Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Kairav’s sorrow

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik signing the form. He asks Kairav do you really want to go, tell me, I can cancel this admission and take you home, you look sad. Kairav says no, I m not sad. They hug and cry. Kartik asks who will take care of you. Kairav says you are crying, everyone is watching. Kartik says please come with me, we will play football every day. Kairav asks him to go. He cries and goes. Kartik cries. Rishta…plays….

Kartik says I know you will call me in some time, how will you sleep without holding my hand. Kairav cries and recalls Manish’s words. The warden asks shall I call your dad, do you want to go back home. Kairav says no. Kartik thinks Kairav has come. He turns and sees watchman. He asks Kartik not to worry, he will take care of Kairav. Kartik thanks him and leaves. Kairav follows the hostel rules. Kartik says no Maa, I m at a nearby hotel, I know Kairav will come back, I will meet him in the morning, he will ask me to take him home, we will come back. He sits outside the hostel. He asks Kairav to call him once. He says you will miss me, why don’t you say. Kairav comes at the window and cries. Kartik calls him out. Kairav goes away. Kartik says let me go in, I will meet my son once and not disturb anyone. Watchman says its not allowed. Kartik says I will see him from far, he is alone, please. Watchman says I can’t let you go in, I will go and see your kid. Kartik asks for his number. Watchman shows Kairav sleeping. Kartik calls out Kairav. Watchman says don’t wake him up. He goes. Kairav cries and says sorry, I know you are missing me a lot, I also miss you. Kartik says I miss you lot, come back soon, I can’t live without you. Kairav says sorry……

Its morning, Kartik wakes up and asks the watchman where is Kairav. He says if you told him that I m waiting, he would have come. Watchman says many parents leave kids here and go, you were here all night in the car parking, you are a great dad, even your son is saying the same. Kairav comes. Kartik hugs him. He says you had seen me from the window and then acted to sleep, I m your dad, I know you, we will go back home. Kairav says no, listen to me first, did you hear the baby bird and Papa bird story, Naira told me once. He tells the story. He says its not necessary that we stay together all the time. Kartik asks who do I have. Kairav says you have the entire family. Kartik asks who is with you. Kairav says mumma, remember what she told at the temple. Kartik recalls and says I had promised her that I will take care of you and Akshu. Kairav says you promised me to support me in anything I want. Kartik says yes, I will support you, come back with me. Kairav says you are staying without Naira. Kartik says when we stayed separated in Mumbai, we were not happy. Kairav says Naksh said when we miss someone, we should keep hand on heart and think of that someone. He calls out Naira. He asks Kartik to try. Kartik says Naira…. He says I don’t want to believe this, I request you, please come with me. Kairav says I can do anything here, I won’t miss mumma here. Kartik asks won’t you miss me. Kairav says I will call you.

Kartik says our relation i just of phone. Kairav says our relation will always be same. Kartik says I used to be with you to take care of you. Kairav says do care now. Kartik asks would you say the same to Naira. Kairav says one should experience new things, we will try for few days. Kartik says if you can’t stay then… Kairav says I will make you a call and you will come, you are the best Papa, I love you. Kartik thinks he has grown up in one night. Tu jo nazron……plays… Kartik hugs him. Kairav takes him to the car and asks him to leave. Kartik leaves. Kairav cries and says I already miss you Papa. Kartik doesn’t eat the food. He goes out and thinks I miss you mumma. Manish asks why do I feel restless, I m worried for Kairav. Suwarna says don’t worry, Kairav is sensible. Manish says he is acting strong in front of Kartik, when Kartik leaves, Kairav will get scared. Kairav wakes up and says its dark already. He gets scared and runs shouting mumma. Sirat is seen boxing.

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