Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhi fights for Akshu’s rights

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhi and Akshu coming to the hospital. Everyone welcomes them. The staff say we are excited to work with you, Akshu is the best, Abhi is lucky to get her, if they work together, then patients will recover soon. Aarohi looks on and cries. She leaves. Akshu thinks what to do, music dept won’t be there now. Abhi takes her to the cabin. Akshu stumbles. He holds her in arms. Jaaniye….plays… He asks her to smile, Mr. and Mrs. Birla legacy is continuing, what happened, why is she upset, is she senti because of the surprise. He says this love and respect, you deserve this, no one is doing a favor on you. He explains her that Manjiri is also talented but didn’t get a chance. He asks Akshu to hire anyone she wants. He shows the resume. She says I don’t want this dept. He looks at her. Aarohi asks am I not deserving, I m hardworking and talented, why do I have to struggle to get everything. Dr. Rohan gives her roses. She asks what is wrong with you, you are giving red roses to me. He says this came for you, so I came to hand it over. She sees the bouquet sent by Rudra. She says why did Rudra send this to me, he is calling also. She answers the call. Abhi says you have to handle the dept, you are meant to do this, seriously. Akshu cries. He says I m getting tension, what happened. She says no, I don’t want the music dept., we just got married, I want to give my time to you and family, I can’t handle work and family together. He says we will handle it together, it’s a brilliant idea, we will be together 24 by 7, I won’t let you pay a big price for the marriage. She says I don’t want anyone to say that my career is gifted to me by my husband on my Mu dikhai.

Aarohi looks at the roses. Abhi asks what did you say, your words have insulted my love and talent, you discarded our hardwork, its my family hospital, do I work here for this, don’t I deserve this respect.

She says I was talking about myself. He says the matter is still the same, tell me, if anyone told you, can’t I give you a gift, being self made is good, what’s wrong. She says I mean I don’t get much patients, so such a big dept… Abhi says patients will come gradually. He asks her to say who told her this. Rohan comes and gives a work file. Akshu says I will just come. She goes. Abhi says I will find out who told her and what.

Akshu is at home. She recalls Abhi’s words. She hears a siren and rushes to see. She sees Abhi sitting with the siren. Everyone gathers in the hall to see. Harsh asks what does this mean. Abhi says warning, I give warning publicly, I do not destroy someone’s career secretly. Mahima asks what happened. Anand asks him to come to the point. Abhi asks how did you decide to shut the music dept. Mahima says like you have opened it without asking us. Harsh says thanks for reminding. Harsh and Abhi start arguing. Anand says its not about that. Abhi asks him what’s the matter. Harsh says its management decision, we won’t tell you, I m not stopping Akshu’s practice, she can go to see patients ward to ward, she won’t get her personal space. Abhi says she needs a space. Harsh says sorry, this can’t happen. Abhi says I will fight for this. Shefali says when Parth left the hospital for his music, why didn’t you think of this for his sake, if Abhi supported Parth, then Parth would have learnt it too.

Parth says I m not interested in music as therapy. Mahima asks them to stop it. Harsh says we are shutting down the music dept, and opening an IVF facility, it will give us much profits. Abhi asks him to stop chanting about profit, music therapy can also give him profits, if you understood mum and then you would know music is therapeutic. Harsh asks will she tell me now. Abhi says you didn’t let her speak till now, if you listened to her, then you would have been a better person. Anand says it’s a professional decision, don’t make this personal, we will talk about facts and figures. Harsh asks why, we have already discussed, I don’t expect anyone to interfere in my work, I hire gold medalist doctors, I don’t want any unqualified music artist. Abhi says she plays guitar, if you don’t know this, then you are uneducated, not her, you insulted Manjiri’s talent also, her dreams got ruined, but I won’t let you control Akshu’s dreams and happiness, this music dept won’t be shut. Harsh says it will be shut. They argue. Akshu cries seeing this. She says dept. will be there or not, its your decision, my decision is, I won’t work there. Mahima says matter is solved, she doesn’t want to work there, you are fighting for her. Harsh says Abhi is habitual to taunt me, you don’t see that my assumption about them isn’t wrong, they get what they deserve. He taunts Abhi. Manjiri cries. Abhi leaves. Akshu looks at him and cries.

Akshu says sorry to say no. Abhi says you have sacrificed your dreams. She learns about Harsh and Manjiri’s anniversary. Abhi says we don’t plan anything. Akshu thinks to play a surprise. Abhi and Akshu are seen dancing in locales of some ice mountains.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I wish Akshara opens her own academy

  2. Aaj akshara ek samajdhari ki baath kahi hai, anyway abhi chodane vala nahi shakir baap ka shakir beta, yeh rudra neil tho nahin?

  3. I think harsh did a good thing by closing the music therapy department becoz if music therapy department is still open and akshara works over there then akshara wouldn’t earn respect and and fame as”Akshara Birla” and her talent will be shown for only a few patients.And if she gains popularity in birla hospital as a music therapist also she will be overshadowed by birla’s name gain name as dr.abhimanyu birla wife is a great singer or birla’s daughter-in-law is a great singer that’s it.But she cannot individually gain the name and fame as herself”Akshara Birla”.Now by harsh shutting the music therapy department akshara got a chance to showcase her talent to the whole world and she can gain immense popularity by performing in different music shows& she will be recognised by famous musicians and other famous people also.And everyone in the world can recognise her becoz of her talent and she can gain more name and fame than birla’s.And also by her talent showcasing in whole world she can get opportunities in movies,albums,other-things etc.She will earn more money,name and fame when compared to birla’s And if she doesn’t get chance in movies also no problem.As abhimanyu said every hospital is promoting music therapy sessions so akshara can get any oppertunity due to her talent.And who knows after gaining popularity harsh himself along with Anand and mahima would reopen the music therapy department for gaining popularity to their hospital.I think akshara got an opportunity to showcase her talent in front of whole world so akshara should not miss this opportunity by sitting at home instead she should face the whole world with her talent.And I think Abhimanyu should morally ,physically and mentally encourage support her to pursue her music dreams to showcase her music talent in front of the whole world.

  4. And I think abhi did right by fighting for his wife akshara(akshu) rights.And he should always be stood like this everytime and as support system to akshara and also understand her.Instead of more romancing.In Intial sr.Akshara and naitik’s track instead of romance there was more of understanding and support rather than more romance.But in kaira’s track there was more romance,less understanding and less support.But love was only that kept kaira together.hope abhira track will be sr.akshara and naitik’s track.

  5. So Abhimanyu can do anything without consulting anyone but he should always be consulted before anyone does something. Mahima gave the right points today. And I don’t think even Anand and Harsh are wrong. At the end of the day, everyone thinks about profit only.
    Even Akshara was right today. Even if she continues practicing at Birla hospital, it is crystal clear that she got favours from her husband as no person will become HOD within few weeks of joining. It requires extreme talent and also long period of experience to head a department and I don’t think even Abhimanyu is experienced enough to head a department considering that Anand and Mahima are much more seniors to him. Akshara put her stance clearly but Abhimanyu is hell bent to make her work in Birla hospital only even if she feels uncomfortable. Abhimanyu should come out of his thinking whatever he does is always correct. Akshara just quit the hospital, she didn’t sacrifice her dreams. It’s good that Abhimanyu is supporting his wife but he should first know his wife’s thoughts and interests before doing that. Akshara will surely pursue her dreams but Abhimanyu should know her wish before he himself deciding what Akshara is wishing for.
    Even if Akshara works in Birla hospital, her success will come under Birlas success and she will have no gain personally. If she opens he own therapy center, the success will come under her wings rather than going to Birlas.
    Felt really bad for Aarohi today. She is struggling so hard for her career and is much more talented but still she is not getting deserved recognition. But also I’m happy that she stood on her feet by her hard work instead of getting favours from someone. Don’t know who is this Rudra now. I wish he would be the friend whom Aarohi could confide in but I don’t think he is just friend as he sent Red roses.
    Shefali pointed out Abhimanyu today and very soon Abhimanyu Vs Birlas match will start if Abhimanyu doesn’t figure out how to solve things in a proper way. Who plays ambulance siren in home to call everyone. There are many civilized ways to solve an issue and Abhimanyu should start adapting them so that Akshara doesn’t get uncomfortable with all the yelling and screaming.

    1. Even I also wrote the same thing Siya.Please say if I am right or wrong.

    2. @Abc
      I actually wrote many things in comment 😂. About which point of my comment are you indicating 😁

    3. Yes, Abhimanyu must have realized today that even he should have consulted when Mahima pointed it out.👏

      Akshara really wanted to work at Birla Hospital, but she is giving excuses now as she has heard the Big 3 birlas. Harsh’s fight is unnecessary because since the Department is just using a cabin and already Present resources, It’s revenue will surely exceed its cost and it will earn profits considering how depression problems are growing nowadays. One cabin won’t add too much to the IVF resources, they can get one more bcoz it will already be involving crores of Investment in machines and docs. But Harsh is dumb.🤦‍♀️

      It’s good though. Akshara has enough money to open her own clinic somewhere and she can excel anywhere. I would be happy if she joins a competing hospital though.🤭

      Abhimanyu’s anger is scary man. The intensity he has🥵. Though, It gas helped him in living his life on his own terms when everyone in the house is made to work According to those 3 elders.

      Even Arohi entered the hospital without any proper interview. Harsh hired her just because he liked her PR thinking and she was going to be his bahu. Though, she was able enough to clear it if it would have happened just like Akshara would have cleared if she would have been interviewed. And she can’t get a department, because she isn’t specialized yet. Plus, her behavior with staff is not much good that they will praise her like Akshara. So, she should stop comparing herself with Akshara everytime. She just finds a way to feel bad for herself. 🤦‍♀️

      Handling departments doesn’t always has to do with experience. I have seen people who are very young and still own startups & are running it successfully. And Akshara is the first MT of the hospital and they want to be cost effective with the department, she very well qualifies to be the head of the Department. Else, they will have to bear cost of hiring some experienced therapist. It’s not that they are making her head in presence of some Senior music therapist.

      Makers should tone down the drama a bit. Abhira are newly married, give them some happiness.

    4. @Anjali your points are absolutely true

    5. @Abc 👍😊

    6. @Anjali
      I don’t know about startups but becoming a HOD in a hospital does require experience. Aarohi cleared her practical interview though Harsh didn’t conduct theoretical interview. You said correct that Aarohi can’t head a department as she is not specialized in any department yet, but even Akshara is not specialized and experienced enough to head a department and as I said even Abhimanyu is not experienced enough to head a department though he is brilliant in his field. Only a much senior doctor is chosen to head a department in any hospital and we can’t ignore the fact that Akshara didn’t do any hard work neither to become music therapist in hospital nor to become HOD. Mahima offered her job just to keep her close to Abhimanyu and Abhimanyu GIFTER her the department, she didn’t earn it. Aarohi entered the hospital by toping in MBBS exam which does require lot of hard work. I don’t think she was jealous of Akshara today or compared herself with Akshara. Any one will feel bad if they don’t get deserved recognition even after working hard and others get without any hard work.
      Both Akshara and Aarohi are talented in their fields but at present it is good for Akshara if she leaves Birla hospital and opens her own therapy center so that the mark that she became successful due to her husband’s favour will vanish.

    7. @Ya siya true but akshara was doing master in music therapy and was also going to Pune for doing masters in music therapy but she came back to fight for her rights in goenka’s house once .And it was shown in one episode and she was attending online masters in music therapy and might be completing her masters in music therapy course also.And she also giving different sessions outside in form of charity.where once we had seen abhimanyu bringing manjari to a park to give peace to manjari health condition in form of music therapy and akshara attended that sessions as a music therapist and won accolades of everyone including manjari who felt relief by akshara music therapy sessions.
      But arohi wanted a fake master degree without pursuing it to marry abhi and turn into power couple like Anand and mahima and she was caught for that.The only arohi wants is success,name and fame to gain that if it requires to destroy anyone’s life also she doesn’t stepback like her grandmother Sheila who was hell bent in ruining others life.she will also ruin others life.Atohi is similar to Sheila and also jealous of abhi and akshu marriage,and also support for akshu.
      And you are that abhi,aaru and akshu are not much experienced than harsh,mahima and Anand.
      But akshu is little bit experienced in music therapy becoz she gave sessions as charity outside the park and also she gave some sessions in birla hospital.
      But you are right that aaru,akshu,abhi are not more famous than mahima,Anand and harsh and abhi,akshu aaru are not seniors than harsh,mahima and anand so Abhi,aaru and akshu cannot be given HOD positions intheir respective departments.But akshu,aaru should deserve some respect for their talent like abhi.
      We should respect their talents.Especially akshara more respect for her talent,character,goodness,kindness and teamwork etcetc… As a musician

    8. She was not trying to gain fake masters degree she paid money so that she she can give md exams as she did not fill the exam form and submitted at the given time frame, she was duped into thinking that she can give exam if she give money as a part of late fee, she wasn’t buying any seat for md but gave money to give md exam

    9. @Siya
      Yes, doctors requires much more hardwork in Comparison to other careers but that isn’t the fault of people in other careers. Many careers offer success at small age and with less hardwork in Comparison. If Arohi wanted recognition earlier, she should have gone for those. But since she is a doctor, she should know that Doctors get recognition after much hardwork in Comparison to others. And Abhimanyu and Harsh has always mentioned that she is a good intern & asset to Hospital, even infront of her family too. So, she has got praised. She should see other interns & see how even they are doing hardwork but doesn’t getting much recognition. Because, that’s how the field is. She is 1 in 1000s in her field while Akshara is the only 1 in her field in the hospital, so she obviously will get all the feedbacks whatever. It was so childish to compare with someone in different field.

      And today, Akshara was getting praised & felicitated by Hospital staff but she rarely tried to be happy in her happiness. All she thought was why she didn’t get. Infact, left in between. Akshara, on the other hand, gets so happy even at the slightes praise Arohi receives.

      As @abc correctly mentioned, Akshara too has completed her studies and provided therapies too both online & offline as practical experience. She has already done the hardwork required in her career. Akshara is 2 years younger to Arohi & MBBS is of 4.5 years( without Internship), so Akshara has done around 6.5 years of studies & sessions which is really good in her field. So, please don’t belittle her work saying she got everything without hardwork. Art too requires years of practice.

      Coming to HOD, yes it requires experience, but since they have no one other than her & they don’t want to invest much in the department initially, she is the only one qualified to be HOD. Since she has earned a good reputation among patients in such a good time, what’s the problem if it’s saving costs too?

      And yes, it’s better for Akshara to start something of her own.

    10. @Abc
      Aarohi didn’t try to buy fake MD degree. She just paid the compensation fee as the deadline to submit application form for MD exam is finished but she was cheated by online fraudsters. She even studied for the MD entrance exam amidst her wedding preparations. Many private colleges sell their MBBS seats and people even buy the seats by paying crores. If that is not fraud, how this can be labelled as fraud. The only mistake she did is to hide all these from her family.
      And I never once didn’t degrade Akshara’s talent. She is pursuing online masters which is good and she also performed outside the hospital but that doesn’t rule out the fact that she didn’t struggle to get recognized in Birla hospital like Aarohi and other doctors of the hospital struggled and are still struggling. Infact I have never seen her singing songs other than O kanha or Dil se bandhi…makers atleast should make her sing different songs in different occasions to make her foundation stronger as music therapist.

    11. @Anjali
      You are right! Doctors get recognition after much hard work and the same applies to Akshara as well as according to Abhimanyu and Goenkas, even Akshara is a doctor. Just because she is only 1 in her field in the hospital doesn’t mean she should be the HOD. If any other therapist was only 1 in hospital instead of Akshara, Abhimanyu wouldn’t have even looked at that music room. A department in a hospital doesn’t form by only 1. It requires atleast 5 6 people. And as Harsh said, she can surely practice her music therapy but making her HOD is definitely not a wise decision.
      And I don’t think giving few therapies online and at a camp by singing same song is called hard work. Akshara surely did hard work till now to study her field but she is just at 1st step of her career. Aarohi is younger to Akshara and as MBBS requires 5 years to complete, Akshara has 6.5 years to study and practice but none knows what she actually did in those 6.5 years. I already mentioned that even Abhimanyu is not experienced enough to head a department and Akshara here is much more inexperienced than Abhimanyu. A professional practicing doctor should atleast have 6 7 years of experience to become a senior doctor and after few years he/she becomes the HOD. And if we be practical, Aarohi’s situation today isn’t wrong. She isn’t able to stop her tears and hence walked away rather than standing there crying and making a fool of herself and get a blame from Abhimanyu again that Aarohi spoiled his wife’s 1st day at work after marriage. And I never belittled Akshara’s work. If we follow the series keeping our imaginations aside, it can be clearly seen that Akshara hasn’t done much and required hard work regarding her career. Art do requires years of practice but it requires much more struggle to make career in art fields. I have never seen Akshara singing anything else expect Oh Kanha! I don’t think singing only 1 song everytime is called hard work. If Akshara really wants to become best music therapist, she should attend various workshops and should practice under her seniors first to gain experience and can surely become an independent professional music therapist. Although the show didn’t show Aarohi studying day and night for her MBBS exam like how medical students do, they showed that she topped which itself is proof that she worked hard. Whereas for Akshara, the makers didn’t give any clarity what did she even study as learning just playing guitar doesn’t make one a music therapist. It also requires to study peoples mind and then treat them the way they require.
      I mentioned before also that both Akshara and Aarohi are talented in their fields but Akshara is getting much more privilege than what she actually deserves in hospital which can’t be ruled out

    12. @Anjali @Abc
      All that I commented is just my POV. I didn’t intend to hurt anyone out of you both. I am more of a pragmatic person and that’s why I have a habit of seeing everything in a practical way than giving in to my emotions even if it’s just a TV show and the characters are fictional😊

    13. I totally agree with all your points @siya. Good points.
      And as a doctor I can definitely understand aarohi’s frustration. She’s an intern and interns are treated next to nobody in a hospital, so are postgraduates or junior residents. The hardwork required, the need to always be attentive and not afford to do a small mistake, it can take a toll on you. Most of us get into the field knowing the cons of it, like the long tiring hours and the long time taken to settle and the toxicity of field and the lack of appreciation. However, only when we go through it will we realise what it actually means. I have cried so many times because someone who was bad at studies and copied off my papers in school and 12th standard settled earlier and earned well and enjoyed their time while I struggled all the time. It’s a profession we choose not complaining. But we are also human after all.

      And one more thing. Yes i hated aarohi because she wanted to marry abhi for all the wrong reasons. But that doesn’t give any of us any right to belittle her intelligence and hardwork. Without both, she would have never topped the state in MBBS, it’s definitely not a cakewalk. And another thing. What she did was not fraud. She gave money assuming it to be a late fee for MD exam. She even studied for it and went to take it, she got duped. When in the country people can literally buy seats for crores of money, what she did was not illegal. Unethical, I cannot say. But I didn’t like the fact that she got so obsessed in the MD race that she put a lot of things at stake. Even if she had confided into goenkas that her exam is on the day of the wedding, they would have supported her and postponed the wedding. She should not have taken such a big step. Yes she’s a bad person, she abused and took advantage of akshu and was rude and mean, but what success she is enjoying is because of her hardwork and determination. Which girl will study for MD exam during her wedding insted of enjoying her wedding time tell me.

    14. @ Siya now-a-days abhi character is so irritating and this track is super bore and yes akshu better option to quit and birlas join another hospital or she can start her own clinic
      and who is this rudra and what about Neel-Aarohi

    15. @Shriya
      You are absolutely right! Only senior residents are treated with little respect. Remaining all treated as just assistants for seniors. Aarohi is a very practical but she chose a wrong person for herself as Abhimanyu is more towards emotional side than practicality just like Akshara. Otherwise, there are many doctor families who prefer doctors as their partners and think practically. Aarohi should find someone as such.
      What she did is definitely not fraud and I hated how script writers used the word fraud in the dialogues of Mahima but I loved the way how Aarohi challenged them to prove her “fraud” and then punish her which actually they can never do. The makers and writers should do their homework regarding medical studies and how medical colleges and hospitals work before writing their scripts. She just paid late fee as the deadline for submitting applications is over. I agree with you. She should have confided the truth with Goenkas. They would have never stopped her to pursue her dreams.
      Two of my school friends bought MBBS seats in colleges as they couldn’t score well in NEET. If colleges put “For Sale” board for medical seats then obviously people will buy. Every second person who has money buys MBBS seat that doesn’t mean they are buying degree. They will surely have to pass exams to get a degree.

  6. Regarding akshara working in birla hospital then her success will be birla’s success I had spoke about that point in my comment already And
    @Siya your points were absolutely right everypoint was like a gunshot point and I liked it personally.

    1. @Abc
      Yes! You mentioned the same in your comment but I read your comment after posting mine. 😁

    2. My comment is right or wrong ms.siya

    3. @Abc
      Ofcourse your comment is right! You just expressed you POV in this forum which is not wrong😀

  7. Coming to Parth, I have never seen him seriously concentrating on his career. He is passionate about his music which is not wrong but he should start working to make a career in music instead of sitting at home and taunting his wife for being career driven. Though Shefali has a tight schedule in her work, she always took time for family but still Parth continues taunting her but he himself is no way helpful for his family sitting at home.

    1. @Siya you are absolutely true and the points regarding parth are right

  8. Shriya Dinakar

    Akshus family just says Akshu sings well and heals people. It’s a clear case of two families having different mindsets. Akshus family is chill, they are more of business people, they are okay with anything their kids choose as a career and they are okay even if they don’t choose any career. It is a family which is happy with the money they make with their diamond business, and let their kids become dancers musicians youtubers and artists. It’s cute. But to force the same on others is annoying. I don’t know why they want to compare scientific or core fields with appedicular fields.
    Akshu sings well apparently, but she hasn’t sung anything except oh kanha and Piya tose. She heals patients apparently. But what hardwork has she put in into her career can someone please tell me? I have not once seen her try to find work elsewhere or improve on her own, it’s always abhi who gifts her a dept or abhi who calls her for a session at a camp. There are professions that require much more hardwork and dedication. Doctors, scientists, journalists, management are such fields. There are fields that are an added type, not a must field. Akshu and her borthers fields are such. They don’t impact the growth or economy of a country in any way. Theirs is an entertainment. Unless akshu becomes a top bollywood or Hollywood singer, her career choice will always be looked down upon. It’s simple as that. If you go out in the real world, even an average doctor will certainly have more respect than an average singer. Unless you bring in money or fame through your career choice you are bound to look down upon. So best is for akshu to work hard towards her goals, become best music therapist and then show her value. Instead, all her family and her husband do are music therapy is good, it’s best, akshu is best, she heals people, only this jaap they do. If akshu has the potential, let her become the best and show and shut the Birlas mouths. But no, makers will show her as bechari, who sings and plays guitar when she’s sad happy depressed romantic mood everytime. But won’t show her participate in anything or try to stand on her own feet.
    Remember there was a conversation between aarohi and askhu. Aarohi told akshu that akshu had said she wants to concentrate on her career and find out what she wants from life, and akshu told that was that time, now my priorities have changed and I love abhi and want to settle down. So be it na. Why are they forcing and making core career fields and simpler career fields fight with each other. Akshu wants to be a housewife let her be, stop saying wow she’s so caring while shefali is busy working. It’s their life their priorities. Akshu likes to care for family so she will do. Shefali likes to work and her work is such that she can’t make time for family and make kachoris with smilies on them, so be it. Why pull her down, her ambitions and hardwork down just to bring aksharas character up?
    I have no s en akshu perform anywhere. She only performs at home. How will she grow please tell me. I have been on both kind of carerees. I have been a dancer all my life. I would have never gone ahead in dancing if i just sat at home and danced whenever I wanted and felt like I’m the best dancer in the world. My mom took me to thousands of competitions and that’s when I got confidence and got better and became recognised enough for an amateur dancer. I’ve been dancing since I was three, reached my peak at the age of 10-19 years and then gradually start d dancing less because I had to study in MBBS. Now I’m a doctor. Neither of these things have come easy for me. I’ve had to work hard for both. Akshu wants to sit at home, be a delicate damsel in distress princess and have everything handed over on a platter. It’s funny how they think success comes without hardwork. They need to make this more realistic.
    And about abhi, as a doctor I’m telling, no doctor would go gaga over a music therapists talent. We surely respect them but not such that we would consider them better at saving lives and healing. These are adjuvant areas. And if it was not akshu and someone is ese as the music therapist, abhi would not even have bothered. So akshu getting a dept to her name is nothing but nepotism.

    1. Shriya Dinakar

      Again, this is my POV. I do not intend to hurt any fan or any character. And definitely not any profession. Please let’s have a healthy discussion and not attack anyone here.

  9. Ye abhimanyu dhor saman kyu chillata hai ye bhari bharkam fati awaz suit nai hoti either change the actor or the character graph, he is a dr he should behave like one, akshara was right today but this idiot cannot take no as an answer, he can help her in completing her masters and getting job elsewhere, she can open her clinic in akshara foundation also, this way of handling things will create hurdles for akshara these birla may become hostile towards her, shefali was also right if abhimanyu can support akshara he should have also supported parth to realise his dreams.
    I think akshara realised how cumbersome the situation may get that’s why she don’t want to have a department.
    And why is this idiot giving more importance to music dept than to ivf dept kisi ki suni god bharne se acha kaam kya hosakta hai and why isn’t he realising that if everything gets handed over to akshara just like that people may and will mock her point fingers on her in future, and its good akshara wants to do things on her own even if she becomes hod her juniors will never respect her the way they should because sooner or later they will come to know how she became the hod.

    1. @Shubh
      Abhimanyu’s family is responsible for his behavior. They never gavee him the environment that children needs for a happy and peaceful life. Has always made decisions without their children’s choice. He has always seen his dad shouting only. And those who didn’t shout, were always suppressed. And he didn’t want to be one of them, so he too started shouting.

    2. But shouting is not the option, you can resolveyour issues calmly and giving logical answers or by arguing logically. He should know better that shouting will not give desired result

    3. @Shubh Please grow up
      Abhimanyu’s family is responsible for his behavior. They never gavee him the environment that children needs for a happy and peaceful life. Has always made decisions without their children’s choice. He has always seen his dad shouting only. And those who didn’t shout, were always suppressed. And he didn’t want to be one of them, so he too started shouting.

    4. You grow up idiot chillane se kuch hasil nai hota, he should know better and so should you

    5. Chillana tamashe karna ye kamzoro ki pehchan hai argument ke bich mai ap chillana start kar do samajh ata hai kyunki ap frustrate hojate hain par argumwnt ki shuruwat hi chillane ya scene create karne se hona ye kaha ki sahi baat hai so please ayushi mujhe gyan dene ke pehle ap badi hojaiye

    6. @Ayushi
      If Birlas are responsible for Abhimanyu’s uncivilized behaviour then even Goenkas are responsible for Aarohi’s behaviour in the past.
      Abhimanyu always saw Harsh shouting hence even he started shouting to not want to get suppressed. Aarohi continued being insensitive as none of the Goenkas taught her how to behave and stopped her when she was blaming her sister. Like Akshara’s past results her in panic attacks, Abhimanyu’s past results in his anger, Aarohi’s past resulted in her being insensitive and rude at times. Again by saying this I’m not justifying Aarohi’s blunders but she sure deserves a chance to love and get loved in return.
      All the flaws of Abhimanyu goes to Birlas but Aarohi’s flaws is only because of her own deeds. How is that fair!

    7. Well said siya, these abhira lovers use logic only during their fav character but forgets about it when it comes to arohi as they dislike her. If abhimanyu is right for his behavior then so is arohi and akshara.

    8. @Siya! Oh god!🤦‍♀️
      It was a sarcasm. Shubh blamed Goenkas when I said about Arohi yesterday. But today, she is blaming Abhimanyu as if he got an amazing family. I was just pointing out her hypocrisy.

      And Abhimanyu & Akshara never hurted someone innocent but Arohi did. Abhimanyu never plots against others to get what he wants.So, they are not at all same.

      They have never used someone’s love like Arohi does. They have ethics and morals. Not like Arohi that first run away after accident and then erase proofs instead of checking if the person is fine. Who mocks others saying you are not worthy of being loved by a good surgeon. Who uses her own brother’s mistake as an excuse to prevent herself from getting berated. Who spoiled her own brother’s date even after knowing her sister made efforts to get him his love. Who ignores her sisters panic attacks despite being a doctor.

      Don’t even compare the 3. Abhimanyu rightly said, right and wrong is decided by intentions. And that brat Arohi has good intentions reserved only for herself.
      She can’t just escape for her years of Abuse she gave to my Akshu. How she broke her confidence that she is just a common girl and not being worthy of loved. Mocked her career, her goodness saying she pretends.
      She deserves to suffer for what she did to innocent Akshu, so that she can realise what Akshara went through for years. Unless she gets a proper redemption where she realizes and feel the pain, I won’t forgive her.

    9. To kya isme goenka ki galti nai ki unhone arohi ko samay rehte nai sudhara bhech ke aai hai kya apna dimag, aur abhimanyu ki galti ye hai ki itna bada surgeohai 30 35 saal ka usko itnu samajh nai ki logo ko kaise deal karna hai mana ki birla’s ke behaviour se abhimanyu aisa hai par wo jis field mai hai waha aade tede log ko deal karna padta hai aur wo kai salo se kar raha hai to use ause logo ko shanti se deal karna ana chahiye agar mai uske character se maturity expect karu to kya galat hai

    10. @Shubh
      Yo kya Birlas ki glti nhi h ki unhone Abhimanyu ko nhi toka bchpan m chillane p?

      And mujhe me bhut dimag h, isliye uski side le rhi hu jisme kmiyaan hn lekin km s km morals to hn. Jo chillata bhi h to dusro k liye. Jo kisi s to sch me pyaar krta.

      Kisi aise ka nhi jisme koi ethics ya morals hi nhi hn. Apne faayde k liye Jhoot bolna, blackmailing krna, rishwat dena, plotting krna, saboot mitana, ye sb to uske liye aam baat h. Jo apne alawa kisi s pyaar nhi krti or phir roti h ki usko koi pyaar nhi krta.

      Abhimanyu apni kmiyaan ke bavjood bhi scha h, imaandaar h. Aur Arohi s to uska koi Comparison hi nhi h.
      Infact Arohi sirf Harsh s compete kr skti h, dono sirf apne career ko important smjhte hn, innocent logon pr apna jor chala skte hn and jb sch bolna ho to, to chhupte firte hn. Bs Doctor hone m vo Harsh s achi h vrna bilkul same!

    11. @Siya
      And that Arohi was same even when Sirat was alive. Don’t you remember the drama she did when Akshara was praised for being caring towards Sirat. She said that Akshara is acting. Sirat told her that being caring is Akshu’s nature. But did she understand? Not at all. She didn’t even agreed to her own mother. She told them to take care of each other. But only Akshu is following it. Why don’t Arohi following it when she claim to love Sirat so much? Can’t she even complete her mother’s last wish?

      One who don’t value her mother’s wish, how will she listen to anyone else.

    12. She was 8 ayushi i feel i am wasting my time arguing with you you are a closed minded person

    13. @Shubh
      Jb 8 saal ki thi.
      Ab to bdi ho gyi thi na. Kya ab bhi yaad nhi rha ki maa n dono ko ek dusre ka khyal rkhne k liye kaha tha? Iska koi excuse h?

      Jb koi nhi jwaab nhi uski glt hrktoon k liye to ldne aayi h, waah!
      And tum jo Abhimanyu k baare m bura bura bolte h, jbki usne to jaan bujhkr kbhi kisi ka bura bhi nhi chaha, vo to bhut open minded h, hna?

    14. You are right goenka responsible for aarohi behaviour towards akshu. When sirat is dead Both kids is suffered. Aarohi was only 8 years old and akshu 10 years old when her mother died. And On that day Akshara has lost important people of her life. One is sirat and second aarohi. One day it will come that Aarohi will realize his mistakes. How much does Akshara love him.If Aarohi supports Akshara, then Akshara will be even stronger. I hope that day comes soon

    15. Acha to kya abhimanyu ne arohi se janbhujh ke pyar ka shaadi karne ka naatak nai kia tha akshara ko jealous karne ke lie wo to bada dudh ka dhula hai, bhagwan karein tumhare life mai abhimanyu jaise hi log aae, arohi jaiso ko mai dekh lungi have a nice future

    16. sirat never told aarohi take care akshu. Sirat said akshu take care Aarohi that is Last wish? First go and watch properly

    17. @Arti
      You watch properly. Sirat told both of them after truth came out that she want them both to be like Ram & Lakshman. Always care, love, and support each other.
      Isliye Akshu us din mimi s bhi kh rhi thi vo chahti h ki uska aur Arohi ka rishta Ram Lakshman jaisa ho.

      But Arohi selflessness ka s bhi nhi h to vo to kbhi ho nhi skta.

      Km s km ache s behave to krskti thi, but vo bhi nhi hua usse. Akshu ko usi k ghar s hmesha k liye jaane ko bol diya😠

      Aur bechari Akshu Sirat ka vaada nibhane k chakkar m sab bardasht krti rhi

    18. Siya this ayushi is really annoying isko bas jhagda karna hai aur khud ko sai sabit karna hai kuch bi karke

    19. @Ayushi
      I can now understand why you adore Abhimanyu soo much😊 Have a nice day dear 😃

    20. Either she is like abhimanyu or wants a hubby or bf like abhimanyu, next time I am not going to argue with this girl

    21. Either ayushi is like abhimanyu or she wants a hubby or bf like hubby aal the best to ayushi

    22. @ Shubh
      To tum kya Arohi jaisi ho?
      Abuser, run away after doing accident, drive when high with overdoze, do crime by erasing proofs,
      jealous of your own sister?
      I am sure hogi, tbhi ye sb bol rhi, hna?

      Don’t go personal when I am not going otherwise I can say many more things.

      And jb show dhang s dkha na ho to bola mt kro.
      Abhimanyu n koi natak nhi kiya tha shaadi ka, Vo shaadi ki sherwaani phnne jaa rha tha. Agar sch saamne nhi aata to Vo shaadi jroor krta.

    23. Same to you😊
      And yes, I feel proud adoring someone who speaks truth, is honest, daring to speak for his loved ones and respectful to those who deserve it.

    24. I think you not watching properly.Abhimanyu Akshara ke pass gaya tha. Abhimanyu Chahta tha ki Akshara Apne Pyar confess Kare. You like Abhimanyu and akshu it’s ok but not forget Abhimanyu and Akshara Koi dudh ke Dhule Hue Nahin Hai same as aarohi she also doing mistake.

    25. @Arti
      Dudh ka dhula to duniya m koi nhi hota. Lekin Abhimanyu and Akshara dik k saaf jaroor hn jo Arohi bilkul nhi h. She manipulates and lies jo mujhe bilkul pasand nhi

      M hr us insaan ko maar kr skti hu jisne anjaane m glti ki ho, ya uske intentions glt na ho.

      Lekin Arohi n glt intentions s, sch jaante hue bhi jaanbujhkar 2 pyaar krne vaalon ko alag krna chaha. Lekin glt intention vaale log kbhi successful nhi hote. Isiliye sch sbke saamne aagya. Aur uski intentions fail ho gyi.

    26. @Ayushi @Shubh
      I am not taking anyone’s side but I think makers are just showing Akshara mahan just like any other Indian show. Personally I like Neil-Arohi more than Abhi-Akshu as they are just cringy, they got nothing like kaira, arohi should be naira’s daughter as her love story matches unlike abhimanyu’s pagalpanti and akshu’s mahanta. Arohi was never at fault because as a kid what she saw and assumed, that’s what she grew up with and then with the abhimanyu thing, she didn’t knew that the rishta was for akshu not her bbut akshu knew instead clearing the misunderstanding she let it happened and just saw arohi getting hearbroken and then Abhimanyu came for arohi’s rishta it wasn’t arohi’s fault as she didn’t insist him to bring rishta for her she didn’t even knew and she also ask akshara if she is gonna come in between or taking a step back as she doesn’t her to break her heart again and then akshara after all that happened realized her love (on the day of her sister’s wedding) and got all “brave” as there was nothing to be brave about as she is backfiring her own sister and ruining her life and the exam was just her trying to prove herself and nothing much wrong as they all overexaggerated about it. Goenkas, abhi, manjari, everone just akshu akshu ka naam japte kahte hai inne koho ki kabhi bagwan ka bi naam lelo shayed thodi akal sudbudi mil jaye.

  10. Can someone please inform the yrrkh team that copying all these SrKajol-style musical numbers doesn’t at all do much for the creation of chemistry between the two leads…if anything, it looks awkward and forced. Chemistry is something hero-heroine have effortlessly, not something that can necessarily be conjured through silly dance sessions. Akshara is too young and innocent for marriage. Abhimanyu is too emotionally damaged for marriage. Since These daily fights is the only communication medium father and son can muster up between each other…its almost like they look forward to it😄 poor Akshu. Run back home to kairav na, his whole life’s purpose is look after you. He even tried to come keep you company during your suhaagraat because he sensed Abhi’s a sense…super bro😁

  11. Let’s be real here. One major reason Abhi married Akshu (among the other not-so-good reasons) is because she reminded him of his mother. Now normally, that would seem like a good thing but in his case though…I doubt it is. Something very unsettling about that particular reason when it comes to him
    Today, whilst observing their daily ritual of fights and verbal spats with his father, you could see the pain in his eyes. This man harshad jas potential for steller acting. They need to stop insisting on those cringy SrKajol type dance sequences. It ruins the mood and its unnecessary. Only Shahrukh and Kajol can pull off those cheesy 90s dance sequences. No one else please 😄

  12. Yes, akshara has become crying baby after marraige, before that sone lovey dovey scenes were there, but now nothing like that, she is not at all looking like a new married girl, always worried face,,

  13. Yes, akshara has become crying baby after marraige, before that sone lovey dovey scenes were there, but now nothing like that, she is not at all looking like a new married girl, always worried face,,

  14. @Lalitha obviously she would be worried she won’t be there laughing would she? It’s a serious matter between both families they all would feel worried 🤦‍♀️

  15. Guys a kind request please don’t fight over here please take your business somewhere else

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