Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: A shock for Goenkas

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira taking Kartik somewhere. He says we have the entire honeymoon suite, where are you taking me, what I wish to see is in front of me. She says just come. He asks what will you show in darkness, fireflies. She asks him to see. The lights get on. He smiles seeing the decorations, flowers and arrangements. She makes him sit on the swing. She says there’s only love. He says lot of happiness and dreams too. They smile and hug. She says happy birthday. He says I love you. She says I love you too, look over there. He sees K N crackers bursting in the sky. She asks will you see your birthday gift. She shows a tattoo. He sees Kartik written and kisses her. He says it means if we are not together, even then we will always be together. He shows her name tattoo. She says none can separate us in this birth. They hug.

Its morning, Naira wakes up. She sees Kartik sleeping and goes out. The man says we gave heavy dose to him, he will wake up and ask for more. Shubham is lying somewhere in a dizzy state. Naira takes some flowers. She sees the men and says oh God, did they come to take money from Shubham, I should call him, my phone is in room. She shouts what are you doing here. The men run. Naira asks them to wait. She runs after them. Shubham expels foam from his mouth. She runs and shouts for security. Kartik comes there and looks for Naira. He says where to find her, she left phone in room. He hears Shubham’s phone ringing and looks around. He gets shocked seeing Shubham. He runs to him and asks what happened. Manish comes there and looks on shocked. Kartik says dad, Shubham…nothing will happen to you. Naira collides with the gate and falls down. Kartik holds Shubham. They take Shubham in the car and don’t see Naira. Manish says Shubham, open your eyes, nothing will happen to you. Kartik drives faster.

Surekha serves the food. Dadi says Shubham and everyone would be sleeping. Akhilesh asks where is Manish. He calls Manish. He gets shocked. Dadi asks what happened. Akhilesh says Manish and Kartik are taking Shubham to hospital, Kartik found him lying in the shrubs, something happened to him. Suwarna gets shocked and drops the food tray. Manish and Kartik rush Shubham inside the hospital ward. Naira wakes up and looks around. Guard says goons have run away, your family has gone to hospital. She says Shubham….. Manish asks doctor to see Shubham. Doctor checks him and asks what happened. Kartik says we don’t know. Doctor asks did snake bite him or any allergy. Kartik says just start the treatment. Naira asks guard to give phone. She calls Kartik. She says just answer my call, maybe he is with them. She messages Kartik. She returns phone to guard. Kartik reads I m coming hospital. Manish asks what happened to him. Kartik asks Shubham to open eyes. Suwarna and everyone come crying and see Shubham. They ask what happened. Manish says doctors are checking.

Shubham says I don’t want to die, save me. Kartik says all doctors are here, don’t worry. Suwarna asks doctor to do something. Dadi says save Shubham. Doctor prepares an injection. He sees the patches on his arm and asks did your son take drugs. They get shocked. Doctor says see this patches, its a case of drug overdose. They recall Shubham. Kartik asks do anyone know about it. Doctor says we need to know what he took and since when, we can get help to treat him. They say we don’t know anything. Doctor says if anyone knows, please tell us. Akhilesh asks whom shall we call. Manish says his friends or someone. Kartik checks Shubham’s phone.

Shubham says I don’t want to die Kartik, save me. Doctor says we can’t save him if there is no info. Shubham says Naira knows it. They get shocked. Dadi asks where is she. Naira is on the way. She worries and asks driver to drive fast. She prays for Shubham. Shubham gets critical. Suwarna and Manish worry and ask doctor to do something. Shubham says call Bhabhi, she will save me. Kartik says Naira will come. He calls Naira. Taxi stops. Driver says its a puncture, give me ten mins. Naira gives his phone and runs on the road. Shubham says save me, call Bhabhi, I don’t want to die. They all cry and hold him. Shubham fights for life. He dies. They all get shocked. Everyone cries. Naira is still on the way.

Naira comes home and sees everyone crying for Shubham. She gets shocked. Kartik shouts my brother is dead because you hid the truth. Suwarna shouts stay away Naira and pushes her. Naira cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh no now naira will be blame for shubam death.

  2. Dishani01

    Shubam-The cheer full life come to this end ..

    Shubam is like a prince for his heart ….
    He make chilly thing to be happy ..
    When he smile a big pleasure appear on his full face…
    He live his life happily with his papa..
    One day he know one truth that change his birth as painful one..
    His own mother rejected him for husband and his family wealth ..
    How will he accept this? ???

    Mom reject him????

    But he still believe his life for his family ..

    He move on..

    He hates his mom for not giving love and don’t allow him to love his mom..????

    He love his papa for accepting him???

    One day he feels his brother’s love for him.. when he slap him to save him..
    Because he only want this caring nothing else ????

    He want to unite his bhaiya with his bhabi when they fight but that became reverse ..
    But his feelings only for their well…
    Because he like their love and want to make like that Partner ..

    Then he got shuhana..
    The devil????
    Who never feel his pure love…

    She rejected him only love his money …

    Again he broken because of his love??????

    Crying not solve his pain..
    Caring not giving by family when he wants…
    They talking each other about caring him but don’t do this with their own..


    Drugs ????
    He don’t know when first he use this what will he do…

    That make him hell..

    When he want to recover from this that not leave him?????

    He want to live with his family ..
    He want to care him..
    He want to enjoy his life..
    But? ????

    He think his bhabi will come but she can’t ..
    He think she will pull out him from his bad luck..

    His family fail to relive him from his loans …
    But shumam ?????
    I love you dear????
    Cute .. cutie….
    I’ll miss his smile ..
    His joyful face..
    Childish behavior …

    It’s ok ..
    Continue your journey with high project dear.. best of luck ..????????????

  3. Even dying shubam didn’t have emotinal moments with his parents, his existence was a joke… even his death was a joke …Why the heck goenkas shedding tears…when he was alive , they weren’t concerned about him…they are the main responsable for his state, they never made him feel like a family member…they were not patient, understanding like with karthik…after his death so much emotional drama for what…goenkas were not able to love 2 sons equaly. Subham was better with his uncle…he was happy nd alive. His uncle should come nd accuse them for killing subham nd causing great pain to him with their unfairness when he was alive. Cvs go to hell with your kaira…a poor boy had to die for another of their fight/grand milan… this track doesn’t even make sense …you destructed the concept of this show…nd hurt a lot of fans?

    1. Dishani01

      yes dear 100% true .. when he live with his uncle he have happiness kindness ..
      when this family enters
      first :- he know his birth secret
      second :- he insulted by every family members as servent ..
      third:- when family know his truth that time also they support swarna..
      forth :- shuhana enter his life for his family richness.
      fifth:- kapeer misuse him for naira…
      sixth :- he think family will save him but ???????


      1. @dilshani and pia, you guys explained shubham in most possible way.lots of Injustice happened to him from beginning till end.

  4. Is bar sach me naira ki hi galti h, jb pata tha ki shubham drugs ka itna adi ho chuka h toh use ye bat family ko batani chaye thi har bar apni smartness dikhna jaruri h kya.

    1. You are right, naira is to be blamed for this fiasco. She always acts like she knows everything but in the end, creates disaster for everyone.

    2. everything always revolves around naira in yrkkh. They could have used this drugs track to send a social message for the youth out there with shubham going to rehab but nooo they had to use it to show ‘innocent’ naira get wrongly accused and saperation track. I don’t understand this, how stupid can a person be? You promised shubham so you won’t tell the family? This is plain stupidity and she goes around showing off how smart she is. The sane thing in such a situation would be to go tell the family immediately and take him to rehab but nooooo if she would have done that then how will she romance kartik. This time the family is completely right in accusing naira because it is her mistake just because shubham told you not to tell everyone she did not despite knowing how dangerous drug addiction is. Shubham was not in senses but she was, this is the reason why I hate it when people compare naira to akshara its like comparing the sun with the moon, the sun lights up everything on its own while the little light the moon has is also because of the sun, its nothing on its own. Its the same case with naira, and they call this nayi soch

  5. kaina *is back*

    ohk so cvs hav finally turm shubham character into one of the most pitiable character of yrkkh

    and guys dont worry after naira being thorwn out she will move to mumbai with every1 and we will have
    college going gal (naira) and buisness man karthik love story (suck is understatement here)
    ohk so episode starts with karthik and naira romancing yass naira has time to get tatto and and all arangment done and she will say 7424327 times i love u but she wont say to karthik karthik see shubham take drugs (dare u say that she has promised shubham thats why ) and yass why havnt naira said this the moment she came to know bcoz in that saumya truth track she herself said when suwarna asked her not to tel karthik ” KI MERE PATI KO HAR CHEEZ JAANE KA HAQ HAI” abhi kya and what the f**k is wrong man kaira separation 4 happened bcoz naira hided saumyas truth kaira separation 5 happen bcoz naira hided naksh matter kaira 6 happen bcoz naira hided that that jkg matter bhai itna abhi tak samjh me nahi aaya ki matter chupane se problem hoti hai har bar and guess what kaira separation 7 happen bcoz naira hided this what u call akal ke dushman
    anyways guys u know what now every1 is behaving as if they care for shubham till shubham was alive no body cared for him i remeber in that makar sankranti episode shubham got hurt and his finger bleeded and suwarna put step forward to help him but dadi goenka stopped her and she stop and when biggest kaira milan was happening and dadi goenka stopped suwarna from helping kaira resolve suwarna said she is mother n she will go to any extend like seriously where was this when shubham got hurt ? and bhai suwarna declared her alive son dead like he never exsited for her and then now this its makes me wonder whether she is even a mother ? and leave that in shubham-suhana matter to the moment everything resolve suhana was arrested she said i am sorry naira agar nara nahi hoti toh ye naira nahi hoti toh woh did they thought what abt shubham ? did they pampered shubham the way they pampered karthik when karthik went to hrishikesh whole family went behind him and when shubham heart broke did for once suwarna consoled him ulta manish was shouting ans slaping him there is one scene when karthik isnt having his food then suwarna feeds him and what abt shubham none cared and karthik let me not talk abt him plz remember in maheswari house nannu use to take drug and karthik by looking at nannu told that he is drug addict then y not with shubham was every1 blind that they noticed nothing and yas naira has already scene a drug addict case in the form of nannu yet she didnt knew abt the seriousness of the issue
    anyways guys lets brace ourself for another milan and every1 saying sorry to naira and karthik naira 93487 marriage and 3827134873 shuag rat and 3842903 time both saying HUME KOI JUDA NAHI KAR SAKTA

    1. It feels good to read your comments. Stay here, plz don’t go now…..

      1. yass dear i will stay here dont worry

    2. My exact sentiments!
      Naira thinks she is a superwoman for whom nothing is impossible….her dictionary doesn’t have that word after all. She had time to romance and do other stuff but not for being mahaan for Shubham? How come she missed that opportunity to prove herself more mahaan? Greater than ever.

      This time Naira took stupidy and ignorance to another level! She should have told someone about Shubham taking drugs. Arre yaar! What did she fear about that she didn’t break the promise she made to Shubham? Had she told someone and had the writers of YRKKH been not blind and stupid enough they would have handled this track better and maybe they could have introduced a new lead opposite Shubham but no! They are hell-bent on making on proving that Naira is some kind of Goddess or something who can never be wrong.

      Seriously I ain’t interested in this sh*t. I only watch KeeSh scenes and used to read the updates hoping for some better track for Shubham. But with Shubham gone, I just hope that we will get to see some KeeSh moments otherwise I am done with this stupid ass show!

      1. guess what even after all this keerti had a miscaarriage and no one in the family be it shinghaniyas or goenkas are even asking for keesh or even thinking of keesh

    3. Wow kaina , welcome back with an awesome review.yes they might have felt that they skipped naira s college days so going back to college and then again marriage. Killing shubham was the worst track. #most pitable character shubham,I agree with that.the day he knows the truth and till more pitable character is suvarna, when she needs to speak she won’t, doesn’t take a single right decision, only know to say naira will manage then unlimited crying.,if they end her character it was more good.i personally like suvarna but not in YRKKH.

      1. i hav lost all hopes from suwarna she is worst character of yrkkh

      2. anjana dear its so so so good to c u ol

    4. Woow kaina dear, happy back again, I’m glad to see you comments on here ??? I was one of those people who used to enjoy your lovely reviews. I do agree with you that another stupidity milan is going to happen after two week and everyone’s else will do their favourite pooja for naira and theire not ending sorry, just fade up the crap .???????? 434455 suhagrat cracks me up but having this much of suhagrat ???? the couple still struggling to get changing about them.

      1. i am glad to see u here to hope to see u more often

    5. HAHAHAHA… ur figures are so funny.. wish cv’s read this

    6. Dishani01

      fantastic fabulous excellent super exactly 10000000% true…
      this is the best comment ever… you’re nailed it dear… super..

    7. Shrilatha

      Kaina dear after reading Ur comment even I am back…I don’t understand kya hai us naira mein that Kabeer had to use drugs..but one yaar…even a small child understands that once a person is addicted to drugs immediate response is imp…but no naira ma’am had to take everything on her shoulders…hell with this..she is forgiven for Kirti ka abortion .now also she will be forgiven after 2-3 days…

      Good to see u kaina

  6. Hahah.. so funny.. doctors couldnt make out wht shubham was taking… chalo for a sec maan le thy couldnt figure out by looking… aree… they were just standing like statue… n doing nothing…. stupidity..
    Yes true this time naira is at little fault.. she should hv atleast informed kartik…

  7. Finally the CV knows the difference between smartness and over smartness. Nairas character is the worst female lead character. Please show shubhams death with realistic emotions. Please don’t ignore shubhams death again just to prove Naira right. She’s WRONG this time. Be realistic. Stop showing false perfection towards her character.

  8. I agree

  9. What rubbish. Kaira should not get separate st any cost. When naitik supported akshara during dadaji time even kartik should support naira now. And how can they forget that akshara died because of goenkas but still naira and Singhanias had a big heart to forgive them. Here at least naira was to tell everyone. They are doing very wrong with naira. Did not expect this from kartik.

  10. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey îm soofia how can they all blame naira for arhans death? Plus arhan told naira not tell anyone in the family that he was taking drugs I don’t understand why they r blaming naria and they r going to take a five year leap separate naira kartik from each other they can’t separate naira kartik it’s not fair I’m really upset now that they r taking naira away from kartik and her family plus naksh naitik won’t happy with kartik an his family with wot they r going to naira I feel sorry for naira kartik
    Kind regards soofia

  11. Guys new here. I do read all your comments and find them so relatable.

    I’ve lost the number of times naira has done blunders and cried like nothing happened because of her. They lost a baby because of her. They lost shubham. I know he’s the first person at fault. But who does naira think she is? A psychiatrist? A therapist? Does she even have any idea about what drugs can do to the youth? She thinks only love can solve the issue? She thinks only she can solve the issue? For God’s sake, it requires medical help, a help nothing to be ashamed of. I don’t understand why doesn’t she learn from her mistakes.

    Initially I found her character very good. She’s not perfect like other bahus and heroines of other shows. But I got fed up when she started her sacrifice for gayu by giving away kartik. And now I don’t even know the number of blunders she’s done. God she has so many double standards. And now she’ll go back to singhania house. Her dear father, instead of putting some sense into her, would tell her how right she is. Her brother, who once took a stand for himself, his wife, and his baby, will again go how can goenkas do this to my sister. I’m sure even keerti will support her. All the goenka women will go if naira was not there, they wouldn’t have found shubham in the first place. They all will be so angry with goenakas for treating their super smart princess so badly.

    I thought naira was immature, but she has no brain. I’m just hating this show. Even when kartik proves to have a spine, he again goes back to being her puppy.

    Although I wasn’t a fan of this show, I really miss aksharas part. I know she’d have done the right thing being in this place. Daddjis death was due to some medical condition, and bhabhima believed that her superstition was the best treatment. And akshara, being the sane person, took the right decision. And naitik supported her because she was rational. But here, brainless and so called oversmart naira, thinks she can solve drug addiction problems. And people expect her husband to support her. God what was so hard to tell and get help.

    Kaina, I really love your comments. Loved your enough is enough yrkkh.

  12. What’s wrong with not telling people about an addiction, if someone promised they themselves would the next day? Didn’t they forgive Mansi for killing Akshara? That was direct negligence. In this case it isn’t even her fault. She’s reallly annoying and not the best actress, but y’all can’t just blame everything on her without thinking twice. And stop abusing an actress based on a character. She’s given a script to follow. It’s the writers who make the script

    1. Agar script follow Karen tho Karo .But she always overacting.It was very boring

    2. Abc, bro drugs is not a child’s play. even kids are educated in school that drug abuse should be reported. For heaven’s sake understand that no drug addict on earth can ever tell his family about his addiction. Its purely impossible. Naira should have used this basic common sense. leave alone actor and the script this was the message to be conveyed through this track but they made it a saas bahu saaga over and again.

  13. Yes, I agrre, kartik and his family should not do this, should not blame naira for shubhams death, how can they do this with naira, kartiks family and even kartik, they should forgive naira and give one more chance to naira, did they forgot that aksharas death happen because of goenkas daughter mansi, and nairas family and even naira, gave one more chance to mansi, and forgiven mansi, and now kartiks family and even kartik should also do this, should also forgive naira and should give one more chance to naira, in naitiks daddajis death case naitik had supported akshara, and now this time in shubhams death case kartik should also support naira like naitik supported akshara in daddajis death case. And naira want to tell to kartik and his family about shubhams drug addiction, but shubham had stopped naira for not to tell to family about shubhams drug addiction. So, kartiks family and even kartik should forgive naira and give one more chance to naira. And this time in shubhams death case I want kirti should support naira. Yes, feeling bad for naira.

  14. For the first time am saying such a crap story

    1. Agree with you

  15. i just undstnd why goenkas always blame naira for evrythng.. they r forgetting evrytym that MANSI killed AKSHARA n NAIRA forgv her n also kartik fr hiding d truth.

  16. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia guys I really don’t what naira to leave her kartik or the goenkas house they should at least listen to naira at least once and they shouldn’t throw naira out of her Mother in low houses anymore because I can’t see naira kartik getting separated anymore because naira kartik r made for each other it was naira who brought kartik closes to his Mam dad and now they r throwiing naira out of house just coz she didn’t tell anyone about aryan taking drugs plus in all of this secret with aryan it’s not nairas fault it’s not fair on naira kartik
    Kind regards soofia

  17. Muniyamma Rajalakshmi

    Chikara Serial. Use badi Chikari Naira. Kill Naira’s character and bring Akshara and her family back.

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