Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira are at loggerheads

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira going home. He says thank God, Vansh is fine, you be strong. He gets doctor’s call. She thinks to ask Kairav and tell Kartik later. Kairav prays. Naira comes to him. She says Vansh is fine now, how did he fall, why did you both leave the aarti, what happened, did you play with him, did he slip or you pushed him. Kairav recalls her words. She asks him to please say the truth. She says I had seen you there, did you push him. Kartik gets shocked and asks Naira what are you doing. Naira says he isn’t saying anything, he is hiding something. He stops her. He says Vansh is in hospital, you are giving stress to Kairav. Naira says there was something happening between them. Kairav says I didn’t do anything to Vansh, mumma is saying it. Kartik says she didn’t say it. She says I mean it, I have seen them. He says stop it. She says no, let me ask him, he is my son also, he knows it. Kairav says I don’t know. Kartik says I beg you, leave him. Naira says let me ask, Vansh could have lost his life or broke his bones, tell me, did you push him in anger. Kartik says enough, why will he push Vansh. Kairav says I didn’t push him. Kartik says matter ends here, enough Naira, why do you want to frame him, he loves Vansh a lot. She says I have seen him, accidents happen, he can trust me, say it. Kartik says he would have told us if there was anything, we won’t talk about this. She goes crying. Kartik pacifies Kairav and asks him to go and sleep. Kairav hugs him.

Naira sits crying. Kartik comes to pacify her. He says Vansh fell in front of you, so you are in shock. She says I was just asking Kairav. He says you were blaming him. Kairav talks to Vansh’s pic and cries. He says you jumped down and got hurt, mum doesn’t trust me, how shall I make her believe it. Kartik says fine, Kairav was scared, he is a kid, but he can’t do this, I thought matter will end here. Suwarna comes and says Vatsal is crying a lot, what shall we do, Gayu can’t come here. Naira says Kartik and I will go there, we will send Gayu home, take care of Akshu. Suwarna says she is sleeping, just go fast, I will handle Akshu. Gayu asks how can this happen, tell me. Kartik and Naira come and ask what happened. Gyau says Vansh’s legs….

Doctor says relax, Vansh try to lift your legs. Vansh says I can’t move, I m trying hard. They get shocked. Vansh asks can’t I walk again, make my legs fine. Kartik calls Samarth and says why isn’t he answering. Gayu says he doesn’t care for my son. She asks doctor to make Vansh fine. Doctor says don’t worry, I will do more tests tomorrow. Kartik says do any test, Vansh should be fine. He hugs Vansh. Naira cries and goes out to have water. Kartik comes to her. She asks will he get fine. He says yes, he will get treated, maybe he isn’t able to move legs due to pain. She says he is so young. He hugs her and consoles. He says we have to handle Vansh. Naira says if anything happened to Vansh, it happened because of Kairav, I had seen him. He says Kairav didn’t do anything. Naira says he didn’t do intentionally, but he pushed Vansha accidentally, I had seen him myself, else I would have not believed it.

Gayu hears this and gets shocked. Doctor calls her. He says don’t worry, Vansh will sleep till morning, I gave him an injection, we will do tests in morning. Gayu cries. Kartik says maybe its wrong, you know Kairav, he is our son. Naira says there is something he is hiding from us. Gayu asks nurse if she will stay here all night. Nurse says yes. Gayu thanks her. She leaves. Kartik says you won’t say this to anyone now, come. They come to Vansh. Naira asks where is Gayu. Nurse says she went somewhere. Naira says suddenly…. Nurse says Vansh will get conscious in morning, go home. Gayu comes home shouting Kairav. Dadi asks what happened. Everyone look on. Kairav makes Vansh’s painting and says I miss you so much. She shouts Kairav. Kartik and Naira come home. Manish says Gayu just came, who is with Vansh. Kartik says she disappeared. Naira asks did she go to see Vatsal. Suwarna says no, she said Kairav and went to him. Akhilesh says she was much angry, did anything happen. Kartik and Naira go to see. Gayu asks did you fight with Vansh, why did you push Vansh. Kairav says no, I didn’t push him. Gayu says don’t lie, I heard it from your mumma. Everyone comes to see. Gayu says you did this, Vansh isn’t able to stand on his legs. Everyone is shocked.

Gayu says you send others kids to jail, what will you do now, shall I call the police. Naira cries. Kairav runs away hearing this. Kartik and Naira run after him. Kairav falls down. A truck hits him. They shout Kairav……

Update Credit to: Amena


    Vansh should testify the truth and kairav should be fine he should hate naira this is what I wish

    1. Obviously he will start hating Naira … but it was really harsh on Naira’s part to just believe in what she sees without investigating… she will regret scolding Kairav.. and after Vansh’s confession the whole family will turn against Naira.. But the precap is something…why will Kairav go to jail for Vansh jumping off ? and they never talked about hearing the whole story from Vansh’s side. Jumping from balconies and Jumping to conclusions can end up in regrets…


      Yes that woman is symbol of rejection all she wants to romance with kartik nothing else


    Yes.. just hope kairav is safe and I actually feel he should run away and stay far from naira.. if it was krishna naira would fully support her

    1. Yes you are right

  3. Wat the heck Naira wat’s wrong with u how do u accuse ur own son of something like this. Thank god Kartik is on his side but wow ok Naira u r a terrible mother how can u say ur son can trust u when u clearly don’t trust him. Just watch Kairav is going to hate Naira and frankly I don’t blame him if my mom said that I would be heartbroken…Yes he lied u but the way u’ve been treating him who wouldn’t be scared…


    Kaira fans never reply when kaira is mistaken they always comment when kaira does a small thing and praise them too much example give samrath the credit kaira wel be praised as great

  5. I am beginning not to like yeh rishta kya kehlata hai.
    Firstly, kairav is behaving so badly and that’s not how naira raised him. The goenkas are spoiling him too much. Secondly, kartik is too blind to see what’s going on because he wants to make up for not being there was his was born and lastly, the father in law is also mental with his typical man mentality that men must work and women must do chores cook and take care of kids.

    1. How is he behaving badly he’s a kid every kid makes mistakes it’s natural the way they’re forcing him 2 be a perfect kid isn’t right…Yes he made a mistake but wat I don’t get is y does Naira make such a big deal abt a problem when it’s abt Kairav when it’s krishna she’s understanding but with Kairav she goes overboard. In fact, she didn’t even bother 2 find out the whole story abt the gun or this so can u blame him 4 being distant. Kartik is rly lenient but I prefer him over Naira at least he’s understanding and does berate him when he does something wrong but not as severe as Naira…

    2. I understand kairav is a kid.. But kids should tell an adult when they bring told to do something that’s dangerous, because all parents teach their kids right from wrong. Naira did that but kairav not telling anyone whats going on. Now, vansh won’t be able to walk and kairav could have put an end to everything by telling everyone the truth. I also admit that kartik is lenient and understanding but he should also be a parent and find out the truth. What if kairav shot his sister? What then? Mistakes happen that I also understand but shooting someone is a big deal. Naira is also being a mother and all mothers worry, get scared, and she has a right to get angry when her child puts someone else’s life at risk.


      Right comes by fulfilling duties which this woman doesn’t have and kairav is being blamed for everything

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