Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update: Aarohi behaves odd

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying Aarohi and Akshara, when did you come. Aarohi says that’s not the point, I m asking Manish, why is he scolding my mumma. Sirat scolds her and asks her to go to her room. Akshu takes Aarohi. Manish leaves. Dadi asks Sirat to talk to the kids. Suwarna says yes, don’t take Manish’s words on his heart, his worry is the reason for his worry. Sirat says I will go and give them good. Aarohi asks why did Manish scold my mumma. Akshu says I don’t know. Sirat comes. Akshu says Aarohi is angry, I didn’t say anything because you taught me not to speak between elders. Aarohi asks why did he say that. Sirat says he got angry on Sheela for hurting you two, it happens, will you get upset with me if I scold you, he also loves all of us, have food and tell me what happened in the school. Aarohi says I have to complete a school project. She goes. Akshu says I will have food first, you feed it to me. Sirat smiles and feeds her the food. Akshu says I know Naira would have not loved me more than you, everyone should get such a stepmum. Sirat feeds her. Aarohi gets angry and says I m also hungry. Sirat asks her to have food. Aarohi says you didn’t feed me. Sirat says you went to Kairav’s room. She feeds Aarohi also. She asks Aarohi not to get angry always.

Akshu says I m confused, what shall I make. Aarohi says I will get the trophy tomorrow. Akshu says you are the best, I will call dad and ask what shall I make. She goes to Sirat and finds her sick. She asks what happened. Sirat says I just have some cold and cough, I will be fine. Akshu says you have high fever. Suwarna asks Sirat to take medicines. Aarohi comes and asks do you want to see my project. She asks what happened. Sirat says I m fine, go and complete the project. Aarohi says its complete, see it tomorrow. They leave. Akshu asks shall I massage your head. Sirat says no, go and complete the project. Akshu says I can do that later. She cares for Sirat. Aarohi says I will finish my project and come. Suwarna says you should have not said that, she fell unwell because of your words, you didn’t accept her. Manish says I tried. She says kids also heard it, Sirat handled them. Manish says sorry that kids heard it, I m not sorry for my words, Sheela and Mukesh always did wrong, how shall I forget them, Akshu can understand, Aarohi’s nature is different, Sirat’s family shouldn’t affect her. She nods. Aarohi comes to Sirat and makes Akshu’s hand away. She kisses Sirat and says my mumma. Its morning, Gayu comes to check Sirat. She says Akshu loves Sirat a lot, thank God, there is no fever. Akshu wakes up and asks about project. Gayu says its morning now, shall I help. Akshu says no, take care of mumma. She goes. She likes Aarohi’s project and says wow, she will get the first prize. She applies black dot to the project. She makes her project. Sirat gets ready. Gayu asks her not to go there. Sirat says no, Akshu and Aarohi made their projects, I have to go, even Kartik isn’t there, I promised to attend their school functions. Dadi asks her to go. Sirat and Suwarna visit the school. Aarohi shows her project and says I will get the prize. Sirat asks didn’t you complete the project. Akshu says no, just 2 mins. Aarohi says she slept at night. Sirat asks her to complete it fast. Aarohi shows the solar system and speaks on it. The man says your clarity and confidence are great, keep it up. Akshu tells about the project. It falls down. The kids laugh. Aarohi smiles. The man says better luck next time. Teacher says you didn’t focus on your project, become like Aarohi. Akshu cries. Sirat asks why did you not make the project on time, even I m disappointed this time, work on time. Teacher says judges have decided the winner, the winner is Aarohi.

Suwarna says congrats. Sirat talks to the teacher about Akshu. She says this won’t happen next time. Teacher says Aarohi is good in studies, Akshu isn’t good, they don’t look like sisters. Sirat says fishes can’t fly and butterflies can’t swim, Akshu and Aarohi are sisters, they can’t be good in the same thing, Akshu is good in music, don’t compare them. Teacher says sorry and goes. Sirat says they are my daughters, they will always be sisters. Akhilesh and Manish joke on each other, seeing Aarohi’s trophy. Akshu says teachers and judges praised her a lot. Aarohi jokes on Akshu’s project and laughs. Manish says don’t talk like this. Sirat says its my mistake. Suwarna says you were sick. Gayu says Akshu has massaging your head and slept there, she rushed to make the project in the morning. Sirat asks what, I scolded Akshu, so sorry. She hugs Akshu. Akshu says if anything happened to you… Sirat says don’t get scared. Akshu says I love you. Aarohi scolds Akshu. Everyone looks on. Aarohi says since Akshu knows you are not her real mumma, she is trying to impress you, she is buttering and wants you to accept her as daughter. Sirat says she is my daughter, she is elder. Aarohi says she isn’t your own daughter, that aunty told that, so Akshu accepted that. Sirat scolds her. Akshu cries. Sirat says Akshu loves me and cares for me, just like you do. Sirat consoles Akshu and hugs her.

Sheela meets Aarohi and says I m your Nani. Manish scolds Sheela.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Let’s shut this serial down by stop watching it.
    We don’t want anymore Remakes.

  2. They are going to mix gayu-naira-kartik nd mishthi-kuhu’s story,1st there relationship will be like kuhu nd mishthi where kuhu hated mishthi but mishthi loved her nd then it will be like gayu-naira-kartik story,where they both will fall in love with same person


    @AJ . Truly said !! Its a hightime they end this show because the show which they are gonna follow is pure torture

  4. This track is worst. This show would have ended on a happy note but no!!
    It will continue till the end of this world with the same trashy story lines, conflict between sisters, love triangle….etc…
    The show is stretched to such an extent that even the story is getting repeated again. The difference is just that characters different.
    And I am really hating this show more because just like Naksh they have sidelined Kairav.
    Instead of such crapy love triangle…saas bahu story line they should have showed it like a teenage show where all- Kairav, Vansh, Krishna, Akshu, Aarohi…. should have had equal amount of role.
    But no!
    They have to show melodrama, conspiracies, tons of marriages…etc…
    Really fed up of this show.

    1. Yes. Really! It would have been something new on indian screens if they had brought that kind of story with equal screen time for each of the new generation kids.. But now they have started this remake, and cleverly brought an actor who has a wide fan base so ensuring continued viewership. Let’s see if he can pull like Mohsin did.

  5. I really don’t want any remake crap in this serial..
    If is goes on like Ichche Nodee, then it will loose its essence…
    There were grey shade characters in this show who became positive with course of time but there were never complete villans and violence in this show except for Naman..
    I think the script writers ran out of ideas and that is why bought this nonsense remake in this show too
    Why don’t they end the show if they are running out of ideas
    At least it will be remembered as one of the best shows like
    Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
    Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai (The only show which showed pure sister bond without any jealousy and insecurity)
    If it follows that bengali serial, there would be nothing other than violence left in this show
    Gayu was always happy for Kartik and Naira, At least Kuhu didn’t harm Mishti physically and also supported her many times like with Varun drama and when Misthi couldn’t conceive but in that bengali show one sister literally tried to kill other one
    I don’t think anyone wants to see killing and all the crap in this show
    My heartfelt request to writers is please don’t make aarohi negative, she might be little grey character (Like Ragini of Swaragini, who tried to kill Swara but later reformed herself), but not completely negative
    Literally no one wants physical abuse in this wonderful show
    The genere of this show is also family not drama

    1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      Correct @Siya….which is why this serial sustained itself for such a long time ✔
      I prefer to watch this show’s development rather than sit thru aggressive serials such as the likes of imlie Udaariyaan and now Anupama which show adult rated content. At least with this serial I can sit down with family and not feel embarrassed or regressed or even depressed 🙄

    2. @Naina
      Soo true, it won’t even take 6 months for this show to drop it’s TRP if it follows some nonsense bengali series
      It always valued family relations and values

  6. And another thing is why these star plus show do remake of other shows. Don’t they have their own new storyline?
    Almost all the shows airing on star plus are remake of some bengali show or the other.

    1. @Nisha
      I completely agree with you
      All these Bengali remakes are nothing but utter crap
      I don’t know how they became hit in Bengali
      Anupama is getting little better now
      Ghkkpm surpassed law of elasticity
      Shaurya and Anokhi was different but it was forced to shut down
      I don’t even want to speak about Imlie

  7. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    It is often said that a person’s bloodline signifies their personality 😐
    I say hogwash 👎👎👎
    We were All born from one blood which circulated thru many centuries on this earth.
    Aarohi seems to have been pampered more than Akshu and that is why she has that aggressive attitude….nothing to do with anyone’s bloodline Mr. Manish 🙄….we are shaped by what we were taught and how we utilize that knowledge.
    Naira gave good parenting to her children and so did Sirat with Aarohi…. nothing to compare here….it’s just how we perceive things.

    1. @Naina
      Manish should actually remember about Shubham, Samarth and Luv-Kush who belongs to the great “GOENKA BLOOD”
      Shubham out of rage tried harming Kartik though he respected him later
      Samarth was also introduced as grey character who changed himself later but again divorced Gayu and left her
      And what to say about Luv-Kush
      They molested a girl which is a heinous crime, much more than what sheela does
      Even Gayu’s father (Nikhil) left her mother (Rashmi) for some other girl but Gayu was always loyal in her relations because Akshara did her upbringing
      It’s all related to upbringing and not blood Mr. Manish Goenka
      He always speaks as if Goenkas have seperate blood group “THE GOENKA BLOOD GROUP”

    2. @ Siya. Hear! Hear!
      Goenka blood indeed! Which century are these people living in? Can’t they show some positive stuff with this nurture vs.nature angle.. I think the makers are sucking up to their original kaira fanbase and now trying to lure them back by glorifying akshu as naira’s daughter and vilifying aarohi so that they can overcome their ‘mistake’ of introducing the kairat track.

    3. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      So true @Siya omg!!! 😲 👍👍👍

  8. Like rn in star plus..yhc and maybe vidrohi is the only show which arent remakes of any bengali or telugu show

    1. Yup
      YHC ka remake in Bengali is the Show named ‘Kori Khela’, on Zee Bangla channel

      Same yet different.

    2. Zmga is also not a remake

  9. Oh my god…what the hell again a remake of some bengali serial like seriously..why not bring something fresh yrkkh is an original den why turn it into a remake of some other serial it would hv been much better if they ended the serial with kartik and sirat’s happy ending with the whole family.. bringing a leap is still okay bt they did not do justice to the characters of akshara and aarohi..they are showing the same sister rivalry which is nothing new and why ruin aarohi’s character like showing her in a vamp role …sirat wasn’t a vamp she infact was good at heart being totally opposite of naira… I’m happy they choose pranali for being naira’s daughter bt with sirat’s daughter they could hv chosen someone like digangana or helly shah they resemble more of sirat’s identity.. I mean both naira and sirat were same looking bt with a twist bt their daughters don’t resemble them as I said pranali is still okay bt aarohi not at all they did this intentionally to make naira’s daughter the main protagonist bt why be unfair with sirat’s daughter showing her as vamp ..sirat did their upbringing they could be different in personalities bt not in morals…they could hv focused on akshara’s love for dance just like naira and aarohi’s interest in boxing being sirat’s daughter bt no they changed the whole dynamics …and where the hell is kairav in it they just sidelined him made him a supporting character when he deserved same focus as akshara and aarohi ..he was meant to be protagonist too not some side here we are I’m so done with this show now by forever.


    I agree what manish says but not totally blood and up bringing are 2 important things. The reason aarohi became like this is somewhat sirat i feel. I am not blaming her but in order to make kairav akshara feel confortable of naira not being around she ignores her own daughter i feel. She brought a simple dress for aarohi while she brought a grand dress for akshara the difference in the dresses were quite visible and its natural for aarohi to feel that way. 2nd thing when the truth came out I agree it is more shocking for akshara but even sirat should have explained aarohi. Because even she gets a shock while knowing kairav and akshara are her step sibblings. Her mis understanding increased when akshara didnt defend sirat while manish was insulting her so its always like if akshara was her own daughter she would have defended sirat. Here the biggest mistake is goenkas ignoring sheela and mukesh mistake common put them to jail what will happen. I agree theyl take revenge but atleast torture will become less. In case of maturity sirat was much better than naira

    1. – Yes today the trps decreased by 0.1 from 1.1 to 1.0 yet I do not feel it is because of the slow pace of the story. The slow pace is used for a reason by the CVs. They are developing each character and their stories with the slow pace.
      – As a matter of fact I dreaded this dip in trps coming last week itself and also mentioned it in my comment of 9th October written updates of tellyupdates.
      – That very day I had mentioned to cut the crap of Kabir-Meera cringe nok-jhoks and office scenes because I had this gut feeling this Kabir-Meera track is going to affect the trps yet I really had wished it did not. The earlier 2 weeks had lesser Kabir-Meera scenes because of Pritam’s suitcase and baby shower drama and the trp was 1.1 for 2 weeks consecutively.
      – There are many in twitter who are saying that they don’t want to watch this serial because of Kabir-Meera yet I never felt they were saying it for real because I too hate Kabir-Meera yet I only skip their scenes not really boycott the serial.
      – Having said that I genuinely feel that the CVs must realize this Kabir-Meera track is affecting the serial in a negative way. I really wish they don’t go ahead with this track because as of now the time to do something to save this serial so that it runs atleast for it’s deserved time is really less. Star Plus is in the process of launching 3 new shows and I really wish zmga runs atleast as long as it’s storyline is shown to its fullest. Once the storyline is done let it go off air yet it should not be rushed and off-aired too soon abruptly.
      – I also have a feeling that the trps of the coming week can positively increase to at the most1.3 because this week all the episodes were awesome especially the Pritam moments, the family moments were also good and the AmRitam moments also were cute.
      – Someone in twitter said “Pritam pyaare hai sabke pyaare” I feel it is true. I mean I have never seen so much of love for a ML’s character ever in twitter. It is always the FL which the majority always loves yet in zmga it’s unbelievable that the majority loves the ML. Imo, it’s because his character is wonderfully written “emotional from inside, really tough from outside most important of all really strong to face any kind of loud beration”.
      – This week we saw a lot of Pritam’s killer moments revealing his both personal and professional side. Also, there were no cringe Meera-Kabir scenes except for one phone conversation.
      – Imo, Pritam’s magic along with the balanced family moments will surely reflect in the trps of the coming week so if not 1.3 the trps will increase atleast to 1.1 or 1.2. I’m only assuming it and really wish it comes true.
      – Finally, whatever is the outcome of our show zmga we must take it cheerfully. Let’s stay positive and do not show any hatred to any new show which takes it place. I mean today also I saw some saakk fans saying “zmga made saakk sink so it will surely sink”. I mean why so much hatred for something when it is not at fault? Atleast we should not do the same thing.

    2. Sorry commented in wrong place

    3. What the hell are u saying @ABITHA MELITA NORONHA , how can you say that sirat was much better than naira , sirat is good not but excellent but naira was the best, is the best , and forever will be the best 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 n remember this 👿👿👿👿👿


      Can you tell me in what ways naira was best.
      1) Ran away from home in childhood
      2) Hid about shubam from family
      3) Always lectured others even though didnt do anything properly other than romance
      4) Justified kartik act of exchanging kids even though he should have been jailed
      5) Ran away from home again just because kartik questioned her character I agree it is very tough for any girl to tolerate this. But does only 1 relation matter what about other relations she acts as if she cares for everyone.
      7) Made kairav go through the trauma never understood her child and acted as if she was super disciplined
      8)Made kairav infact forced him to accept Krishna and later when kairav agreed never took krishna to mumbai
      8) Her daughter most of the time was raised by suvarna I feel akshara is suvarnas daughter rather than naira
      “You are right naira is best but only to create tension and mess and for romance nothing else”

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