Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara talking to her college friend Priyanka and meeting her bahu. Naitik smiles. Akshara says you are surprised me. Priyanka says its their love marriage. Priyanka says we have to leave early. Naitik asks Keshav to attend their special guests well. Naitik tells Akshara that she can get her bahu too. She says Naksh is young, let him enjoy life, I don’t want any bahu. Naitik laughs.

Yash says I will get bike and goes. Naksh sees Tara and stops her. She says your mum met me. He asks what did she say. She says nothing special, shall I meet later. He asks will she give her number, if he has to ask about Naira. She says yes, sure. He gets Yash’s call and her friend calls her. She goes saying she will give number next time. He thinks where will she meet him next time, but he will meet her.

Pehla Nasha pehla khumaar……………plays………….. Naksh smiles and roams there. Naitik tells Akshara that he is leaving. Akshara calls Varsha and tells about Rama’s words, something is happening that is increasing her worry, Priyanka got her bahu at this age. Varsha says Priyanka is elder to us, she was married early, don’t take tension, Naksh has no GF, don’t worry. Akshara says if he has GF and he wants to marry then.. Varsha says we will see, we can’t help it. Akshara hears someone scolding waiter and goes to see.

The old man scolds the waiter and asks for a proper tea. Akshara says sorry uncle, I will bring what you want. He angrily looks at her and asks who is she to talk in between. She says I m …. He says maybe owner of the place, but who asked you to speak between two men, woman should just say haan ji and then shut up, this head should bow down. She gets shocked. She asks waiter what happened. The waiter says he ordered tea. The old man says he has given milk, tea powder and sugar, I want tea. She says its English tea, calm down, I will get tea, our guests are getting disturbed as he is shouting. He asks what, how dare you talk to me like this.

He asks about owner of the hotel, else write that this hotel is ruined as woman is managing it, who is troubling people here to loot them. He asks does her husband does not work that she is working. The customers look on. She says I regret you have such mindset, its wrong, men and women are equal, there is no difference, if elders do mistake, we respect them, there are our values, I will not say anything, but you have called my husband’s workplace a loot plate, I would not serve you. She asks him to leave if he wants, and greets him politely. He leaves angrily.

Tara calls him Dada ji and he stops. He smiles seeing her. He says you did late, I was waiting for you, where is your cycle. Tara says teacher stopped me, I left cycle. He asks why did she call him. She says to give sweets, I have got selected by your blessings. He gets glad and says I knew you would do this, you know I don’t bless everyone, I leave all rules for you, so your brothers have this complain with me, I know you do what you want, you are my blood. He says don’t break my trust. She says yes, don’t worry. He asks where she has to go, when and what will she do. She says she has to give lecture on youth duty towards Indian heritage. He says great, you value heritage till now, everyone is just changing. She says she has go to outside Udaipur. She feels sorry to lie to him, as he has problem with her hockey.

Akshara sees the specs and worries. She goes out to give it to uncle. Tara asks him to come to Krishna. He says no, I won’t go, its nonsense place, there is no proper tea, we will go somewhere else. Akshara does not see them, and says he will come back if he recalls. He tells Tara about argument at Krishna. He says Tara is his fav, and asks shall I call your brothers here. She says no, we will go home and have tea. They leave.

Naksh praises Devyaani and Bhabhimaa. They ask what does he want. Naksh asks do they know making golgappa, can they teach him. They ask why, does he want to start side business. Naksh says I want to add it in Krishna’s menu. Bhabhimaa says send staff. Devyaani asks why suddenly. Naksh says please teach me, I will teach the staff.

Naitik asks Akshara to forget everything and gives her tea. She tells how uncle has scolded her, she disliked the mindset against women. Naitik says we can’t hear everyone. He pacifies her and says if uncle comes again, don’t talk to him, be angry on him. She says I can’t. He says it means you are not saying bad, so he is wrong, if I was here, I would have told him that my wife is very nice. Naira talks to her friend and is worried as she has to do makeup in party. She thinks Akshara won’t allow her.

Tara’s friend asks her to fill form, its last day. Tara tears the form and cries. Naksh looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Superb episode!!!! 🙂

  2. I am feeling very pity for Naira.. 🙁

  3. I liked Naksh and Yash conversation..

  4. Akshara’s college friend looks very elder compare to her. Akshara should taught that old man a good lesson. I hope we’ll see that in upcoming episode…. :-/

  5. I really don’t like anyone just differentiat man and women both are equal even womens like aksara are better then men please reply if agree with me

  6. Yup manav u r absolutely right

  7. Thorat darshana

    yah,manav I realy agree with u .Anything else siprb episode

  8. Nice episode

  9. I like Naitik’s cool hairstyle. BTW this episode was awesome… But i am missing sanju a lot… Pls come back to this serial

  10. awesome episode….. but i missed it !!!
    akshara should do something for naira… yrrr !! feeL bad for her :/

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