Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira leaves Goenka house

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying you can’t talk like this to Dadi. Naira looks at him. Kartik says I m aware of everything, you know if its Dadi’s mistake, I will ask her to correct it, this time its Naira’s mistake, that’s why we all are in such a situation, its Naira’s fault too. Naira looks at him and cries. Suwarna thinks this shouldn’t have happened. Kartik says I m sure we both have own reasons, so just let it be.

Naira sees Dadi and thinks please say something Dadi, I did what you said, our relation reached here because of you, please tell Kartik its not my fault. Dadi turns away. Naira says lets go home Papa. Naira, Naksh and Naitik go. Kartik signs no to Suwarna and goes. Suwarna thinks misunderstandings make relations weak, don’t let this happen. Naira sits in the car. Naitik says sorry, things went out of hand. She says no, Kartik was very upset so I had kept quiet, one who should have spoken remained quiet. She cries as the car leaves. She sees Kartik. Maine socha bhi na tha…. Kartik comes there. She gets down the car and goes to him. He says here’s your phone, its been ringing since morning, it maybe something imp. He turns away and goes back home.

Suwarna looks on. Naira thinks you don’t know how much difficult it is for me to live without you. Naira leaves. Yeh rishta….plays…. Dadi says I have to ward off evil sight from Kartik. Suwarna taunts her and says sorry, its you who has forgotten, why didn’t you speak when you should have said, she wanted you to speak up at that time, the truth is its your mistake, if Kartik loves his wife, it doesn’t mean he is a henpecked husband, its wrong to force your view on others. Dadi says I don’t need your advice. Suwarna says I will do anything to save their relation, many relations are based on it, I can sacrifice all other fake relations to save one true relation, creating misunderstandings between two lovers is a big sin, there is still time, you can resolve everything, else you will just regret. She goes.

Dadi gets Jiji’s call. She gets shocked. Manish asks whose call was it. Dadi says Jiji’s call from New york. Devyaani asks why did you get Naira back. Naitik says for her mental peace. Baisa says don’t know what he did there. Devyaani says Naira should have not come here. Aryan says I have a great idea, if you can listen. Manish says I m busy, I m worried for some other matter. He goes. Aryan asks Akhilesh to listen. Akhilesh gets a call and goes. Aryan says only Kartik gets importance here, they don’t listen to me at all. Suwarna comes to Kartik. She says bring back what are you missing, don’t try to divert mind.

Kartik says she walked out willingly, I didn’t ask her to go. Suwarna says you will never have ego issues in love, the lovers will try to stay united. He asks why doesn’t she understand. She says you are also not understanding, what she is going through, she trusts your love a lot, so she didn’t clarify, she thought you will understand what the truth is. He says she doesn’t trust me, she told everyone what’s in her heart, but not me, if she is hurt, why did she leave me. She says maybe she is not showing her pain, she loves you. He says I thought so, she doesn’t understand me. He cries and says she walked out. Suwarna consoles him. He rests in her lap. Dadi looks on and thinks Kartik is already upset, how shall I ask him to talk to Naira, Naira would be upset with me.

Surekha asks did you tell Kartik. Dadi says no. Surekha says there is less time. Dadi says I know, we need to set everything fine before Jiji comes, I could convince her that I m equal to her, I m happy and satisfied with my love, the entire family listens to me, all my efforts will go in vain when she finds out Naira is not at home, I can’t bear my sister seeing our faults, everything should be perfect and better than her life. Surekha asks if Kartik doesn’t go, how will Naira come back before Mausi comes. Naira dances and sees Kartik. She falls down and cries. She says why don’t you listen to me. Dadi comes there. She says I want to talk to you. Naira lets her in and shuts door. Dadi says my Jiji is coming from New york, doctor has permitted her to travel, she will ask for you, please come home. Naira asks did you come to say this, you never interfere between me and Kartik, I wish this was true.

Jiji eats panipuri. Dadi says what will we say if she asks about Naira. Naira says Maasi Dadi……. Dadi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Even Akshara’s death or Keesh Marriage did not cause this much…Just go away and want Kartik to come and manoe her, when the problem is clearly because of your stubborn ‘Am always right’ and ‘Do things on your own’ attitude..I don’t see anywhere when Dadi asked you to stay away from Kartik..Things would have been normal, if you would not interfered and advised almost all the time..Especially in a place like GV, which is like a nuclear family, where everyone is busy in their own work..Your stubbornness that people should accept your views and suggestions overnight, without even giving them some time to come out of their disturbed minds, has caused this much..If she remains like this, even any other family bound to get pissed off and irritated except singhanias..

    1. That’s true, she could lead a peaceful life in this house if she would mind her own business. She always argues for things that doesn’t concern her but doesn’t fight for things she should, like her self respect. When dadi throw her outside the house, she came back and was trying to convince dadi of her innocence. A self respected girl would not return to the house she was humiliated from until she is taken back with all respect and apologies. The same with forgiving mansi and goenkas about akshara’s death, no daughter can be so cool and forgiving to her mother’s murderer ( even if it is by accident), in one day her lost was forgotten and party was celebrated. But yeah she can create a drama about temple offering, tradition celebrate, other ppl relations and other stuff that don’t need her involvement.
      And about suwarna, the way her character was introduced after akshara’s death and by the way she made naira had faith on karthik and prove his innocence, let us expect to see her as another mother for naira. Who will not only support her but guid her in the right path, teach her about relations, share wisdom with her, do things a mother do for her daughter . But it is naira who turned out to be suwarna’s mother. She is only reduced to be a spectator, and ended up being the most useless character

    2. You need to make some adjustments, If You wanna live and enjoy the pleasures of joint family..And moreover, little misunderstandings bound to come only in a joint family like SS, where everyone does things together..GV is more like a nuclear family..You just need to not mind orthodox practices of Dadi and should stay away from her personal line..As for naira, just showing your skills in cooking amounts to a big adjustment..Naira never wants to adjust, She only want to rule..

  2. Let it be Kirti or suwarna, seems they will never be shown talking things to their respective husbands regarding their problems, but will look upon only this boastful Dadi for everything…

    1. Nope. Kirti suwarna have their jagat maata naira.
      This naira is the most mannerless female lead.

  3. If suwarna says that she can go to any extent to unite her children, why didnt she speak out when karthik was questioning naitik…. she was mutely watchin everything and now says that she can do anything…. writer and director please look into your screenplay…. why is every member silent for every issue and let things get blown out of place until the hero heroine do something themselves to solve all problems…

    1. Let it be Suwarna, Manish or Naitik, everyone take turns to act stupid and immature..They will be in freeze mode mostly..Whatever happens before them, let it be Kaira dictating all rituals and procedures or fight and romance or even when there are scenes like naira being thrown out of the house etc..Only active people are Dadi and Kaira..We loved them when the characters were introduced..Now we cannot even connect with them, due to this core inconsistency, just to promote their leads on full fledge… What is the need to make Kartik hate his dad for his mother’s death and made it a big issue?? After all, Kartik did not even say sorry to him for all years of rude behaviour and hurt, he has caused..They just closed that story line just like that..Same for Keerti also…Unless Naira us involved in it, no other relation is given any value or importance it deserves..

  4. yes Naira should learn to mind her own business! As for Daadi she’s the villain of this story……Naira should learn to fight for herself instead of minding peoples business!!! It sucks now!

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