Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Aarohi’s alliance gets fixed

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manish saying no means no. Everyone asks him not to get hyper, just calm down. Manish says I won’t let this alliance happen. Aarohi gets angry and throws the things in the room. She says Abhi proposed me and they are refusing for it, no…. She gets Harsh’s message and throws the phone. She sees someone. Akshu comes home. Aarohi hugs her and shows the shagun bangles to everyone. She says I got Birlas ancestral bangles, I deserve it. Kairav says but Manish stopped you, why did you do this. Aarohi argues with them. Akhilesh says she went with me. He recalls going to Aarohi and consoling her. Aarohi says everyone is against me, Akshu has snatched everything from me, what’s the problem, I want to marry Abhi.

He calms her down. He says Manish isn’t wrong, Abhi loves Akshu, you know that, such relations break later. She asks him to support her, she will be happy all life. She says Abhi is my happiness, please don’t snatch my happiness this time. She hugs him and cries. FB ends. Manish asks did you do this. Akhilesh says I was helpless, it was her wish, I broke down, sorry, I can’t see my Aarohi upset. Dadi and Suwarna say you did wrong, you cheated us. Akhilesh asks how could I see her crying. FB shows Akhilesh and Aarohi meeting Harsh. Harsh says its a gift for my would be bahu. Aarohi smiles. He says we will forget whatever happened, we should not become a hurdle in the children’s happiness, explain this to Manish. Akhilesh says don’t worry, I will explain them. Aarohi sees the bangle. FB ends. Akhilesh says Aarohi is right, we are thinking of our ego, this happened with Naira and Suwarna’s times, why are we making it a big issue, sorry. Akshu’s heart beats faster. She turns and sees Abhi at the door. Aarohi asks him to come in. Abhi and his family comes in. Abhi greets Manish.

Abhi says I told you that I m not dual faced, this time, we got a relation officially, I will tell the name first to avoid confusion like the last time, we got an alliance for Aarohi. Akshu cries. Manjiri is worried at home. She says don’t know what is happening there. Abhi says I know you would be finding it strange, because I was asking something else before, I was asking for love, I m asking for relation now. Kairav says this relation doesn’t have love. Abhi says its an arranged marriage, the intention of keeping it is imp, not love, responsibility is imp. Aarohi says its enough for me, it will happen with time.

Abhi says Dadi and you are elders, your permission is needed, hand over a shagun coconut and fix the alliance, our happiness is in your hands. Neil and Mahima wish Manish says no. Harsh thinks say yes please. Manish says its my yes. Aarohi smiles. Manish says its my yes for this alliance. Bechaini si dil me hai….plays… Akshu sees Abhi. Abhi and Aarohi sit for the rituals. They get shagun coconut. Harsh asks for sweets. Akshu says I will get it. She goes to kitchen and cries. Aarohi comes. Akshu says congrats, I will ward off the bad sight. Aarohi says you have to burn the chillies first. Akshu asks her to go and light the diya. Aarohi goes. Abhi comes and gives methi dana container. Akshu looks at him. He asks what happened, won’t you have sweets, your sister’s alliance is fixed today, why are you crying, maybe by happiness. She says I m very happy with this alliance. He says I will show you how to have sweets when you are happy. He eats much sweets. She asks him to stop it. He sings le jayenge…. and goes. She cries. She eats the methi dana.

Kairav asks are you taking revenge when Akshu broke your heart. Abhi leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. What is the new infatuation with sisters loving the same man is there a shortage I don’t know about this storyline have been rinse and repeated so many times and still showing now on every channel it’s getting boring as hell and don’t the G family have no type of value this man declare love for another while about to be engaged to her sister(unknowingly) and you all allowing it because Queen Arohi wants it despite the fact he still loves her sister wow @StarPlus women self-respect don’t mean shit all ur serial you have well-educated women belittle themselves for a man 👏👏👏 and I hope now Akshu see how her family don’t care for her and only consider Arohi feelings over her even ur (spineless) brother don’t give a crap and he out of everyone saw the love you have for Abhi…again another fuller episode we moving in slow-mo

  2. Sisters should be like divya drishti(love care )….YRKKH shows a very bad example for sisters.

    Akshara… u said .u rejcted abhi for this family and sister…what happend now.😆😆😆😆

    If there is any problem u need to discuss with other…who can help with it…there would be better solution…
    Akshara donot discuss anything with anyone…not even her brother

  3. Abhimanyu doesn’t deserve akshara. Why he can’t accept rejection also she has got too much attitude. If a girl loves you she’ll get treated well but if she rejects you then you’ll treat her like shit

    1. @Suseme u hve my sentiments too! Abhimanyu gets angry wit his father for humiliating Akshara but he can hurts her like shit! Kairav shuld stops this alliance as its ruining the life of his sisters!! Everyone knows Abhi loves Akshara but married to Aarohi can they face each other down the road??

    2. U r correct

  4. It doesn’t happen in real life,two sisters to be loved by one man? Then later to settle with one? What a confusing issue.just like Adi marrying two sisters within a year.

  5. Oh God. I left watching this show a long time ago when kaira kept marrying and divorcing and remarrying. Thought atleast I’ll resume watching it once this generation comes. But now it’s getting bakwass. If a a guy is liked by even a known friend or if he likes a friend I know, I’d never ever try to date him, let alone marry him. And here it’s your sister he loves. He’s going to see her all your lives if they get married, it is so awkward. Gosh, such a cheap character. How can they do such a thing.
    What is the point of studying so much, being such good doctors when they cannot make good decisions. One they belittle well educated girls by comparing them to supposedly homely girls with homely careers. As if studying is a crime. Then when both these girls are supposedly amazing in their careers, they belittle them saying nothing is more important than a guy. Please tell me which person who has a career has so much time for drama? I am a doctor and so is my husband. Where is the time to spend when we are busy with 36-60 hours duty straight. And Arohi and Abhis lives are so chill.
    And what’s with this getting abhi married to the only girl who’s sister abhi has loved? How awkward. Especially in families that are not even so conservative about castes and stuff. Is finding another girl a bright doctor girl in the whole of India that difficult? Why YRKKH team wants weddings with known families only? God knows how many weddings have happened between singhanias and goenkas, kaira, naksh keetri, Mansi and that kid, again nandini and Mohit. Like why? Is it so hard to get a bride or groom from another family? Why limit yourself to it. Let all three move on. It’s so yuck and awkward. God.

    1. Doctor madam,
      You said you have very little time – but couldn’t help note that you have been watching this serial from a long time!?

      Also puzzling is in such very little free time you have got you managed to write such lengthy comments!👏👏

    2. I used to watch it when I was a kid. Watched it till my final mbbs. Then stopped. Now I only read updates on this forum when I’m going back home from work in the morning. Initially it used to make me feel good, their romance and chemistry. Now it is just a disappointment everyday.

    3. Haha. I used to watch this serial as a kid. Watched it even in mbbs. Stopped in final year. Once I heard new generation has come up and story has been revamped, I started watching it in bits and pieces. I’m in final year now, I had labour room postings for three whole months. 17 hours night duty every day. While going back home, I’d read the episode on tellyupdates which barely takes five minutes. Initially it was cute, liked their chemistry. Now it’s gotten irritating. I guess all people are allowed atleast fifteen minutes of free time in 17 hours continuous work, right? 🙂

  6. Horrible. Pls let akshu n.abhi.marry

  7. There is no longer any chemistry or romance in this serial. Akshu is sooooo good and aarohi is sooooo bad . Abhimanyu is soooo intense but egoistic. Can we please have some normal characters. I know normal is not the norm in ITV but at least let this heroines have some spine. Coming to romance , the romance between anupama and anuj is better than this one. It is a more mature romance but still works. Akshu will always go close to abhi and then say she doesn’t love him. There is no real reason for her to reject him. Crap !!

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