Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik makes a promise to Suwarna

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi seeing Kartik and smiling. He turns away and works with Akhilesh. Kids give the letters to Dadi. Naira looks on. She gets tea for everyone. Aryan comes smiling and hears Akhilesh and Kartik’s talk. Manish asks Kartik to handle the project. Kartik says don’t worry, I will see. Naitik asks Naira did you get the letter related to event. She says no, I will check. He asks are you prepared. She says yes, I will try to give my best.

Kartik says I know you will do your best. Naira asks about her letter. Kids say Dadi has taken it. Naira says why did Dadi take my letter. Dadi gets Kirti’s call. Kirti asks Dadi to help her, Naksh is busy. Dadi says will Naksh help you or do his work, I told you to stop this. She ends call and gets angry. She says Kartik should learn from Naksh, but he is just following Naira, she made him a slave, the entire society will laugh on them, she has ruined our respect. Naira hears this.

Kartik hears Aryan’s conversation and asks the matter. Aryan says Dadi gave me money, why do you ask. Kartik says I m your elder brother, I have a right to ask you, with whom are you working, why to work outside if there is family business. Aryan asks what shall I do. Kartik says you can get involved in family business. Aryan says enough, who does it belong to, Kartik, I don’t exist here, I sat there but no one has seen me. Kartik says its a tricky deal, so they didn’t ask you, you will feel bad if we give a difficult assignment. Aryan says I don’t want your leftovers, I can handle anyone, I m Goenkas’ blood, you trust me once, the family accepted me, but Kartik will be their son always. He goes.

Suwarna gets her brother’s call. He asks did you forget me or have some annoyance, do you have a doubt on me. She asks what did Aryan say. He says he asked me why didn’t I get him educated in a english medium school, I couldn’t send him away, what could I tell him, I have deposited the money in his account, sorry I couldn’t make your son like you wanted, I started regarding him my son, you can tell him when you want to. He ends call.

Naira thinks of Dadi’s words. Kartik sees Aryan. He says I can’t handle this project, I have to help Naira for an upcoming event. Manish says you can do this too. Kartik says no, Naira will get alone. Akhilesh says this business…. Kartik says Shubham will handle it, you involve him. Naira says I will manage everything, you can do your work. Kartik says you always do this. Dadi looks on. Naira says I will manage my work. Kartiuk says please listen to me. She says no. Aryan says Kartitk will handle Naira’s dance event, wow, this was left. Manish says we will handle this ourselves, we are sharing responsibility, it doesn’t mean we can’t handle it. Aryan says don’t worry Dadi, I will see dad.

Naitik eats chocolates. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa come and ask what are you doing here. He says I was hungry and had chocolates. Devyaani says I will make tea. He gets a message. He says I don’t want tea. Bhabhimaa asks will you come with me to temple. Naitik says not today, I have imp work, I have to meet lawyer. She says fine, we will go tomorrow morning.

Naira comes to Kartik and says I would have taken help from anyone, you got everything done, I know my dance, why do you need to help me, tell me. He says its true you are very imp in my life, its not just you. She asks for whom did you do this, Shubham? He says I know this isn’t the right time, my brother has waiter too long to get his rights, I don’t want to delay it further. She smiles and says I respect your feelings, Shubham should get his rights, you help him, you are not just an elder brother, you are a son too, is this right to leave all duties to fulfill one duty. He asks how shall I convince dad and Akhilesh. She says by making him capable, train him like we got trained, there can be two ways to teach swimming to someone, either push him in water or teach him by holding hand, I think second option is better.

He smiles and says I should be there for your event too. She says I will call you if needed. They joke and laugh. Suwarna comes. Naira says everything is fine. Kartik says Naira and I didn’t fight. Suwarna says no one can know a child better than a mum, you did this for Shubham right, Naira might have made you understand, so you got ready to go office, thanks, you both are doing a lot for Shubham, I would be happy that his relations with family members are not getting affected, promise me Kartik, you will support him like an elder brother. Kartik says I promise you, I will try my best. Naira drops Naira to her academy. She kisses him. He asks her is there is any vacancy for dance. She asks for whom. He says for me. She asks him to go. He leaves. A guy comes running to Naira. He asks Naira to please come in fast.

Manish says you told me Kartik will come, I made clients wait for hours. Dadi says its Naira’s fault. Manish gets angry. Naira hears them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Either overdo things on your own, without involving the family or try to become mahaan.. Seriously, why can’t Karthik sit with his Dad and Chachu, on how to train shubham well..Didn’t they consider shubham as son or love him?. Just now they showed as he has accepted his dad..But now seems that track has been closed abruptly..Without even considering how they will feel, he just decides foolishly, when shubham needs a long way to go..Just like a kid, he asks naira what to do?? And our naira, who is full of wisdom and maturity, totally inappropriate for her age and experience, shows him the right path..

    Suwarna asking you to do a brother’s duty..not such foolish thing, which will end up in shubham getting humiliated..
    Today I approve with one sentence of dadi that Kartik should definitely learn from Naksh…He is totally unfit to live with a family in which he bonds with no one except naira..Any family will get pissed off with him..Either go out of the way to continuously praise naira over the top infront of all, do her jaap always or decide things on your own without involving or communicating with family, by following only naira’s advice..

  2. Suwarna either just cries or takes promises ,first naira and now kartik .

  3. Paltu kutta hai kartik naira ka. Ab naira ka mission dadi ko paltu kutti banane ka hai. Selfish b*t*h naira. Amd kartik has no respect for work itseems . He should resign from goenkas and work as peon in naira’s academy or both naira kartik can beg on roads and romance in some gali ka dustbin

  4. Atleast Naira should stop ordering him infront of elders in the family and behave decently.. Kartik is a guy, who will never strike a balance between relations..He will not behave gently..He will put naira above everyone, always praise & do her jaap and will obviously irk his family as they loves him a lot..

  5. I think you all are becoming suhaasini daadi. All blames to naira always…???

    1. Kaina1

      and i think u r becoming suwarna goenka JAGT MATA DHARNA DEVI BHAKT

    2. Exactly Athira, we are today’s generation. Why we are blaming the romance of the couple??
      I think it is not fair at all!

  6. One thing common in all of yours comment is *Naira* *Karthik*
    Decided whether you all hate them or love them?????????

    1. Kaina1

      we hate kaira truly deeply madly n we love yrkkh truly deeply madly and seriously

  7. Dear Amena
    I am big fan to yrkkh. I don’t know hindi.till now I learned that language. I watched yrkkh in starplus. After I watched I want to read written story , ur updation, but why u update story in very very shortly??? I am very upset when I read written plz give written update detail.some conversation is very important, but u r skip that.why??? I request to give deatil.I hope u give respond to my feeling. thank u.

    1. Kaina1

      gal if u hav problem then watch it on hotstar with english subtitiles or write the yupdate ur self

    2. I am with you guy! ☺️

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