He answers her call. She says you are always on my mind, I don’t disturb you often. He says I call this giving happiness, you can call anytime, what are you doing in kitchen at this time. She says Kartik wants ginger tea, he wants to trouble me. He says even I used to trouble Akshara like this, she used to hide her irritation. She says every couple hides few things right. He says we don’t tell family because we don’t want to hurt them. She says yes.

Its morning, Kirti says I can’t do this alone. Naksh asks her to try, one can be taught to walk, not fly, one has to spread wings and fly on own. Kartik says everyone should like presentation. She says they will like it, just make sure that nothing goes wrong. He asks why are you in stress. She says no, that’s not how it is. He says I have given presentations many times. She prays. He asks what are you thinking. She says we should give hint to Manish and Akhilesh. He says no, first clients should like it. She asks him to get ready. Aryan looks on.

He talks to Lord and says I will have my way to go close to Manish, I will see who stops me. Naitik blesses Kirti and says I will make halwa for your new start, go and give this good news to your family. He goes. Baisa says why does Naitik pamper Kirti, those people have ousted Naira and stolen shank. Devyaani says Kirti doesn’t know about shank, Naitik doesn’t know about Naira. They all get shocked seeing…

Kartik says I will relieve dad’s stress. Naira prays that everything gets fine, family should see Kartik’s hardwork, then they won’t doubt on his intentions. Kartik and Naira go towards the door. They all see Naitik and Naksh at the door. Kartik greets Naitik. Naitik holds Naira’s face and gets sad. Naira hugs him. Naitik sees Goenkas. Dadi says Naitik ji… and greets. Naitik stares at Dadi. Manish and everyone observe.

Dadi asks how did you come suddenly, is everything fine, is Kirti fine. Naitik says Kirti is fine, you didn’t do right with my daughter, and maybe you will never behave well with her, I would have taken her back if I didn’t trust Kartik. Kartik says Papa…. Naitik says how can I let her stay here, she was thrown out of here. Naira says I will tell you the entire thing. Naitik says I know everything, I need to talk to Dadi. Akhilesh says its sorted, the situation was such…. Naitik says who made that situation. Dadi asks why are you dragging the matter, Naira didn’t say us anything on asking repeatedly, would I get a dream. Naitik asks can’t you judge anyone, you have so much experience, you should have given a chance to Naira. She asks did you say this to Bhabhimaa as well, when she ousted your wife.

They all look on. Aryan sees Kartik’s laptop. Naitik says Bhabhimaa was in trauma of losing her husband, when she realized, she apologized to Akshara. Dadi asks so you are doing this drama to make me apologize. Naitik says I don’t think you can do it, because you don’t have a big heart to do it. Akhilesh says you are forgetting who you are talking to, she is our mum. Naitik says you are forgetting who are you talking to, I m a daughter’s father, to what extent can a father go to protect his daughter, you all know very well, I m not taking any action, if this was just Naira’s Sasural, no one could have stopped me, but this is Maayka of my other daughter, that’s why I m tolerating this, Naira didn’t tell us anything when she came there to keep the shank back. They all get shocked.

Manish looks at Naitik. Naitik says she considers you dearer than us, you treated her like this, if I had not seen you keeping shank in your purse, we would have never known it. They all get shocked. Naitik says we very well know the kind of pujas in which shank is used, I m not saying anything as I respect relations.

Aryan gets Kartik’s presentation from his laptop. He says its true that Kartik has made this presentation, but he can’t take its credit. Naitik says I have signed on these papers, you both also sign on this now. Naira asks what’s this. Naitik says its an office, house and other property on your name, which I have given you, so that if anyone ill treats you, you don’t need to beg them and get independent on your own. They all look on.

Naitik asks Kartik to please sign. Dadi takes the papers from Naitik. Manish folds hands and apologizes to Naitik and Naira. Everyone looks on.

Dadi tears the papers. Naitik and everyone look on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Got another grey character in shubham by making him do cheaper things..To glorify kaira and suwarna..

    Loved that sentence ” Meri doosri beti ki maayka”.. Probably this sentence and the shank matter created a sense of shame and guilt in Manish, which was visible from his face in the beginning, has made him apologise.. Hated Chachu today..Will he never raise voice when needed??

    But, it would have been better if he had just transferred naira’s share in property..Naming a office and house in their name and asking Kartik to sign is just like dadi..Will Naksh agree for such thing in future, if dadi does like naitik?? It is like he is hurting Kartik’s self respect.. Anyway loved his reply on Bhabima and the fact that he can’t expect heartfelt apology from dadi…

    It’s better to instill some sense to his daughter also on not to put your own relations at stake on her urge to become Mahaan..

    1. Hey appu i agree with you on all other matter but a father is very protective towards his daugther specially
      And A brother like Naksh is always ready to sacrifice his everything for his sister
      Just had a thought and said it sorry if you feel bad❤

  2. Loved manish today atleast he realised his mistake…he could understand the feeling of father he kept his ego aside and folded his hands i thought he would stand by dadi but he took my heart today….sachin tyagi is a genuine actor the feelings were looking so genuine on his face

  3. shivaya khanna

    amazing one loved naitik today he stole the show well done but daadi has no change like seriously what is she made from stone

  4. Agreed to you appu and feriha.
    Loved nathik performance today.manish also a great actor.feeling angry for spoiling aaryans character.thats not good.they should try to make him understand that they love him and give respect.not a single time they are not trying to make him understand that he is a family concern for him from anyone.just advising making him a criminal is just Injustice.

    I don’t want Manish to fold the hand, saying sorry is ok.if nathik folds , naksh and Naira will not agree, whatever the reason.i don’t know but I want karhik to stop not naira to stop.i don’t think it s going to happen, will see tomorrow.

    1. If Kartik didnot open his mouth on how he also has responsibility to protect his wife and he actually confronted his family to the fullest, then the name “Jhoru ka ghulam” will definitely suit him..I don’t think he will..It will be only Naira, who is gonna talk as usual..

      As I already said, Naitik should have known the full truth first by talking to Naira and Kartik..His daughter is also at fault on her urge to become Mahaan..He should not have gone to this much extent by handing over papers to Kartik..He is only increasing their problems..And though he is right in saying Bhabima felt guilty and apologised and cannot expect the same from Dadi, we can never justify Bhabima’s anger which extended for almost 10 years and the other family members merely supporting her as she is elder..

  5. Loved naituk performance glad to see that kind of bond between a father and a daughter.dadi should be ashmed magr abhi ase tan ki khari then jase bht bara marka mara hoooo.
    I think kaheen na kaheen hmri aj ki society dadi ki so called cheap thinking ko hi follow krte hain jse juru ka ghulam hi ky koo agr koi bhi husband apni wife ko support kre tu bs yhe khtr hain juru ka guhllam and a thay crap bht se log yh serial dekhtyein hain or dadi ky thinking se itrfaq nae rkhty usey axha nae smjjty but kaheen na kaheen real life main directly or indirectly wohi krte hain

  6. Dadi goenka is gone mad. And not only dadi goenka that surekha also. They don’t never understand naira, always blame naira for each and everything and also for making kartik joru ka ghulaam. And not only dadi goenka, surekha, but including manish, akhilesh. They are doing wrong with kartik naira, they are not understanding kartik naira and especially with naira. But I will always support kartik naira and especially naira. Not that dadi goenka. And I also want that akhilesh, manish, surekha, and especially that dadi goenka should apologize with naira for ousted from goenka house and for blaming naira for making kartik joru ka ghulaam. Kartik is not a joru ka ghulaam . and also it is good, I always want that kartik naira should always support each other in each and every Case.

    1. You are right, kartik is not joru ka gulaam, he is naira’s puppy

    2. I think u misunderstood my comment. I didnt mean that o was only saying Ky hmri society majn log hoty hain dadi jase jo jb husband wife ko support karey Ru joru ka ghulam and all that carp bolty hain. Asa nae hona chhaiye. Hmny apni societu se ase btein niklalein chhaiye. Thats all

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