Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st November 2019 Written Episode Update: Goenkas help a stranger

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vedika apologizing and hugging Kartik. She says sorry, its my mistake to go without informing you. Reporters ask her where did she go, what had happened. Naira and Kartik see each other. Naira cries and gets back. Kairav asks when will dad come. Naira says your dad is here. Kartik comes home and hugs Kairav and Vansh. He says your mum is the best, she solved this mess. Kairav says mumma is best. They see Goenkas coming. Vansh asks Vedika what did she get for them. Vedika says I will tell later. Kartik asks the kids to go. Kartik asks Vedika why didn’t she come home, who caught her, why was she shouting Kartik on phone. Naira says yes, tell us in detail, who was that man. Dadi asks her to end this mystery.

Vedika says I left for the airport, I went to get dad’s memories with me, when I reached home, someone made me unconscious, when I got conscious, some men were talking about medical tests, I was scared that they are organ thieves, I offered them money, they didn’t listen, when I got my phone, I called Kartik, until then they took me somewhere else, I tried much to contact you all. She cries. Dadi says Naira risked her life and saved you and Kartik. Naira says they kept you for long, they didn’t call us, what was motive for kidnapping.

Vedika says don’t know, they didn’t get anything when you both were kidnapping. Kartik says we had run away, you were there for many days. Manish says yes, it maybe some old enemy, I will inform the police. Vedika thanks Naira. He says I don’t know if I could come home or not. Naira says no need to thank, someone helped me, I called him here, he was scared to come to police station as goons would see him. She asks servant to call him. She says don’t worry Vedika, he is a nice man, he helped us. Vedika says I remembered those men who… The guy comes. She gets shocked.

Kartik thanks the guy Akshat and says Naira told me about you. Akshat says its fine, I just wanted to help. Manish says you have a good thinking. Akshat says I will go now, thanks for giving me much respect. He turns and falls down. They hold him. They see a wound on his leg. Akshat says a goon hit me with rod, I didn’t pay attention. Naira thinks it didn’t happen so, but maybe he is injured, I didn’t realize. Akshat says I will go. Manish says no, until doctor examines you and you get fine, you won’t go. Vedika worries. Doctor checks Akshat and treats him.

Naira says sorry, you were helping, I didn’t realize when you got hurt. Akshat says its fine, you also risked life to save that madam. Vedika asks what does he want, why did he kidnap me and then help Naira. Everyone talks to Akshat. Akshat says my family is in village, I stay alone because I work here. Vedika says why would he come if he had to leave. Akshat gets up and falls. He says sorry, I couldn’t balance. Kartik helps her. Suwarna says we will make him stay here until he gets fine. Akshat says its okay. Kartik says you have to stay here. Servant says we have to make guest room ready, that man is much hurt. Vedika says its not happening right. Dadi asks Kartik to get freshened up, they will light diya in front of Lord. Naira goes. She takes bath and comes out. She slips. Kartik holds her in arms. Aahatein….plays….

She says you here, did you need anything? He hugs her. He says I wanted to thank you and much more, I was so scared, why did you do this, what if anything happened to you then, I have been wanting to hug you, just touch you and make sure you are fine, to hug you and thank, I really need you, I mean Kairav and others need you, nothing should happen to you. She holds him. She gets away. He says I really want to hug you. He holds her close. Dadi calls her. She asks him to take care of himself and Vedika.

Dadi sees Naira and Vedika. She gives them aarti. She says it will be difficult time for you to live under the same roof, I m responsible for this, give some time to Kartik, there will be some solution, everything will get fine. She goes. Naira says this is your house, I came from outside, so I will go. She goes. Vedika says yes Naira, you will have to go, because I have to stay here as Kartik’s wife, I don’t want to go, you were part of his past, he is part of my past who came back suddenly, what does he want. Kairav and Vansh play. Hot tea falls on Akshat’s hand. They say sorry. Naira asks them to play outside.

She asks Akshat to dip hand in water. Akshat says its fine, tea wasn’t hot. She says just check your hand, you reacted as if the tea was very hot. He says I will go and pour water on my hand. She picks the tea cup and dips her finger to check. She finds the tea hot. Akshat dips hand in the water. His tattoo is revealed. He says Vedika you have given me a lot of pain, I tolerated a lot, this is no big deal, you have run a lot, but not anymore, now I have come here, where will you go now. He laughs. Naira thinks of his wound.

Kairav says we will plan Vansh’s birthday. Akshat says I m waiting for the party. Kartik says we will keep the party.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Ok I’m all 4 kaira moments and everything but kartik even tho u don’t accept vedika as ur wife she’s still ur wife so maybe try 2 at least respect her even a little??

    1. As we said before we are getting tried of the vedika thing , this people are so in love with each other. there are embedded in each other soul. She is always there to save everyone , its crazy naira deserves an award.
      i dont blame hime.
      1. am in love with my wife so bad ,
      2. i dint know that she was alive for 5 years .
      3. the day i found out , am married to someone else who i have no feelings for
      4. i havent been able o deal with the fact the love of my life is alive and i have to do all this with a wife i dont like.
      5. cant he annul his marriage with vedika. his still in love with his first wife.
      6. i do love kaira moments.

    2. Technically nitra and a karthik never divorced so vedikas marriage is not legit

    3. Yes that’s what the real fact. So their is no meaning of vedika in kartik’s life.

    4. Yes that’s what the real fact. So their is no meaning of vedika in kartik’s life.

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